Trips and i suicide

it's over isn't it

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I'll roll, but you better make good on this faggot. I've got a lot of threads to monitor.


It's not over yet... but quite soon.

if trips i join you


wow, suicide was not meant to be for you buddy. what are the chances of getting double dubs and yet you got it.

It actually bottomed out and bouncing up. But go ahead and do it faggot
It's always darkest before the dawn, don't forget that

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bread rolls

Do yourself a favour user, sell all your alts to eth and put it in here , leave it for a month and you will be making it again

If this post isn't dubs then I'm gonna kms myself

Yes, user, it is time

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You got trips kill yourself before its too late and you're portfolio goes to zero. You have been warned.

Rolling for you OP. Good luck.

I will try to suicide in your place OP; let these trips be my evidence for it.

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ok op go do it but seek help before you do it so it would keep you offline.

Pls be my ai gf

maybe for u

Do it OP


Fingers crossed

No. Plz don't.

Oops. Looks like OP HAS TO DO IT NOW

just accept it,
and start all over again til you made it

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suicide by old age
the slowest and most suspensefully agonizing of all suicides

Trips of death

I'll roll for suicide by OD


fucking checked


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Kek wants you to live. What are the odds that the only trips in the entire thread say to not neck yourself.

Please, don't kill yourself. You can't die yet. You still have so much more suffering yet to endure.

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>people actually bought at 9k thinking it was going to rise again
>people unironically bought eth at $800