Teeka seminar today

Teeka seminar today

He will call GTO and ZEN
You're welcome.

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Also FCT

this pajeet sounds like a snake oil salesman

Twentya doesnt lie

I want to rub my dick on teeka's bald shining head

zen hasnt even moved as soon as he mentions it im expecting 3x

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Shit that'll pump

Seems legit

pump incoming


i have a sub, i can confirm that this is true.

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how much of a pump can his call on gto generate? what price does he tell them to buy up to?

Twentya is a massive tool

what sucks the most is that chicken teeka massala is fucking delicious and now i never want to have it again because of this bald fucking faggot

nice thanks guys! pump incoming!!!

Ty based twentya

I think GTO is pumping for other reasons too:

1. Wallet to be released end of March
2. Promotional campaign to kickoff with livestream.
3. Some users already using wallet and have reported generally good things and a slick interface.
4. New weekly letter released and can be read in medium.com/gifto/gifto-weekly-update-13-march-2018-fb92f4405831

GTO bagholder detected

yes i am a lifelong baghodler of gifto. see you on the moon

GTO beginning to moon! Thanks for the recommendation!

gtooooo go teeka go

Zilliqa. Screenshot this.