He sold the bear trap

>he sold the bear trap

daily reminder

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Nah we /returntomean/ soon

>NEETs are institutional investors
can't make this shit up

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they are the one's buying the dip you mong

the fact that less than 0.01% of the population has ever owned any type of crypto let alone bitcoin shows we aren't at public adoption yet

>we are early adopters, Katy Perry and PewDiePie tooadsjska jjlskkjlakjjsklljkakjlkdjkllkjdajdkj kjadlk

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which makes these prices a steal

public adoption could mean millions per btc

im saying this again. does 1 bitcoin have the value of a used car? does 1 etherium have the value of a laptop? does ripple have the value of a snickers? FUCK NO this is just useless shit. it will hit ZERO in 1/2 Year. Better sell now. Crypto is a meme


Fucking retard.

>less than .0000001% of people have even heard the word bitcoin, that's just a fact

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>Institutional investors

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>does 1 bitcoin have the value of a used car?
Does a pile of cash have the same utility as a car?
No, it only has the utility we assign it.
Welcome to the concept of currency.

go back

so neets are smart money?

Anyway, my soul is permanently in the despair phase

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> being this retarded

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comparing it to the USD, the USD is backed by the most powerful government/military in the world, the sole remaining world superpower. It has value here, just like other currency has value in other places because the ruling parties of those countries say it has value.

Bitcoin has no real value. No group gives it a value except what random people are willing to pay for it.

Regardless of current price of BTC, if I offer you 1 BTC for something, would you take it? Currently, it's value is only determined by other currencies. You might take it, if you think it's current 8k value is more than whatever I'm buying from you.

Until bitcoin is widely used, it has no real value, just speculative.

i laffed

That doesn't look like a 66% drop

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This isn't the first sell of.

smart money

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You.. actually think that currencies have value because governments declare they do? That's... asinine. The US military isn't going to be fucking able to stop the depreciation of the USD if people were to lose faith in it. It's NOT backed by the military, it's backed by public confidence of future value. That's it.

Or maybe you want to tell Maduro to just declare a stop to the hyperinflation of the bolivar? Yeah that's right.. it's not how this works.

How are you so ignorant? The us has overthrown governments that dare to not use their dollar.

She killed a nun no thank you

and that confidence is nearly guaranteed by the US government, and our military's ability to exert influence over the world making sure our USD is wildly used

Do you earnestly believe that we haven't reached the "media attention" and "enthusiasm" phase of crypto yet?

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can confirm

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We've literally had normies fucking buying ripple and tron back in december and you still think we're on the first sell off? I wish I could agree but fuck man, it's seriously over this time. Gonna take at least a year to get back to where we were, this is a suckers rally.

for those that don't get it, that red part under the yellow line (inside the purple circles) . . . that's what this dip is going to look like in 8 years

nigga EVERYONE has already heard about crypto, it's been all over the news for months.
If they haven't bought into it by now, they never will.

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Yeah id love to believe it to, but when you have teeny bopper pop artists talking about crypto, your grandma asking about ripple, and illiterate niggers talking about how theyre going to get rich off tron, pretty sure we are way pass media attention. And guess what? They all got burned and probably wont be coming back.

jesus lol that google graph is just brutal

it will look worse after the ad ban

>one tech obsessed, trend obsessed country had lots of crypto investor

quelle fucking suprise, even 90 year old grannies there have smartphones they can probably use more effectively than you

so we just have to shill harder?

Millennials will love crypto when they realize it is an escape plan from paying inflated boomer pensions. For instance, my parents make more money/yr in retirement than they did while working because they are guaranteed a 7.5% return on their investments and an annual 2% cist of living increase.. Our state supreme Court ruled that any modifications to the existing contract structures is against the law. This is not sustainable. The only way to continue paying for this is to print more money and/or take more of it from millennials. Fuck that. The only recourse is to abandon the dollar.

>muh powerful government and military

math is more powerful than your shitty country's military, math doesn't lose wars to starving Vietnamese farmers you stupid fag. kys

don't worry, all boomers will die off within 20 years and then we can have our crypto