Looks like Ark girl really killed herself

Looks like Ark girl really killed herself.

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i hope not
link to original thread
i'm lazy, and tired

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She better not have, fuck

Yeah, she choked on my dick.



Deluded little suicide arkies

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all these asshole (((traders))) and shitcoiners dont understand the human suffering behind the big shorts and and hoo haaa insulting the people they robbed. There is a bright side to crypto. BTC and ark aint it. WAU COIN, and a few others dont crash but, big crashes fpdestroy lives and the fuckers behind the bitcoin forks and bitcoin crashing are gonna burn in hell

did she give her ark away first? selfish chunt

This is why we don't let women into crypto.

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storytime op

Wow I was just looking to see if someone had an update to this and here’s the thread. Where’s the news article?

Attention whores (particularly of the female variety) rarely ever actually kill themselves. When they do it's often from unintentionally taking one pill too many or cutting just a little too deep.

I can believe she is depressed. I seriously doubt she is genuinely suicidal.

reading the replies to her post on reddit, you realize just how different Veeky Forums and reddit are.

Anons, we are cold fucking fish.,

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Did she buy any Ark or was she just whoring for it?

Women are depressed because Chad fucks around and won't marry them.

Veeky Forums is like 90% intp/intj
Our feels are abstract

Savage and cold is the best. No woman wants to hear pussy shit from a man saying "I have depression" if people believe that go to buzzfeed and be a beta

You write truth. We will be phased when it suits us.

Press S

>Veeky Forums is like 90% intp/intj
INTP here, check'd

This, women know EXACTLY what they are doing with moves like this. It's just another opportunity to signal and try and gain resources/social capital. And if she really wants to feel better she's just gonna go find some guy who will treat her like shit and who will smash her cunt raw.

>Looks like Ark girl really killed herself.
T. Ark Girl looking for attention again.


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Hey there.

I've been there.

No I wont say I know how you feel, cuz I dont.

But I know how I felt when I was suicidal, and I know how I feel now.

Its not a story about "man I waited it out and life is fucking flowers" now.

I tried to commit suicide myself (censored to follow subchan rules)

Its hard to live searching for happiness, especially for most its not readily available.

Particularly me, I have a high standard for friends and I'm also a dick so I dont make friends and people dont like to make me their friend.

Life is not about having success, its about feeling like you are making progress.

I'm working out for my self image issues, I'm working on talking to people and letting them in. And I feel like I'm making progress.

I see you've lost alot of weight, great! me too! keep at it, find a hobby. Make happiness on your own terms.

For me I was a couch potato and always played video games, now I play basketball, I make friends on the basketball court. Having a random goal and a random hobby helps alot.

Depression is for anyone with a brain, not just pretty people, not just ugly people. I'm sorry that people think that you just want attention, thats disgusting.

Please find help, whether its by finding a goal, or by reaching out to someone. Or hopefully the responses in this thread do help.

Rest in peace little buddy.

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What's the story behind this?



Brutal, what happened? The anime merch is enough to suggest he was an outcast. Glad I messing with that stuff seriously a while ago.

Fuck, is that actually real? Backstory?

INTJ Master-race here, can confirm

Someone from /r9k/, depression, you can see his mom walk in 40 minutes later and hear her woes and cries and actually reads some of the notes he left behind and mentioned r9k I shit you not.

*Glad I stopped messing

It's fake. Dumbass.

Fuck yeah.

true if big



I saw a webm on Veeky Forums earlier of a guy licking a horses asshole after shit came out and now this
goddamnit Veeky Forums

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Any archive or full video anonbro?

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Pretty weak honestly. Not surprised about /r9k/ though, they make everyone miserable. Only place worse is lookism.net, that site makes Elliot Rodgers look well adjusted.

Three of them have already been deleted, you don't want to see it I am still fucked up when he waved bye to the camera especially when his mom came in and started crying fuck that shit.

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intj can confirm

When did it happen, today?

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Reddit don't really care, they just pretend they care.

Like two hours ago bro. He livestreamed it.

Oh wow this literally JUST happened.
Yup, just checked /r9k/ and it's still fresh. Apparently he's not white though, he's a spic.


