Supervisor keeps siding with lazy employee

Months ago some gay negro at work mouthed off at me. He only got a slap on the wrist and supervisor seemed hesitant at blaming him for what he did. Supervisor seems to keep putting it on me to become friendly/get along with him. He also tries to push his work off to me. Ended up complaining today and she says its just something little and I should do those kinds of things. Other coworkers in the office have had issue with him and one supposedly complained but it seems the supervisor doesn't do anything yet when I say something she seems to put it on me to change my attitude and help him.

Biz what are your suggestions?

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nice digits you can either ride it out until the idiot is fired or leaves or find a new job

Always act like you're busy doing something else. Tell the nigger that you have your hands full so he will need to take care of it

>female HR gender study cunt want to protect her pet nigger

people of color me surprised

Nice full house, seriously though just stand your ground and don’t get emotional otherwise you will get picked apart

Same situation, except they are both middle aged women that go at every meeting, keep all project on their desks to act cool with the CEO, then dropship them on me and my colleague when they realize they are screwing up the deadlines. What happens next is trying to put all the half ideas together in 1/10 of the time they had and wasted, then get blamed because it's not what they had in mind.

The other day one of these whores was having a hissy fit so hysterical she was mouthbreathing in between the yells. I still can't fucking believe what I saw in that meeting.

Women in business were a mistake.

You only have two options in this scenario: Continue to get shit on or find a new job.

>Women in business were a mistake
this but unironically

Trust me lad, no irony intended.

>tfw don't want to go to bed because that's the first step towards another day of officecucking

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Seriously, the only people that I've ever worked with there were IMPOSSIBLE to work with were women.

Underrated comment

Also, in the 50s men worked, women stayed at home. Now both work, and purchasing power per couple is exactly the same because 2x as many consumers means prices increased twofold. Only ones to profit is the jews.

This. At my last job.

>work for fucking pepsi
>goes out of their way to make women and poc feel welcome because thier retention rates are so low
>one nigger crashes a fucking truck
>would get anyone else instantly fired
>nothing happnes
>he wins employee of the year
> shows up at award cermeony with 1500 people, formal dress required, wearing a fucking weed tshirt
>constant no shows, nothing happens
>every year niggers win all the awards even though their numbers sucks

fuck pepsi

Find a new job, while you still have a good reference at the current company. When you land a new job, inform your supervisor in writing why you're leaving the company.

They'll still kiss nigger ass, to avoid lawsuits, but it won't be your problem anymore.

>act like you're doing something else

This mentality right here separates the rich from the poor.
There should be no point in your job where you are 'doing nothing'. I don't care what you do, there's always something.
If you find yourself idle at work, that's why the nigger comes up to you.

>Thinking that working hard at your job is what makes you rich.

Not all women. I was fortunate to work for one who was excellent at her job, and treated me really well.

But the vast majority, yes. They're worthless, slow down productivity, and cause drama constantly.

>The CEO's admin, who was the top hen and could get away with anything, didn't speak to me for 6 months because I didn't answer the phone how she liked.
>Every single instance of overtime was from a woman not doing her job, and I had to pick up the slack. (It got so bad my boss had to intervene)
>We had our internet access throttled and kiddy blocks installed because women phoner people and admins were playing online games and going to "adult" sites instead of working, they found out when they audited our usage. I had to ask permission to access sites that I needed for my job, because of it.
>I watched women destroy projects and programs that men had taken years to build and nurture - and then turn around and blame men for the failure.

>Company hires "consultant", because company lost 40% of their core business. (Consultants are a scam) Weak CEO hires Gen X woman to head special team to build business back up. She intervenes with a subsidiary that a male VP had built to case to buy, rebuilt into profitability, and made promises to vendors that couldn't ever be honored. Basically, she promised the equivalent of 3 year's production (this is a manufacturing company) in 6 months, every 6 months, without ever talking to the factory. When the head of the factory complained, he was punished, and later fired. When the company eventually failed under her "advice", it was blamed on manufacturing. She still works there, last I checked. They're slowly downsizing and becoming a faint memory of what they once were. Most of the talent bailed in that time period.

I can go all day with examples of how women have fucked every company I've worked at. Especially if they have an MBA.

Op here, I told him I was busy. May have even told the supervisor I was busy. It's like that guy has blackmail on her.

Of course not all women. Just like there are also black women who aren't loud and aggressive in the underground. Doesn't mean there isn't an disproportionate amount of them that are.

When I was still at university I had to do a group project with three other girls. And ALL of them started fucking cartoonishly bitch fighting almost immediately. When we had to present our project to the tutors, they started literally SWEARING at each other in front of the tutor. I ended up getting an F for "cooperation" despite the fact that I had absolutely nothing to do with the argument.

Plant some weed in his car/locker. Send an anonymous tip to HR and/or the cops


The absolute state of wage cucks, work smarter not harder you moron

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I was actually busy. He tries to act like he is the supervisor. Power tripping loser he is.

Stood my ground this time. She just kept trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. My voice stayed loud for the majority or entirety of this part of the conversation. Lol I didn't give her an inch. Even told her she can believe me if she wants (probably after telling her about another person or two who had an issue(s) with him yet her acting like it was no big deal or like I was making it up even though she admitted that one of those told her about it).

Funniest part is that if I get fired her workload will increase big time. One of my suspicions is that if she fired him she would also get an increased workload albeit smaller which is probably why she won't fire him. Also positive that she doesn't tell HR any of this nor does it seem the gay negro reports anything to HR.