Lol, Bitcoin to 100k

Lol, Bitcoin to 100k...
Thanks teeka

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He isn't wrong.
>one guy dumps 300m worth of btc
dumps from 12k to 6k
>institutions with billions start buying

Wasn't BTC created to fight off the institutions? Why would we suddenly want them in just to get short term profits?

Doubt intitutions will come in like he suggests.

They can participate just as much as we can, it's decentralized bozo. Point is they don't control the thing.


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Impossible. Wallstreet is full of degenerates, they are already here with their own money.


Also OP is forgetting they can just keep longing and shorting keeping the price sedated at anywhere from 5-20k as opposed to letting it run up.

Fuck it, I'll admit I'm just playing devils advocate. I am long term bullish, but #1 rule of investing is you have to have a plan for everything.

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Consensus 2018
Just wait until Nasdaq announces their BTC futures.
Guess when

Congress smells new revenue cash, Fed manipulation in 3 2 1.

Sad but true.

Loled hard

"Institutions" (re: banks, pension funds, your parents' trust fund) will use a more stable *coin backed by something other than acceptance by exchanges. For as stupid as a silver or copper-backed *coin may be, it's the type of thing that gives investors a bottom line the price can't crash beneath, increasing confidence and the desire to buy.

BTC doesn't have that and never will. It won't be accepted for anything other than buying weed and altcoins for that reason.

Thinking institutions that are willing to deal with the volatility aren't already in, you need to get learned. No other money is coming it. They don't want to have to deal with the possibility of a black Monday every single day.

Why the hell would institutions even touch BTC? Legit question. There are a dozen projects and exchanges on the way to buy altcoins with fiat. So even if large institutions want to utilize cryptocurrencies, why wouldn't they just buy directly or (most likely IMO) make their own? Why should BTC ever go to 20k again?

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They already did.
>Jun 30, 2016

So.... DGD?

cause it is better than gold but most secure.
inb4 bcashies suicide me

Bitcoin will go to $100,000 almost certainly. The question is how low are we going right now because if you buy more bitcoins at a lower price, you make more money and don't feel so bad when it goes down.

No one's buying your bags faggot, crypto is dead.

They cannot. The prospectus for most institutional investors does not allow them to invest in cryptocurrencies until there is an ETF or there are custody holders.

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Traps aren't gay though.

Brainlet. See

nobody will be buying naked crypto, now crypto backed derivatives on the other hand...

He said 40k eoy
125k if institutional money comes in

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more like 4k eoy

>linear scaled chart
stay poor n00b

log-y >> linear-y
log-log >> log-y

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still going lower though, your log says the same

They fell for the
>we're all gonna make it
>we'll all be rich togheter
meme once again

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the pattern that repeats on a months-long time scale is at the beginning of a year's long time scale pattern that raises the floor (lowering overall correction %) of each successive months-long cycle. eventually the positive interference escalates to create an asymptotic rise that will collapse the years-long function, creating a period of increasing negative interference on that time scale.

we're still in the negative interference portion of the months-scale cycle, but we're well into it already.

these cycles stack up from hours, days, weeks, months, years, and once crypto is mature enough, decades and so on. Stock market is very mature to where the major patterns are entering 100 year time scales. crypto is several orders of magnitude less mature, and altcoins several orders less mature than crypto as a whole.

Huh interesting, thanks for that

>look at circulating supply
>each coin backed by a few ounces stored in some singapoor laundromat
Sure if you don't mind buying a pnd "concept"

institutions won't come in unless they can control the market. unregulated markets will not be touched, otherwise institutions would have been here already. don't listen to paki jew niggers unloading bags on you. see you below 6k

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>Every 1 DGX represents 1 Gram of Gold.
>2,000,000 supply
>70547 ounces
>$1327 per ounce
So you mean to tell me they have access to $93 million in gold, sitting on standby, yet the trading bear is BTC/ETH?

fukn checked

i am ok with this

it's why utter shitcoins have such amazing gain potential, even if they have no long term potential. the cycles are very very short, and if you can get your money in before the real volume hits . . . you're golden. Then you move your money to something else that hasn't gone off yet and do it all over again. It's all about timing.

bitcoin needs to grow and develop and the price will come with it
what's our actual value? I'd guess 4-7k

Lets take this time to shake out some shitty alts and develop scaling solutions
so next time the spotlight is on crypto it can actually function