The button that holds it all together

The button that holds it all together.

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Once the button pops... the singularity. Keep feeding Sergey.

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estimated force on button: 10 ten thousand Newtons

by god may it hold

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oh sorry about that, let me just grab another shirt. I am a millionaire after all.

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kek and lmao's return

Hey guys can you help me out? I thought it was all memes about Sergey getting fat. He was in good shape in the beginning and everyone was memeing him to be obese and eating Mcdonalds. Now it looks like he's actually getting fat.

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is this kind of shit why he frowny face!

Sergey is a growing boy!

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when buying flannel always buy 1 size larger than you would for normal shirt to allow for shrinkage


I feel bad for sergey! Please. A little bit far?

is this the bubble popping

The button that saved LINK


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oh the dreams of a button

the dreams of an easier life

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y'all are going to hell for this one

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Maybe link was a mistake. That newfaggot with a biz sign wtf does he think we fucking like being here? That we are so proud we'd choose to publicly broadcast it to the world? He's ruining our one shot to get the fuck out this hell hole. I vote doxx that faggot and anyone else who tries another stunt like that I want the make, model, color and license plate number. They'll have all tires slashed once a month until LINK is over $1k. FUCK HUM.


this thread made everything worth it.
thanks OP, you're not a fag today.
what info can we gather from him with the 3-4 photos he posted?

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had to laugh even though I agree with the sentiment, this isn't /b/ in 2007 ffs. That said I don't wanna hurt the guy and don't think some Veeky Forums fag is gonna singlehandedly destroy the product's image, that would be kind of insane, but he representative of retards leaking out from here and onto place where they need to be fucking mature, and THAT might actually have a negative effect. On the other hand Eth and Bitcoin have always kind of been associated with Veeky Forums culture but still. This is a bit bigger this time

this killed my sides

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