Screencap this

Before 2 weeks are through (by 3/28) chainlink will be $xx.

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WHY? Give me a plausible source and reason.

I have insider info but I don't want to be a tripfag or lead people on; I just want to give Linkers some hope.

I can't say any more, just screencap this and wait

All of the sources and reasons are already out there user.

The problem is nobody, but biz knows about it.

If the fucking retarded low iq normies ever pick it up it will 100% be over $10.

This exactly.

Think of the devs working on the project, the partners/entities involved, and the people on the Gitter.

this. i'm also an insider with insider information and want to lead people on. screen cap, print it out, and stick it on your refrigerator. soon.




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You're just as bad as the guy posting "1000 EOY" unless you have proof. People do this with LINK like 20 times a week.

LINK is gonna be 32 cents
this market is trash
anything with a use case doesn't matter cause Bitcoin will just ruin everything

show sergey my meme please sir.

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It's obviously gonna drop to 30 cents over the next 6 months.

holy shit that's my meme too.
I'm gonna make it

I guess you’ll have to wait 14 days.

Just take a step back and enjoy life. Stop fretting about Link constantly and be patient

praise KEK

Any hints?

Lol is that you sherlock link you fagbag?
Too worried to use the trip in case people start posting screenshots of your shit calls?

>people on the Gitter
I hold LINK and even I recognize this is a meme.

Just chill. If you faggots were dumb enough to risk more than you could afford to lose, sucks to be you. If it goes to .30 and you really believe in the tech, then just buy more. Glass handed faggot speculators wanted to make some overnight NEETbux.

literally hold while I dump
the sad part is I will do just that

Let him sell at a loss. In six months you'll have broken even, in 8 probably sitting on 20% gains if you bought in the last few weeks. Don't fall for the $1000eoy meme.

das RITE!!!!!

Whale here, we will finish dumping around .27. It won't pass .50 until October

Get the fuck out dude. $1000 EOY has a higher probability then 50 fucking cents EOY lmao. Link will be actually be used to save millions of dollars by big players by EOY.

bullish on anything in particular long term?

OMG will have a NEO like breakout over the summer

Will link ever be a big gainer in your opinion? Got some omg but might top it up

Stop being a faggot and asking this retard questions.

The ceiling is $5-10. My peers say Q1 2019 but I still maintain summer 2019. That is only if they have a successful product AND a partnership with another big financial conglomerate. If not, $2-3 tops. Keep this screencap, I rarely comment pubicly

Faggot you're on an anonymous message board

kill yourself

hey dude keep his screenshot he said. I think he's trying to infiltrate the circle of trust

I know what you're talking about I have also seen the two people from a Health insurance talking with Sergey.

Buying link was a mistake. You see that newfaggot with a biz sign wtf does he think we fucking like being here? Like we are proud to be posting here. He's ruining our one shot to get the fuck out this hell hole. I vote doxx that faggot and anyone else who tries another stunt like that I want make, model and license plate number. They'll have all tires slashed once a month until LINK is over $1k. Fuck him.

This except buying link was not a mistake

I am a whale and we control the markets, scrub

why is it always link that anons have insider info on and why have they always been wrong? Makes you think.