Professional Poker thread?

Professional Poker thread?

I play on americas cardroom doing tournaments only, and I average about $300-$500 daily.

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You like American card rooms? I play ignition. I've cashed out ~about 4 g over the year. This is my crypto btw

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Teach me your ways

do not trust ignition.

might be easy to cash in/out but its rigged by literal groups working together on the tables.

I was interested in this but know discussion about this is unwelcome in this place so where can I learn more about this? Also is it only viable if you have many years of experience (like 10000 hours meme)?

I like how fishy ignition is but there's a better selection of tournaments at acr

this is likely a literal pajeet thread by scammers to get more money from people after everyone else quit though.

watch the tables. they mock play in bot style till a real player enters then they rape them. if you see a table with one player its fair, so join that and then they will have their friend join to cheat as well.

I've been playing 888 cause it is the fishiest but tournament selection ia shit. I have to get up at 7:30 tomorrow cause I accidentally won a satellite.
What better sites can I game fish as a FUCKING LEAF? Heard playnow is good but high rake. Also anywhere with bonuses and freerolls is nice.

Also anyone have good study material?

poker threads were fairly common on Veeky Forums before the crypto invasion. 2p2 is and always will be the best discussion forum for poker though.

Play for 1000 hours at underground casinos in nyc or at the Borgata in atlantic city

IDN network is so insanely fishy, should be able to play from canada.

> online poker in 2018

888 New Jersey or do you live overseas?

Okay so lets say OP is a pajeet, scammer, or whatever else. Does that negate all interest in any form of profiting from poker? Or if your argument is purely only in regards to OP then how about waiting for OP's thread to die and create a better poker general?

scam thread.

see and do not get sucked in. mods should delete this thread.

How are you not playing on stars if you live in canada? Still the biggest prizepools on the net.

stfu, you're a scam thread

Thanks Ill check it out. Does it have good tournaments?
What? The online site. Im a leaf but live in Vancouver is cancer.
Because I still suck and tables are hard there. I do sometimes.

This board is for crypto memes

Yes I know the online site, New Jersey is the only state with legal online poker besides vegas and 888 is one of the sites.

Not sure about tournaments actually, I just play 50nl cash, 8BB+ opens are common, it's great. Only downside is only 6 max.

just fucking stop. you know that online poker is just not profitable anymore.

How do you know that groups of ppl works against you?

Soon it will be atleast probably fair

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He doesn't. It's an anonymous site (no usernames) so there is a non-zero chance you can be colluded on cash tables but tournament players are sat randomly and you can't expect to be at the same table as your buddy in those.

Gambling is haram

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I fucking hate omaha, it's devoid of skill and full of luck

>omaha hi it's devoid of skill and full of luck

I love texas holdem, but omaha is texas holdem on crack

provably fair was proven provably bullshit by a little thing called math

actually i have video and you can see many videos of it on youtube.

you can watch a room with two players in and often they'll trade chips back and forth, automatically doing the same moves again and again until a real player enters. they do this and the usernames of people who work together match as well.

trust me when i say, this whole thread is pajeet criminal scammers.

too much shit flying everywhere for skill to even be a factor

Because why the fuck wouldn't you?

don't know about that man, if you learn to play, so many shitty players that make mistakes you can take advantage of.

It's hard to get someone into an 80/20 and you're flipping coins or 60/40ing way more and increases variance but it's also really easy to pump pots so degen away.

Poker is for faggots

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>really easy to pump pops
>degen away

Now you found the real reasons desu

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Ah. Could you fags legalize it again and go nuts so I can make money?
Profitable? Yes easily. Making a living? Hard as fuck.

this exactly, I have a day job programming, I play poker for fun, can be very profitable, but its a game to me

Ace high wins bg OP

Is it still possible to play online as an Americunt? I made maybe 10k from playing in 256 man tournaments on Pokerstars. Great fun, would do again.

for real though?

I played bovada then ignition for around 5 years now.

