Comfiest hold of 2018

Comfiest hold of 2018

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Bought at a buck. Feeling pretty goddam good.

Dumbfuck. VEN is a shit scamcoin but you never sell at a loss.

Sir,request u to information with buying Venchains please to dikus coin is supereb coin or very bad 4 buying?

धन्यवाद sir

I went all in at 1.50, feeling very comfy during the dip, remember to sell just before 20th into BTC boys bull run in april after tax season!

The comfiest hold isn't a fucking ERC20 token you brainlet


It's dumping harder

actually think again retard, ven is number 4th least far down from ATH so basically nearly everything else is heavier so yes ven is the /comfy/


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I feel like one of the few that isn't freaking out right now because I 90% of my portfolio is VEN right now (for that sweet thunder node). I will not be selling anytime soon, mostly waiting to see if thor ends up being worth it.

Holding a bit of ven too, just wondering what to do on or before the 20th. On one hand a bunch of the supply will be locked, similar effect to a coinburn so price should go up, but buying pressure will decrease as well because less people accumulating to lock up a node.

im selling, this bear market is fucked, it wont be going up, ill buy the dip to accumulate to higher node


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This, Cardano is imo the comfiest hold of 2018.

>down 86% from ATH
>comfiest hold of 2018

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hope you're trolling if not, then no one can save you

>buying at ATH

Who the fuck does this? Oh wait

I refuse to touch the absolute piece of shit known as ADA but thinking something that loses almost 90% of its value in the first quarter of a year is a comfy hold is more deluded than the stupid linkies

I bought 200.000 when they were 0.35 cents, then I saw the increase to 1.20$. So you might call me mad, but i'm holding this coin until 2019. It has crazt potential.

This is like laughing at people who bought Netflix stock at $80 when it was down from ATH of $135. Stay salty

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bruh I bought into ETH at < $10 I'm doing just fine plus I have a mainnet

Comparing an actually profitable company with a chink scam with a CEO who is desperately trying to stop bagholders from calling up the partners, because he's scared they'll find out that every single one of the alleged "partnerships" is extremely misleading.


Hahahaha u spoke too soon, just took a hugeeee dump and will keep dumping along with everything else. RIP

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Bmw partnership in the picture, ofc Sunny to stop contacting them asking what their partnerhips was. Its a complete joke.

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>2 percent
>huge dump

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