Question for core cucks and non-cashies

Suppose you *knew* with perfect certainty that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Would you still pick BTC over BCH?


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Whatever makes you less money

No, because I'm not an idiot who chooses to pay fees when sending money. Options like Nano are readily available and work like a charm. Fast as hell too. Fuck your cults

I'd probably give slightly more weight to his opinions, but still assess the two projects (Bitcoin and bcash) on the basis of pragmatic reality, long-term viability, and the quality of their respective developer communities.

kys btw.

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Its obvious that without Craig at the helm bitcoin is going down the toilet. These kids in charge thought they could take over and everything would just continue working for them.

I'm under the impression that he knew at the outset that it would happen, the takeover of bitcoin. So in this way Bitcoin was an experiment that is failing. Craig can now concentrate fully on the Bitcoin Cash and bring it to be the coin that bitcoin was supposed to be.

The hardest part I think will be dealing with the name issue. In 10 years when BTC is dead, will it still be Bitcoin Cash, or will they somehow be able to reclaim the title? It's too confusing to normies this way

He's not SN

He's a liar - on many instances

I am of the opinion that he forestalled a doxxing attempt by pretending to be a conman.

implying a shameless self-promoter could ever fit the personality profile of satoshi he's not even a contender. The only viable options are Finney, Sabo, or Deep State.

>he was just pretending to be retarded

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>bitcoin? you mean bitcoin cash right?

>he was just pretending to be crazy to plea insanity
try to think like you have 170 iq and you might understand.

except noone accepts nano and it has no advantages over bitcoin cash you retard

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>Would you still pick BTC over BCH?
investment: yes
medium of exchange: yes

because I don't need 8MB blocks. i don't care if pieter wuille, eric lombrozo, adam back, luck dash jr, and peter todd all became bcash shills, i still wouldn't use it.

even though i fucking despise roger ver, craig wright, calvin ayre, rick falkvinge. I still wish bitcoin cash to succeed against any fiat currencies.

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connect the fucking dots, its so transparently obvious what's going on

"8 meg blocks" is a meme
the real question is: should miners determine block size dynamically via supply and demand, or should it be set by fiat?

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How bad are corecucks sweating now that microsoft just adopted bcash?

>he's connecting the dots

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Not sweating at all. Roger ver is a felon that is all that matters.

>"8 meg blocks" is a meme
but bcash has 8MB blocks no?

>the real question is: should miners determine block size dynamically via supply and demand, or should it be set by fiat?
no one knows the answer to that, and i agree, just let the markets decide. i don't think anyone knows the true blocksize, we have to try them all and see what ppl are in favor of. imo the anonymity issue is much bigger

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The block size limit is 8 megs. Most blocks are not 8 megs. That would make BCH equivalent to BTC and therefore hypocrites.


Pearls before swine.

It doesn't matter what bitcoin diehards want, their opinions won't effect this outcome.

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the fact that you cult members still think anyone other than .00001% of fellow nerdy faggots on the internet will ever adopt something called "bcash" to the point that it has long-term value is just sad at this point. guaranteed out of the top 10 by 2020 at the latest, the only reason it's there now is coinbase.

Yeah I'd go with BTC because Craig is annoying as fuck. I'd pick ETH over BCH. They both have a dynamic block size anyway.

except eth is run by literal communists that wouldn't hesitate to fork to fuck over someone they didnt like

The bigger the community, the more damaging forks become
Also, with many different sidechains, its up to the people involves in a dao to do their own

Just fork Dogecoin and call it Bitcoin Cash Money

Don’t worry the name change won’t confuse anyone, and actually Bitcoin Cash Money is a better implementation of the Bitcoin Cash idea and improves greatly on Bitcoin Cash Core

In fact, it *is* Bitcoin Cash (DOGE). Bcashcorecucks BTFO

See you at Ver’s Vision conference, where we talk about Bitcoin Cash Money (DOGE) and fill each other with gallons of hot semen

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I’d pick Cash as it has a brighter future and chance for higher market cap

Oh sure, I'd support the con artist who torpedoed the crypto market and killed our only hope of getting out of wage-slaving.


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Are you happy? Rainbow face is dead because of your shit coin; you just had to fud our one chance to get out of wage-slavery

Suppose I was fucking your mother, would you call me daddy?

>except noone accepts nano
coming from a cashcuck, that's hilarious
>no advantages over bitcoin cash you retard
faster, feeless
unlike your duct taped attempt to fix an unscalable system

stop being irrational, why would i ever pay fees, no matter how small, if I don't have to. cry about it all you want, it doesn't make any sense

So you're telling me that the market will choose a less secure less tested network with practically no infrastructure or adoption over BCH which is easily the best coin in terms of merchant adoption now in order to save fractions of a cent? Oh yeah and BCH is instant too with 0-conf. Nano has no chance. I don't care how much you captcha pajeets spam reddit and Veeky Forums

i would pick neither, because it would show satoshi to be a con artist and complete fucking idiot. ethereum would be the only coin to win in that scenario.

Unfortunately you're wrong, because BCH will face the same issues that BTC faced. Great first try, don't get me wrong, but trying to jack up an inherently inferior system isn't going to work in the long run. Sorry!

And I think it's hilarious that you think that we've hit a point of adoption where competitors in this market can't pass each other in market capture.


Think he was a small part in it. Satoshi referenced Wei Dai and Szabo. BMoney and BitGold were precursors like Hal Finney's RPOW. Satoshi was all of them. It's a mystery as to who wrote and published the White paper. That person is the lead.

Because cryptos are a gamble. Nobody cares about the so called utility. And BCH is just p&d

Bcash lol

> Your jesus is holding Bitcoin.
> Your jesus got Bcash for free and didn't invest a penny.
> Your jesus profits from promoting Bcash as Bitcoin (BCH) to deluded twats like you.
> Bcash forked with minority consensus.
> Bcash is currently valued at approx 10% of Bitcoin's value.
> Bcash has around 10% of hashing power that Bitcoin has.
> Bcash has no solution to scaling other than to increase blocksize infinitely (retarded af).

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>Would you still pick BTC over BCH?

bcash is pretty homo, it completely ruined it's chance to do anything just by being homo

>look at the whitepaper.
LOL. I see Craig has only read the introduction and not the conclusion.

To answer OP's question if I knew with certainty a pretentious retard like CW was SN I would not have any money in any Bitcoin or Bitcoin forks. I'm operating on the assumption that SN is dead, and his coins won't be touched. If they are ever touched, or if the person who has access to them is still alive I would bail immediately.