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holy fuck SNIPED

He fucking hates us all

He doesn't look happy. I think he hates Veeky Forums because we turned LINK into a meme.

implying it wasn't before.

Cringed hard linkies are absolutely never gonna make it

That girl is thick.

Why do Americans dress like this?

we must go deeper

Plz don’t doxx, I’ll buy you coffee

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And or whisky

I hope your life gets ruined like you just ruined mine

yeah thick in the worst possible way. bitch is shaped like a mcnugget with legs

God? S..sergey?

hmmm.... I'm glad we got a picture of what shoes Sergey he wears


uncover the fat girl's face please

It is I, Sergey Nazarov. Just had a nice Big Mac dinner with Ms. Boring and now I'm in the restroom working on sharding

die in a fire you piece of shit kike

B...but,..Wwhat about the.. O..oracle P..problem desu

It's already done. I have it on a flash drive an... ahh shit I got Mac Sauce on it. Hope it still works!


Now I want a pic of a guy taking a pic of the guy taking the pic at Sergey and our today's hero.

Please uncover the fat girl's face.

this user gets it
a little chubbiness goes a long way. ROBUST.


Please post more of the fat girl OP, i'm begging you

you did nothing wrong

don't worry about it. Linkies are pathetic retards

Then he shouldn't have taken 32 million investor dollars and then gone radio silence for 7 months

Actually you did do something wrong and you know it now don't you? You intended to embarrass and tear down somebody that has done nothing wrong to you and now you fear being "exposed" for it. Comedy gold.


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Make with the goods OP

Have some respect man, that's some guys fuckhole.


also linception a bag within a bag

WE NEED TO GO DEEPER! I want a picture of the guy of who took a picture of the guy who took a picture of Sergey.

serious question here

i'm new to investment, just put in $25 for the first time. So far i'm up $0.10 if I just cash now, will robin hood send me a form for 10 cents or what? How retarded woudl that be?

he wears the same shirt every single time. lmao what a dweeb.

Bumping so this fag gets doxxed

yeah no shit. he can't send a fucking tweet without a bunch of spergs shitting up the place and now they are showing up at his speeches and taking fucking photos holding a biz sign are you fucking kidding me? been holding since ICO and my hands are getting shaky the credibility of this project is spiraling the drain

Maybe link was a mistake. That newfaggot with a biz sign wtf does he think we fucking like being here? That we are so proud we'd choose to publicly broadcast it to the world? He's ruining our one shot to get the fuck out this hell hole. I vote doxx that faggot and anyone else who tries another stunt like that I want the make, model, color and license plate number. They'll have all tires slashed once a month until LINK is over $1k. FUCK HUM.

Nice meme

Friendly explanation of this thread and all fake outrage: queers and leftists hate 4ch and dont want yet another board to half real life influence

This isnt /pol/
Its not social suicide to browse Veeky Forums
Therefore they dont want shit like op happening because it will lead to more people coming and consuming the "toxic culture"


I love how biz is full of blding fags

Exactly. This is probably my one and only ticket out of wage slave misery. I hope it prevails.


We also called him fat.