How are you holding up, fellow Monerobros...

How are you holding up, fellow Monerobros? Will XMR pump in expectations of the MoneroV fork or will the JUSTing proceed?

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They told me it was a comfy hold...

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same wtf everyone and their mother said i could buy in at 322 for "safekeeping"

sweet it will crash now like zcl did when he revied that "fork"

whats the difference between monero and bitcoin?

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God fucking damnit

just bought in, guys
XMR free to pump now

Will binance support the MoneroV fork or should I transfer my XMR out of binance?

monerobroette here. i think itll pump again right before the fork. im planning to sell half my stack right before and then buy it back when it dips after.

monerov is trash, but if you want it youll have to put it in a wallet and hand over your private keys. good luck.


you guys realise that moneros price decrease has nothing to do with the fork etc right?

Moneros main use at the moment is on dark net markets and if you look at the shit storm that's happening over there at the moment you'll realise why it's going down. Bitcoin flourished because every shitty government in the world wasn't actively trying to destroy dark net markets.

>if you look at the shit storm that's happening over there at the moment you'll realise why it's going down

Like what?

Big if true.
Also, Coinbase/GDAX soon.

>like what?
For the first time in the history of the markets growth has stuttered. From silk road onwards every market shutdown was followed by the rise of a larger more successful market, until now. The huge busts organised by law enforcement have left a lot of empty space. To explain, law enforcement took over the two most successful markets, took over vendor accounts and changed pgp keys to one's they controlled, spent months collecting info and then went on an arresting spree. Holland has been hit (European and global hub), Canada has been hit (benzo hub), America, Australia etc etc. Additionally the size of data collected has driven crims offline in some cases. The websites that are left are unreliable and have no where near the attraction in terms of privacy, price, quality. Until a leading market develops (less likely now due to law enforcements interest in tor sites and their progress in catching site owners) crypto volume on tor is definitely going to slow. Maybe a decentralized site will grow to success but the tech is years behind being user friendly and decentralized means less financial incentive for the development of the market. Additionally the value of crypto as a speculative asset has driven people away from spending it.

And a lot more reasons. Tldr less crypto is going through tor.

btw moneroV is fake fork, monero devs are doing upgrade but its a hard fork so no need to do anything with coins

>shit storm that's happening over there at the moment

whats happening?

fucking kill me

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Monero is great, but it's not a pump coin.

Utter dogshit I'm bleeding to death here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>it's not a pump coin.
It's a hold coin.

It's a functional coin. People should simply use it, not hoard it.

can't wait until the hardware wallet support comes out after the upgrade.

the fork is just bullshit being pulled by the nsa to find our ouputs. dont use the forked coins.

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That's why it's been outperforming BTC for a while. Between BTC and XMR, you're better off holding XMR.

This is a fact, just look at the BTCXMR chart over the past year.

feel good. not worried. only coin with actual utility regardless of price.


Demark indicator shows it oversold...hence being stalled for past 16 hours. Probably building momentum. It hit it's lowest RSI, demark, etc in the past 30 hours than it has been in the past 5 months. I would be shocked if it went any lower.

It's the only demonstrably fungible coin that there is

you're talking out of your ass fucking idiot