I have tears in my eyes. U dont look like shit if thats a reason for your feelings pls Stop and give it more time to see if u can find happiness. It is important to not pressure yourself to finding it fast. Hmm i am really bad at this... hurts to watch u go even tho i dont know u ... so pls dont not this time

Was it crypto-related?

this looks too real, someone explain


Wow! Poor kid, Hell for eternity (for who believes).

More blood for the blood and chaos god.

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I'm a little confused by this post, obviously you think you're ugly (I don't, and the amount of replies on some of your previous posts should be enough to show that a good amount of people don't, but I know that what really matters is what you think of yourself), but is your "ugliness" really the best reason to kill yourself? I know from experience that suicidal thoughts tend to not really stem from just one area, but if you really think you're that ugly why not try plastic surgery or botox or even just getting your makeup and hair done by a professional or something before killing yourself. Additionally I would recommend trying therapy for BIID also since it seems like you must have a skewed perception of how you look and how others perceive you since, as someone that's pretty plain looking (neither ugly nor particularly good looking, but definitely not as conventionally attractive as you) I can guarantee that for the most part people just look past those that they don't know or have to interact with, and those that do what you described usually have some other problem and if anything are only directing their anger at you by insulting your appearance. All-in-all though I would highly recommend having a nice meal, getting some rest, and then reconsidering your other options before offing yourself.

just check the thread user

SAGE goes in every field.

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fuck, I didn't see the video but jesus fucking christ... its hard to comprehend that we live in a universe where people have to experience that kind of pain.

Its just... fuck

well im crying now fuck this makes me unbelievably sad

>its hard to comprehend that we live in a universe where people have to experience that kind of pain.

You new to the universe?

I’m on mobile what’s this video of what happens.

I can fap to this.

awe babbys first live streamed suicide
this shit was commonplace back in the day

Live suicide, shotgun on face -

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natural selection

Budd Dwyer was bea.

(He also was my state treasurer)

sad that it's easier to throw over a republican regime than it is to get a gf

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I don't care if you're a pussy about it. I want to watch

It's not my first, but its my first while on anti-depressants, and its the first where the mother comes into the room during the stream and cries over his body

yeah i saw him point the gun at himself and i noped the fuck out. not watching that

Load it in chrome. Robot wearing a mask loads his shotgun, looks at the camera and waves, brings the gun up to his head angled downward, hesitates/breathes about 3 seconds and then boom. His focus and intent are insane. I've been contemplating the same for a while but it shocked the fucking life into me. Wow.

please tell me this isn't real

Thanks for description. It’s funny I’ve been watching gore videos and decapitations literally since I was 9, but have no stomach for them now 20 years later. Too real. Life is amazing.

dont ever fucking contemplate that shit again man

Guess i'm that 10%



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Why doesn't this bother me but I saw a person kill a bird (that looked like my pet) and it made me cry for hours?

Intj master race checking in btw

this is real it happened today he dedicated stream to /r9k/ but /b/ has been all over it

Because only humans can deserve to die desu, nothing an animal does warrants death imho

Fuck you biz that video really disturbed me

wait who said ark girl is actually killing herself though

That girl has an attention seeking problem.

>Fuck you biz that video really disturbed me
I couldn't even watch it, stopped as soon as he waved at the camera.

She did in her reddit comments and hasn't said anything else since.

This is life unfortunately. We need to do better. Make the world better.

>those anime posters

He was one of us.

Rest in peace bro.

she looks like my gf but hotter :/

I love all of the sort of softball attempts to hit on her as she's posting that she's about to kill herself. And by love I mean that it's kind of disgusting.

who dat
cool story bro

As soon as I saw the thumbnail and replies I knew it was real.

i don't like suicide
but i keep watching them
i guess i just feel like they deserves to be listened to in their last moments?

of course it's real... are you serious?

>Veeky Forums.webm

>deserves to be listened to in
>silent webm where you can skip to the action


more guts than anyone on this pussy board

>I love all of the sort of softball attempts to hit on her as she's posting that she's about to kill herself
Fucking sociopaths, targeting her at her most vulnerable to try and be Mr. Hero, pathetic. Won't work either because women can spot that shit a mile away.