What coin is this asshole announcing tonight? He said it was under $1 on binance

What coin is this asshole announcing tonight? He said it was under $1 on binance.

GTO, AST, ONT made significant moves today. Thoughts???

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When is he talking? 2 hours?

Brd. You didn't see the accumulation the past couple weeks?

He didn't say it was on Binance if I recall right.

1 hour

ChainLink why else was he at the conference today

That thought crossed my mind too, but there is so much Link shilling and fud, it's hard to tell the difference even after evaluating the tech.


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Did he say it was on binance? He said that it was unknown even for the veterans... nothing on binance is so under the radar...

People are just fucking retarded let em talk

I thought he said binance - could be wrong. If it's on some obscure exchange then it'll luck of the draw.

He said it's a coin that he's already recommended to his subscribers in the past

No he didn't.

Video got released an hour ago to subscirbers - he says it in the first thirty seconds

*a video, not the video

Yep, it's an 'idea' that subscribers already know about.

so tell us
what is it?



>looking at price of link
not chainlink

An idea doesn't mean something he has recommended before. It just means it's similar to some shit he talked about before.

No one knows, PBC have a portfolio of short and long holds, I can't find it, but did he say in the run up to this live broadcast in any of those free videos, that the price was

as in, someone check if he said the price was

yes please , thank u

>retards here still dont know what a marketcap is.
Fuck we are still going down a ways arent we?



He also said he recommended it in 2016

feels like GTO

GTO was 2 month ago


I haven't seen anywhere that it was from 2016.

GTO was last month and I expect it to be revealed here as well since he said it is currently "well under the radar". GTO is the only one of his

Soooooo.. buy the dip?

Literally who?


imagine if it's PWR again. Holy shit that would be an insult

I'm feeling storm or wax based on his fucking gto shill

I bought from 2900-3000. I expect this to be the easiest money ever. His last emergency video he revealed a coin that he gave his subs, so I expect him to do the same here. There aren't any other ideas that are





rumor has it it's some DAG coin

Who is this?
>In b 5 lurk more faggot



theres a ton... it may not be on binance

That's what I'm worried about, if you're not on the right exchange with a few sheckels, you'll miss ou on the initial pump

There's like 30 or whatever under $1 on Binance, what a dickhead hint.

Why not AST?

>imagine it was actually link

How fucking smug would this board be fellows?

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what an ugly motherfucker
that streaming pic

We'd never hear the end of it, but unfortunately it's not link.

id drop biz for atleast a month if it was link. i wouldnt be able to handle the pics

VERY fucking smug.

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damn is that a wing suit? rich people are so lucky. just fly around instead of walking

Rational thought - no haters...

could it be XLM or ADA?????

reddit fag identified

He said even long term crypto investors will not know about this project. He's literally going to pump and dump some low volume shitcoin so fucking hard and dump his bags

it is supposedly under the radar. ada/xlm isn't


these reference success stories in the stream rite now are making me back out. fuck this binder scam


Its home shopping network status.

They're from Florida - they don't know any better

fucking sad why are we falling for this ?

OAX? Lowest rank as well as lowest volume could easily be pumped.

I've made way more money with him than bizraeli faggots, faggot.

so which fgt coin is it?

It's gotta be GTO, he's not gonna give something to the public that hasn't been through PBC first



Its bat

crossed my mind also desu

>100 million users
>Wallet rolled out in a browser update
>Internet company
>well under fiddy cent
The price of bat being over $1 defeats the purpose of the coin teeka. It's in the whitepaper.

Its APPC niggaz. His clues in the live stream all fits.

[X] less than 50cents per coin
[X] less than 100million dollar marketcap
[X] already has 200million app users and potential 2.5 billion app store users
[X] CEO already had a sucessful ICO




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Too early user. Also only launched in 2017, not 2016. Still accumulating.



its not appc and gifto is already being pumped

he never called appc

Well whatever I end up buying tomorrow, I'll likely trigger a downward price anyways. Sorry about that tiki

gifto checks all of the conditions to be the shitcoin that will be pumped. do us all a favor and dont ruin the pump. thanks

No need to to worry, I decided to crash DGD instead

he called gto already before

then why is gto gaining volume and upward trend and appc is in the shitter

since he said that he likes gold

Would you just look at that?

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it already died

market cap under 100 million
under 50 cent
launched by an internet company with 100 million users
end of march expects to scale in 5 million users
one of the biggest billionaires in crpyto is involved in the project as well as a silicon valley dev.

it seems good. i sold my xrp bags at a loss for this shitcoin. hope i dont get fucking cucked

t. bought xrp at 95 cents


Teeka: "This crypto is very small. Almost now-one knows about it. It's only been around for a few months, and has a market cap well under 100 million dollars. It has the best potential usage roadmap I've ever seen. You see, this crypto was just launched by an internet company with 100 million users. Up until now, it was using a more traditional payment scheme, but it’s just launched a crypto currency and its rolling it out gradually. By late March it expects over 5 million of its customers using its coin. By the end of this year, they plan to roll it out to over 100 million of their customers.
>What are the insiders doing?
ONE of the guys helping to launch this crypto is one of the biggest names in crypto. He just became a multi-billionaire and has become one of the faces of crypto currencies. He launched another crypto last year that was up 8866% in 8 months…The OTHER is a Silicon Valley power player. He worked at the upper echelons of the valley’s most successful companies…He’s very smart, very capable guy.
>How high do you think this could go?
Look, thanks to the recent downturn, this crypto is wildly undervalued right now, just like the whole market. This rollout should send the value of each coin over $4 dollars at the end of the year. Right now you can buy one coin for well under 50 cents…over the next few years we think the coin could hit 10 bucks

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well when you put it like that good sirs
I think I'll buy a million, um uh, what did you say the name of that coin is again?

>ONE of the guys helping to launch this crypto is one of the biggest names in crypto. He just became a multi-billionaire and has become one of the faces of crypto currencies. He launched another crypto last year that was up 8866% in 8 months…

Storm. Charles Hoskinson. ADA.


hehehe look at Storm pump!

I've figured it out, we just buy a coin that's already worth $10
That way, we don't have to wait a whole year!

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>ID: Ba3R = BEAR

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Or maybe BTC??? If so then we'd all be fucked