Which online broker do you use and why?

Which online broker do you use and why?

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I use IB because... I hate being able to actually buy things

holy shit everything's cucked, I tried to buy bonds but I gave up because it was too confusing

I also have a vanguard account and it's way easier for things like buying vanguard ETFs


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Questrade cuz im a leaf and can't use Robinhood :(

Etrade when I need access to something not available on robinhood and data, they have good customer service and offer a lot of free shit.
Robinhood for US equities because fuck paying commissions.

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Doesn't IB allow you to buy international equities?


IB best if you are an active trader/day trader

are you looking for a broker? what are you looking to trade? interested in shorting? trading on margin? how much of an initial deposit?

My bank's just because it's easier to move money between the investing section cash account, TFSA, and my regular bank accounts that way (instant, no fee). I only make a few trades a month so the slightly more expensive trade commission isn't a concern.

You should try buying Treasuries if you are a US citizen through Treasury Direct. It's really simple and rates are actually looking good again for the first time in a decade.

twitch dot tv/livetradingwithlambrino


It has a good margin rate and has Bitcoin futures. I can use Bitcoin futures to trade Bitcoin without actually realizing capital gains.

I wanted to buy the bonds so that my futures margin isn't sitting there collecting dust

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Just buy and hold with my crypto profits. US and Euro markets

Saxobank, because it's the only European brokerage that will accept an Amerilard like me.

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M1 Finance here. Free trades like Robinhood but has retirement accounts like Roth IRA.


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