I tried acr and carbon, wasn't impressed by either 3+ years ago.

honestly acr better now?

are the omaha games weak? I'm from Australia and they banned online poker here but I think you can get away with using crypto sites for the time-being

most people play texas then jump to omaha thinking its similar. It's similar but not in the way they think, it has a very different dynamic that many noobs, and gamblers don't get.

watch that variance tho

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here is the same game btw lol, made 25 bucks in the itme between

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I know Omaha, I've played millions of hands. What I'm asking is if the opponents on America's Cardroom are fishy and if they accept crypto.

I play ignition.

you know you can play both?

hoboken, nj reporting in. what stakes and games you playing?

If you accept NLHE is skill based I have no idea how you could arrive at the conclusion that omaha is "devoid of skill." The things that make omaha skill based are literally the same things that make NLHE skill based

ehh pretty much this.

omaha just has more variance and more dumb players.

I'm not on 888, I live in NY so ACR is my only option.

ACR accepts btc deposits. Its not fishy, full of colluders and bots.

Are you in USA? if inside USA your best bet is ignition. You can check your hands after 24hrs to confirm you aren't being colluded against

>check your hands

Wasn't super clear about this. After 24hrs you can check the hole cards of every person on the table for every hand you play. If you can detect collusion in your hands, you can report and probably get your money back (haven't really heard of anyone catching collusion tho fwiw)

4color deck brah

When moon?

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awsome good for you man. Must be dope as fuck.

What are the $100 buy in Vegas tourneys like? Might do one for shits.

> Plays 9 handed NL25
> Claims to make $300-$500 a day (182k a year)


Good NL100 regs struggle to make 6 figures, and most of them are playing 8+ tables at once. Stop bullshitting.

ridiculously soft, esp on weekends

move up from 2/5 breh


ya, no. Top 100nl winners are gonna be making like 40-50k/yr tops. Much more realistic to make it to 6figs if playing at least 2/4+

$100 live tourneys everywhere are gonna be a total limpfest brainlet mouth-breather carnival. Literally all you have to know is when you have a good hand bet and/or raise.

Like $25 on Pokerstars?
Nice. Am I gonna get trapped by the "my opponent cant know my range if I dont know what a range is! Strat."

like 5NL on pokerstars

Jesus nice. Can pay half my trip then barring a suck out.

can't expect to just win in a tournament. There is too much variance. If you want a better shot at locking in a profit you should sit in a cash game. 1/2 games in vegas should be super soft

real poker players don't measure their winrates in approximate USD / day

There for 4 days so Ill play four I need to finish top couple of people to make a profit. Could lose an early all in. But if its a super soft field I can just play nitty until I am top stack. I grind tournaments online and hate cash games. Im there for fun primarily.
Also chill people or headphone hoodie losers/drunken donks?

to avoid hoodie-headphone dudes stay away from the main 'poker famous' casinos. Don't play at Aria or venetian. Try smaller places like harrahs or golden nugget. On average downtown casinos should be softer

This. You would mention the stakes you play and your bb/100 or just say your hourly

Or for mtts (op says hes a tournament player) you would state ABI and ROI figures

Thanks for the tip. Would have thought the other way around.

I'll give you an extra tip - planet hollywood has the softest tournies in my experience. Been spending the summer in vegas grinding for 3 years


can you get me in on some good nyc casinos? I've heard the rake is fucking stupid, are there places with reasonable rake?

>I play on americas cardroom doing tournaments only, and I average about $300-$500 daily.
No you dont

lol this. Some guy on 2p2 did a statistical analysis of those large player-pool tournies. You can be a world class player and literally still wipe out in hundreds of them before you cash in the top 5. They're notoriously soul crushing because of the long stretches of breakeven/losing money you experience. The idea that you can make a consistent daily income from mtt's is absurd - maybe from sng's, probably from cash games if you're constantly sitting to the left of weak opponents and avoiding solid players.

You can run some variance sims on this site

While "consistent daily income" isn't possible, its possible to make a somewhat consistent income from MTTs. The key is massive edge (only sitting in tournaments you crush) and small field size. With a very high ROI, a moderate to low average field size and strong volume you can avoid losing months.

If you start sitting the sunday majors on big networks you are going to have some real swings. GOAT top tier players can have like -500 buy in swings if they are running bad enough when their average field size is like 1000+

If biz was around in 2005 it would be infested with online poker threads