How do we get more colored people into crypto?

How do we get more colored people into crypto?

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Get Beyonce to sing a song about it.
Get Oprah to talk about it.
Get Spike Lee to make a movie about it.


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Make it available in federal prison


A lot athletes are into crypto. And rappers like 50cent hodling over a mill in btc

>bought ath
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make it easier to steal

Niggers can’t access the internet, pal.

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Cause internet is rayciss
Also some coin ideeas

Bitconnect 2?


at first i thought, who fucking cares. Then i remembered niggers are retarded so i will make more money. its simple shill chicken coin and gibs coin.

>bought ath
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>How do we get more colored people into crypto?
EBT on Coinbase

Is this a trap?

>EBT on Coinbase

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