Quads and I kill myself on camera

> 100k+ in debt from crypto and general gambling
> 30yo balding
> Wife left me
> Parents don't speak to me
> No job, useless humanities degree
> No friends, only calls I get is collection agencies
> Live in a moldy student building, roommate with chad who has loud sex every day

That's it Veeky Forums, crypto was my last chance at this life. Quads get to decide my execution method (as long as it doesn't involve harming other people)

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you gotta tell me how, default is pain meds + antidepressants overdose

How exactly did you get someone to actually lend you 100k OP??

Why neck yourself when you can escape to some paradise where they haven't invested money yet?

just buy shipchain and wait 1 year
youre suffering will turn into blessing.

dancing til exhaustion

This!!! Just go someplace warm in Asia and they’ll surely have a high demand for English teachers, do it OP!!!

how would you even go anywhere if you're that fucked and deep in debt

Don't quit now. End it faggot.

Seems reasonable with student loans + credit cards
Rolling for seppuku

Heroin overdose. You feel great then just kinda fall asleep and never wake up.

Allah snackbar into a building

Quads is too much, what do we get for trips?

buy a cheap motorcycle and ramp it off a cliff

asphyxiation masturbation death

Tide pod challenge

He already borrowed 100k, he can figure out a way to a get a couple hundred just to fly himself to Thailand or something.

Just posting so we can get closer to ****5555

Drink gasoline


Drink drain cleaner and then swallow a bunch of tinfoil

kys faggot

Seppuku reroll

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Quads roll

All in link


Don't do it

Thaf’s it

Of old age, with your children and grandchildren by your side



So close fuck

Check em


Singles or pink id and I kys myself

Default on debts, move to thailand or cambodza

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jump off a building in the most populated area wherever you live

Just declare bankruptcy and develop a marketable skill. Go full recluse and learn some programming if you're too proud to subsist on minimum wage.

guys we missed 5555, and 6666 won't happen for hours

hey work out. you got the time. this will change everything.

bud, stop fishing for attention. you';re a fag if you want (you)'s from random guys on Veeky Forums. if you were serious aboot necking yourself you would've done it already. faggot.

>useless humanities degree

what a huge excuse... look up the founder of Alibaba, that chink also did only a humanities degree. being able to master WORDS is a huge skill. you're just too weak to figure out how to do it. look up any screenwriter, those fuckers make $millions$ of shekels from selling words. you stupid faggot. get the fuck off Veeky Forums with these types of pointless threads. you nigger.

don't kill urself yet user, take some people with you first

Decapitation using train. If you do it at night and wear dark clothes, the engineer probably won't notice you, so not "harmful" to them. That's what I'm planning to do.

op is a lying, larping faggot.


Quads says you don't and start working everyday towards turning life aound


drop 1500ug lsd, i fucking beg you

You had ONE job.


Set your room on fire and climb in bed.



omly 100k in debt lol im 400k in debt and my life still rocks

Nigger faggot don't do it

my friend gave me 100ug AL-LAD except he did the math wrong and it was 1000ug

I've never been the same

assasinate as much jews as you can and if you get caught kill yourself on the spot


>Quads get to decide my execution method
Old Age

what is different? is that a megadose? how does AL-LAD compare to LSD? do you see permanent trails or have trouble with bright lights?

of old age


Slit your own throat, OP

It's your penance for your poor life decisions to suffer in your final moments

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Old age. Don’t do it user. Jesus loves you

make it painful, and leave a mess.

AL-LAD is a close analogue of LSD. Supposedly more visual and less mind fucky, but I lost all sense of self, forgot who I was, walked around my neighborhood naked, smashed a wine bottle to test if I existed, and for a long time was convinced I was trapped in Infinite Jest.

I just feel different. I know what it's like to not be me, or anyone. Whenever I look in shadows I see fractals, and if I stare for ~30 seconds, I see the faces again.

Not the oh no

Let's fucking go.

What the fuck is wrong with you ?


Damn, OP was so close to getting old age and instead he gets throat slitting, brutal.


Yikes I bet your dumbass won’t do that again

Also, I "get" Dark Side of the Moon.

ah, ok. you'll slowly return to baseline, i promise. i've known a few guys with similar stories and they all got better, including a symptom similar to your fractals. one guy was carrying blotter against his skin and got soaking wet. that was bad.

jk OP, pls don't kill yourself

It was just a prank xD

You have too much to live for still

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I'm happy it happened. I learned a lot. I'd also never do it again, and have since quit all drugs.

It's been a few years user, I've made my peace with it. Thank you.

Get professional help. Life can be good again !

Dude this is on you

How does it compare to DMT though? I know DMT makes acid look like water.

No idea, I've never done DMT. In comparison to mushrooms it felt more "electric" and "cerebral" if that makes sense. It's a hard state of mind to pin to language. Feel free to do some googling though user, I've had enough of the elves.

Fuck, sorry OP; it doesn't need to end this way

I-I'm s-sure we can all profit in the next great ponzi s-soon enough...

Please don't actually deliver

I thought I could handle myself until I tried DMT. Had done a fair bit acid previously. As far as I know, nothing compares to DMT except some military grade hallucinogen I've heard about that may not actually even exist

How does it feel to kill a man? Enjoy prison.

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Kill self from old age plus smoking two packs of cigs a day

Stop doing drugs

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Ah shit OP don’t do it that’s gonna be rough

Will OP deliver?

don't be a fucking pussy OP

You're safe, the Bogs will just activate quantum immortality.


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Haven't done DMT in years. Have also cut out pretty much everything but pot. But I rarely ever drink and don't often smoke cigarettes, so take that how you will.

>exact same life only i live with mother and no debt
>ive never been happier in my life
Damn. Sucks OP

Actually OP, I agree with the other anons. Don't do it. Get a passport. Declare bankruptcy, then go teach English in Asia for 7 years. You'll make livable money, you'll work on your tan in the tropics, maybe meet a nice mongoloid qt and settle down while you're at it.

Don't do it

suicide from gay nigger dick

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Reroll. In all seriousness, just get some low-end job. You 1st worlders have it so easy, desu senpai.

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