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Who gives a shit? Toys r us hasn't been relevant since the 90s.

Its been a long time coming. Amazon adds another to the body count

Amazon hiring?


>tfw you remember asking your dad if you could go to the toys r us store to buy a new power rangers action figure

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>toys-r-us exit scamming
Took em long enough

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I remember too m8. Except I wanted Gundam Wing action figures. I had the whole set.....

>Not renaming themselves "Blockchains R Us" as a hail mary

another brick and mortar store dead
eventually everything will be online and we'll have to wait to get our shit even though it's a lot better to go to the store and get it instantly

Amazon offers 2 hour delivery in most cities and regulatory approval for drone delivery is being pushed through this year by the FAA. I predict that all retail chains will be dead within 5 years.

yeah in CITIES
I don't live in a city and don't want to live in a city
I'd rather drive somewhere and get something without having to wait for a fucking RC helicopter to get it to me

They are never going to dislodge wal-mart no matter how much they try.

This. Fuck living in the city. Miss me with that gay shit.

Drone delivery is more suited for suburbia, not cities. They will probably get it down to 15 minutes from the moment you place the order to it getting to your door, especially if they automate all the warehouses too.

yeah it'll be great when a kid with a slingshot can knock down my delivery

>implying kids will be playing outside in this hellish dystopia where we are too lazy to go buy things in person

Sears is next, as well as several clothing stores that you find in malls. Claire's is also going out of business right now.

Then they'll automatically dispatch another drone to you and send an alert to the local police department with the drone's location so they can arrest the kid.

I fucking hate having shit delivered because i'm never there to receive it, it's always late and my workplace doesnt allow private packages being delivered. That and being a deliverer is a horribe job. It's one of the most mercilessly exploited ways of emploiment next to being a warehouse slave. It's all going to be automated if society doesn't crash and burn before that though.

I would say waiting 2 hours or less if you're in a city is practically the same as going out and getting it yourself. BTW I work at an Amazon warehouse and they have really strict deadlines for sending packages out and often fire people for not meeting rates so you can nearly guarantee you will get a package on time due to how we operate. It's a very tightly run ship.

Birth rates same level as during great depression, only migrants have kids atm + purchasing power lowered + amazon making markets more competitive

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Why can't sears deliver?

rest in peace white america

Making markets more competitive is good, the real problem is competition for jobs in a country like the US where a degree cost 50k and anything not requiring a degree is flooded with H1Bs and immigrants who will always be hired over a native due to accepting bad working conditions and low pay. I'm stuck in warehouse work right now and trying to figure out what degree to get so I don't get automated out of work. Haven't really figured out what WON'T be automated in the next 20 years.

related lol


Softer side of Sears damn near killed Sears as it is.

They are already struggling and probably can't afford to set up their own delivery system like Amazon, which has constant updates to the system and is run so lean that they don't actually make much money but reinvest it all into making everything more stream-lined and convenient for the customer. I don't think anything Sears can come up with will topple Amazon.

If you like tech _At all_, go for tech. Robotics, or programming and related stuff. Everything will be automated eventually, but tech survives the longest and is required for that phase.

If you dont like tech, then think very hard. It is very likely that your degree wont be worth it. Look then for jobs that dont require degree, maybe some oil field stuff etc. which might pay well atm. as Us becoming the largest oil producer. They might prefer muricans over migrants at well paying oil fields, it's tough work tho. So worst mistake will be to go for 50-150k debt for a degree imo for you. you will be better of debtless even with your current job than with debt and decent degree with debt but without a good job. 60-70% graduates wont get a job for their degree

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F*ck that. We can have wonderful parks and nature can grow again. No one wants to see disgusting concrete buildings everywhere

800 stores is a lot of employees looking for jobs

Largest occupations are cashiers, office clerks, laborers, waitresses. There is no question cashiers will be completely automated in 5-10 years period, like 100%. That alone adds quickly 10-20% incompetent people to unemployed work force.

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there will always be some loading jobs out there until they automate grocery delivery I guess

noo where am i gonna buy my wifes son presents now

this post just reminded me that people still once in a while take about business here and not just crypto lol

Warehouses will be mostly automated quite quickly, already amazon warehouses are run by robots for example. Cargo transportation is on its way, it takes maybe 10 year to be mostly automated. that is very big occupation too. People who program and repair that stuff will be needed eventually.

largest occupation for males is some type of driver. thats getting completely automated

Wait for them to accept EBT for whole foods direct to your door in 30 minutes.

ur an idiot, toys r us has been headed this way for 15 years now, toys n general are fucking stupid, kids care more about computers now

cya cunt


Amazon + digital media + the rise of manlets and thots w/ less children = buh-bye toy stores. Sayonara Toys'R'Us.

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Sears is dead here in leafland

I used to love this store

>TFW bought blue stinger for Sega Dreamcast here in 1999

toys r us always had the shittiest, most corporate, overpriced and low-quality toys....only normie idiots and their children would by from there. i'm glad to see them go under.
the same is also happening to Sears.



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Sears Canada doesn't actually have any connection to Sears. They've been separate companies for decades. Still I'm sure Sears will die soon.

Wasn't that known for a while? I'm pretty sure they announced this in Canada last year (although some stores are still open, so idk what's really happening). Blame Amazon and not knowing how to adapt to the changing landscape.

Them feels. I used to go there to play in the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments and the store was god tier in general. It's a shame, but that's what happens when a leveraged buyout goes wrong.

The reason they went down is because earnings flatlined and when the company went private, the interest payments were higher than their earnings, but it doesn't matter the Jews behind the LBO still got their shekels.