Lets all guess tomorrows pick. i will provide the hints teeka gave

lets all guess tomorrows pick. i will provide the hints teeka gave.

market cap under 100 million
under 50 cent
launched by an internet company with 100 million users
end of march expects to scale in 5 million users
one of the biggest billionaires in crpyto is involved in the project as well as a silicon valley dev.

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he said its unknown and long term investors havent even heard of ti he already gave exposure to gifto

AXP, duh.

usually pick is on binance.



whose the billionaire on project?

Mercury Protocol


What makes you say this?

>under 100m MC
>under 50c
>assuming it's on binance

That's means...

And that's only in the top 200...

also he said previously launched a coin that went 8000 percent last year

Substratum - already leaked

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I'd say the odds are good for these:

ENJ makes sense, it is founded by an existing company with an active user base

Most of those coins dont have an userbase, ENJ does, I think STORM does too

who the fuck is this guy?

jesus fucking Christ why you keep posting this ugly mother fucker

You must be new, he's the biggest Pump n Dumper in crypto

Yeah Enjin seems highly plausible to me.

doesnt have anywhere near 5 million users

STORM just hit Binance, perhaps that fits the "long term traders don't even know about it" part

I don't know everything sorry. Why is he being spammed exactly though?

Probably, I think its a shitcoin though but if Teeka can pump it, I can't complain

His coin picks have been consistently very lucrative to get into but he charges money so Veeky Forums always does its best to figure out the puzzle together. Such is Veeky Forums such is the will of Kek

storm only has like 10,000 users

Yeah its STORM, look at the team. Isn't DiLorio a crypto billionaire and friends with Teeka?

It is Banyan you dumb fucks. This isn't even on coin market cap.

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>Expect to scale in 5 million users
Not sure if OP just has pajeet English but it doesn't say how large the userbase is. Just that they can scale it?

>consistently very lucrative


You missed some hints.

It released in the past few months. (Extremely important)

Used to use a different payment system, but switched to crypto. (Also very important)

I don't know seems like pump and dumps are too risky in my opinion.... There are so many pumpers that are just blatantly out there that are not even able to move coins. I mean suppose you get in and it is just you. Then you are pretty much fucked.

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He doesn't recommend shit his readers can't easily acces because most of them are boomers who don't even know what they're buying

Its Current you idiots

It's CMT Cybermiles. They are working with the NBA, NFL, and MLB for ticket sales.

Buy in or don't, just screen cap and if you're feeling rich in a couple of years remember the trip.

His Pump N Dumps are legendary though, some of them were
and others


he said one of the biggest faces of crypto - a multibliionaire- that launched a coin last year that went 8000% is on this coin.

It is $STORM

Pic related.

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Fuck, please no. SAUCE [email protected]@!!!!!!!

Dude, I know but you have to put things in perspective a blind squirrel could have found a nut in this market while the bubble was inflating.

Now not so much.

Yeah billionaire and DiLorio gave it away. Was pretty obvious aswell as that Teeka is friends with LorioFundleDitesticales

Yeah DiLiorio co-founder of ETH he has done gigs with him before they're close buds

Who knew about ANS at 12 cents though? And how many people were fudding ETH untill it was to late?


it's ncash

>market cap under 100 million
>under 50 cent
currently at 3 cents
>launched by an internet company with 100 million users
>end of march expects to scale in 5 million users
nucleus.vision/roadmap road map says they will hit 5mil at end of q4 but not march
>one of the biggest billionaires in crpyto is involved in the project as well as a silicon valley dev.
backed by tim draper

maybe that's why it mooned a few days ago

Finally got off my fat ass and built a scraper bot to grab and buy his pick automagically when he posts it. Was really frustrating as a subscriber to still be late to the party just because it takes me 5 extra seconds to read the pick and submit a market buy.

Just hoping they don't activate cloudfail and fuck up my bot's shit.

Ncash is 127mil according to binance info

appc seems plausible has 200m users

>Used to use a different payment system, but switched to crypto. (Also very important)
So, do NCASH or STORM fit this

I made a good chunk of money off that NCASH pump and I'd Buy it again under the right conditions, but their app is like clipping digital coupons. They give you some tokens in exchange for your location and consumer buying habits. Is this a use case?


Read this its STORM

>Silicon valley dev (google, microsoft, SV)
>Billion dollar cryptoguy (Antony DiLorio)

i thought billion dollar cryptoguy was hoskinson

man, even if storm is not teeka's choice it's got an awesome awesome advisory team

i'm going to buy more if it continues to drop

looks like Ari Paul is also invested in this

▲ ▲

Look at that volume in last few days

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>Silicon valley dev (google, microsoft, SV)
>Billion dollar cryptoguy (Antony DiLorio)
Both APPC and NCASH have these too though...
If I had to make a guess, I'd say it's STORM too, seems just like the kind of product Teeka would shill. But he tends to surprise everyone with his picks. Wouldn't be surprised if it's something that wasn't even mentioned in this thread.

