Theranos Massive Fruad

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes charged with massive, ‘years-long fraud’

Silicon Valley's favorite blood-testing company Theranos, its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, and the company’s former president, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, have been formally charged with massive fraud by the agency.

The two raised more than $700 million from investors through an “elaborate, years-long fraud in which they exaggerated or made false statements about the company’s technology, business, and financial performance.”

Holmes has agreed to: pay a $500,000 penalty; be barred from serving as an officer or director of a public company for 10 years; return the remaining 18.9 million shares that she obtained during the fraud; and relinquish her voting control of Theranos.

Theranos board members have included retired four-star general Colin Powell, George Schultz, Richard Kovacevich, Riley Bechtel, Bill Frist and Sam Nunn.

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>female CEO

why don't people learn?

Yeah but she didn't screw the Jews like Shkreli did so she gets a fine and goes on her way instead of going to jail.

>Pajeet president

This was the real giveaway. Cheating is in their genes

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Seriously. Every successful female CEO doesn't go around blabbering about how she's a female CEO every 5 seconds. Every unsuccessful one, the opposite.

>women inventing anything
i mean christ, she dropped out at 19 years old and people actually believed she discovered something new? this smelled fishy from the beginning.

Such bullshit, she deserves prison.

I fucking knew this from the start, the way they paraded her around like jesus of technology. I don't care for her being some dumbass fall person though, she got her comeuppance and wall street kikes got a reminder that you don't push retardation too far.

So wait... a guy named Sunny was exaggerating the scope of partnerships? Sounds familiar....

Pick 2.
There wasn't a successful female CEO ever. Every time a female CEO takes over the company sinks like a rock.

you're right most of the time, tho Indra is doing alright

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>take over as CEO of a public company thats been around for 50 years and basically can't fail due to being a cultural icon
ok dude, literally all it takes to run pepsi is to chuck out ads lmao

>Indra is doing alright
>company slowly sinking during a bullrun
>meanwhile Dr. Pepper went x3 in the last 5 years

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her huge, empty eyes make me really uncomfortable. She looks like a psychopath

>1 year chart
she was named ceo in 2006

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fp, bp

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she looks like mark fuckerberg

Really? Not memeing here, has there seriously been no successful company under a female CEO. 20+ yr minimum, not exit scams.

Given what I know about what you actually learn in chemistry classes and what I know about her claims, the entire story of her dropping out to build a company around an amazing technology that she had developed was bogus. Her knowledge of chemistry in the area in which she claimed her invention would have been barely present and underdeveloped after only going to college for freshman year.

I don't know how so many people with so much money fell for this.

7 years still isn’t nearly fucking enough for what Martin Shkreli did.

Gr8 b8 m8

It wasn’t an aids drug you fucking mong at that isn’t what his trial was about
How did I know you were mad about that?

She was really interesting on the hidden brain podcast.

He's an asshole for hiking the price of a life saving drug egregiously high, and committed security and investment fraud.

Read about it for yourself, I’m not your errand boy.

It’s cute how your default position gravitates towards me hating him just for the hell of it, when he’s a well-known fraudster.

What the fuck is wrong with her face

Comparing to Shkreli she is honest. Why so large $500k penalty?

Every time.

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good find, wew, that brand of yeast is a major one in the jewnited states. holmes comes from old money...'s_Yeast

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>women and pajeet executives
>scam people

wow amazing next you'll say jews are con artists too

He gave it for free to people without insurance. Fucking read a little more faggot, I'm not your errand boy.

Go back to your reddit. Veeky Forums is not a place to defend that convicted fraudster, the evilest man on earth.

>still being this retarded

You'll never make it with such an ignorant mind, pleb

Only after the media came down on him. The SEC charges revealed internal e-mails that made it very clear he was purposefully exploiting the price hike for personal profit -- not to reinvest the majority into research, and not as some sort of assbackwards charity.

You're a naive knuckle-dragger for falling for his paper-thin excuses.

There is a deeper story than what MSM put out. The fact that every major news outlet instantly demonized him should tip you off, he wasn’t a guy stupid enough to antagonize big pharma for no reason, but he was stupid enough to get busted for defrauding, 7 years is witch hunt status though.

>went to jail for ripping off the rich
>price gouging a medication you have a monopoly on is ok
This is what is wrong with this country

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what a dream that would be

Only autistic commies would want the french revolution for the USA.

No successful female presidencies too. They've all been clusterfucks:
-Germoney (rapefugees)
-Brazil (impeachment lol)
-South Korea (impeachment lol)
-Argentina (poverty everywhere)

Did I forget any countries?

Yeah haha

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Once again, some retard proves he knows nothing about what Shkreli did.

Did her sisters steal her ass?

South Korea


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oh wait she was not CEO for 20 years

oh well she was still in charge during their most successful period ever

Good eye what the fuck.