So guys, what happend at SXSW? What Sergey said? Is there a video or something? Someone help me.

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Sergey said Musk proposed a Tesla-Link superpartnership on one condition- Sergey must lose 40 lbs. He hasn't left the treadmill since the conference ended.

Literally nothing worth reposting. It’s why the price is only going to be worst than it was yesterday

I'm gonna screencap this and tweet it to Sergey for the lulz

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Biz partnership confirmed, Sergey's smile and optimism gone.

I can't wait to see your anime avatar and shitty twitter persona.

Stop tweeting and memeing shit outside of here

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ffs you guys are killing the fun of this. The memeing is supposed to stay on Veeky Forums. Outside this cesspool of degeneracy we must act with decorum- as emissaries for the Chainlink project.

Leave the memes at the door when you leave.

discussion thread

That's the look of a stone cold businessman all about his business

This is what happened

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he said he tried to make Rome from cheese but ate it instead


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original anons are in their 30's now.


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Avatar is pic related and I have dozens of followers
OK dad

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>12 years old behaviour
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He said this:

>all those crypto-currencies are just a big scum, even more, Link is not even a crypto-currency, just a fucking token, and you bought into it while I'm having my Buggatis.

This is what disturbed the market actually.

Very professional comments under it.

Lmao he's got the same shirt on. This dude has got to be memeing us