Dan Larimer of EOS re-tweets Ron Paul 2A quote

Just bought 100k, literally. Other than the BTCP team, pretty much every team is globalist statist cucks.

Invest with the libertarian project, invest with EOS

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wow just sold my EOS. 2nd amendment is archaic and obsolete. nobody needs automatic weapons and you should be ashamed. good thing most people think the way i do. no way EOS is going anywhere now

good riddance anti-funner

>fun is more important than the lives of children
go fuck yourself you heartless garbage person

Automatic weapons are illegal brainlet.

the AR in AR-15 literally stands for automatic rifle/assault rifle dummy

>he doesn't care about the millions of childrens lives saved from defensive gun use by a parent or guardian

you fucking monster you!

Thomas B Cox is working on their constitutions currently.

Pretty fucking epic libertarian from the states. Go listen to some interview with him and feel good.

AR is the company dumbass Armalite.. FUCKING USE GOOGLE FUCKING LIBERAL SCUM

low quality b8 m8

It is globalist though in the sense that you are going to be part of a digital commonwealth so your low IQ nationalist ideas literally won't matter.

At least you won't die poor like all you other facist cuckies.

I’m not libertarian but I’m still all in eos because I like not being poor



What a fag

All in

don't need google its common sense

This guy literally debated with satoshi in 2010 on scaling. Says it all.

>but muh vaporware

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I wish people would go look at all the money that is in it and all of the dapps being made and all of content out there for it and realize this shit is going to eat everything alive.

It even has a ETH snapshot tool and EVM so that they can just instantly port ETH dAPPS to it.

it's gonna be a beast no doubt.

Libertarians are the biggest globalists in the political spectrum

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