Find him

The madman

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A bald manlet.

he looks like a faggot



He just looks like a manlet because he's standing next to a colossus


He has made Sergey upset and he will now shadowfork ChainLink, fuck this faggot




that hairline though.....looks like Stephen miller jr.

that fucking nose ewww

pic related

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Jeff Bezos

Touched it up a little

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Typical kike smile

how did you do this? what program/website does this?

>5'11" vs. 6'0

OP is being stalked as we speak

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What a wimp, why’d he bother blurring out his face if nobody gives a shit who he is? Pretty lame tbqh

What an ugly bald little kike creatura.

>wow look I'm so funny bringing memes into reality, the guys will luv me for this ^____^ PeNGuIn_of_d00m *spork*

Someone should knock this cunt out

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I thought the fat thing was just a meme

What did OP do?

nothing really

linkies are a bunch of deluded, rabid animals

why would anyone care? this is like if a fan took a picture with a celebrity holding a paper that says Veeky Forums. it’s literally nothing

it's A L B E R T from F L O R I D A

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This will cause the demise of link as we know it.

first back to ico price. then bankruptcy.

this little kike has single handedly destroyed the FA for Chainlink.

this could truly be the end.


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that's just retarded, crypto is fucked anyway without this

sergay looks pissed off thats why

he rustled money belly.

what is shadowfork?

chainlink 2.0


>balding at the age of 23
disgusting fucking manlet

tfw it is actually Jeff Bezos.
Jeff is a Chad.
Jeff is a nocoiner.
Jeff lurks Veeky Forums for the lulz because he is already a billionaire and owns Amazon

I can see this being legit. I bet Jeff gave Serge $1000 worth of Amazon giftcards for this pict to rub his smug lulz all over us

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's charles.

That's steven god damn miller

yep, this man gotta be taught a lesson