I don't even mind holding LINK bags because this is a long-term position...

I don't even mind holding LINK bags because this is a long-term position, I know I'm going to make it with LINK! Don't worry about the sell-off today lads, the whole market has been crashing - LINK is the best coin out there! You're in safe hands with LINK, after all, Sergey is a genius! If you ever feeling down, just try and channel into the collective positive though we've got going on, you feeling it yet? Don't forget $1000 EOY. Positive Mental Attitude!

Please post LINK memes to raise the Marines moral! We're all gonna make it brahs!

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Im going nowhere. I only buy more.

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he's about to quit you idiot. we've driven him insane

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Just bought more

I'm not going anywhere

He seriously doesn't look too pleased, fucking hell. The memes are getting to his head


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So this is what it feels like to have the midas touch...
guess I'll sell when I feel is the last largest peak and try a less memed on coin, or invest in biotech stocks maybe.

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In my heart of hearts I know this is true. I feel bad for this. We let our prophet down

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Are you shilling or mocking?

With LINK, what's the difference?

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what thread did this happen in?


Why did you dissapoint my gf Veeky Forums???

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Well Veeky Forums we should apologize, meme him into something better than those unfunny fag ass bigmac meme

user you will punch yourself in the dick if you don't pick up sub $1 LINK. you'd have to be a fucking brainlet not the realize that big daddy BTC is taking a shit and dragging the market down. you'd have to be a fucking brainlet not realize big daddy BTC will rally, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a year, maybe in 2 years. it doesn't fucking matter. when big daddy BTC decides it's time to do some cardio. LINK will 1000x fucking guaranteed. Aren't you here to make money user? YOU ARE A RETARD IF DONT BUY AT LEAST $1k LINK. This is literally the best risk to reward investment opportunity on the fucking planet.

LINK is a necessary component of making smartcontracts "smart" by feeding events data into the contract. No LINK no smartcontracts. Yes ethereum could come up with it's own oracles but they're too busy coming up with scaling solutions, and by the time they turn to oracles LINK will already be 5 years ahead in development and it's blockchain agnostic.

user, I haven't told anyone outside of Veeky Forums about LINK. Not a soul. think about that user. this is your time to get rich or stay poor.

>erc20 token
No thanks

I happened earlier, I think its gone now this is still here though

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LINK's value is proposition is decentralized middleware not a fucking blockchain. it will be compatible with ethereum natively and with any other blockchain using external adaptors.

Increased my stack by 5,000 today. I would like to thank the losers that sold hoping to get back in for less than the .43 I bought mine at today, good luck with that.

Link will never
Be over $3 Cap this you moron
The fags in the market have learned
It is no longer a autism pump bubble
It is now simply.... pump.... then dump
How , please tell me
How the fuck you ever expect this coin to even touch $100. It makes absolutely no sense to pump from 50c to that high
Not to mention BTC shitting itself every day