I don't know, I think their use case might work out.
And I missed the NCASH pump because I was holding BNB bags. Thought about selling at a loss, almost pushed the button, but backed out. At least BNB pumped later, but the NCASH pump was a lot bigger...

I think it's Ripio Credit Network.

Ripio was a established company before getting into blockchain. The RCN mainnet is supposed to launch in April.

It just Pumped. Literally just now. Maybe that was the "early insiders" buying in?

And we got a winner. Took you fags long enough to figure it out.

>being this new
he's not an official pump and dumper. he's a legit fag who researches shit but pump and dumps occur around his picks due to his popularity and influence. So he's way different than the real PnD fags who just pump random shitcoins.

Who are the billionaire cryptoguy and silicon valley dev?
Does it already have a working product that previously didn't use crypto?

does the storm have an existing userbase of 100 mil tho?

Because it got listed on Binance only a few days ago you genius

nope 250 thousand max and they arent an internet company

Stupid idiots claiming its RCN. Where is one of the biggest names in crypto worth multi-billions on that shit team of theirs?

Where are the 100 million users?

Eh? Maybe Jeff Stewart, the CEO of Lenddo?

I believe it's either NCASH, STORM, CMT or RCN. Don't think it's APPC.
I admit I knew pretty much nothing about the last 3 and they all seem like very solid projects. I particularly liked CMT and RCN.

What if Teeka is fucking with the clues a little bit? I've cross-examined all coins on Bittrex and Binance that fit the criteria and Enjin is the closest one so far followed by Appcoins second.

The problem is Di Liorio didn't launch a crypto 8 months ago that went over 8000% and no one on the Enjin or Appcoins team did either. This one is really tricky.

It's not as easy as that Solarcoin pick that he pulled back in November.

Nope that dude is not one of the biggest names in crypto or worth multi-billions recently

Airswap was a close third after examining all coins on Binance and Bittrex that fall under the clues.

Yeah he might be.
RCN for example doesn't fit his criteria of 100 million users. I've done some research and one source says it currently has only around 135000 users.

Maybe the coin choice is on Kucoin or Huobi or Qryptos. He did tell all his members to register on these exchanges for a reason.

I was KYC for cybermiles ICO. I was big into this ICO. I was all over their Telegram. But at the last minute they decided that all U.S. residents can't participate in the ICO. I gave them a copy of my fucking passport. My FUCKING PASSPORT!!!!

I have since decided it is my duty in life to make sure CyberMiles never succeeds as a cryptocurrency.

I will create 10,000 accounts on any major platform they establish and FUD the fuck out that shit coin.

Its simple really, we just have to find the coin that peaked at 8866% last year. Find that coin and we can backtrace their team.


my guesses, ACAT is basically chinese cindacator, no hype great team no one knows wtf it is

I swear to fucking God I will not allow Cybermiles to succeed. They fucked over every single US resident by not allowing them to participate in the ICO but they want to create their company in the USA. Fuck that shit fucking coin. Bunch of Chinese scammmers. Stay away.

Let's go .....I only have $100 how can I know what exchange to put in ty user

True, this seems to be a key clue I guess

I'll spread the word to stay away from Chinese miles coin

Holy shit, STORM is on an incline guys.


no its enj. 100 mill users come from the minecraft servers

All those buy bots.. fuck you cucks

HH checked

I'm almost certain that it's enjin.

Could be ENJ.
Seems more likely than RCN or CMT at least
It's absolutely shitting the bed rn though, more than most alts.
So risky af buy if you're counting on Teeka shilling.

ENJ is starting to make sense to me. mojahng or whatever is an internet company

Yeah, I think it's Enjin too. Just bought some.

Does Enjin check all the boxes?

Yeah its closer to 20 million


None of them really do, that pajeet is fucking with us as usual

It’s because he just had an “emergency broadcast” live stream, where he promised to reveal his next moon crypto. But he never fucking did

He just went on and on about how he predicted the last btc explosion

What if it's GTO again? He owes his subs after all.

He said it was a an under the radar coin and I wouldn't classify a coin that he just shilled as under the radar lol. Look into Enjin Coin and connect the dots.

Enjin doesn't have a 8000% predecessor

It's APPC. He bought at 21k sats and got dumped on hard kek

so obvious its appc, do you pajeets hate money?

So no one knows fk

Lol have you looked at the enjin website's team information? Anthony Diiorio, co-founder of ethereum, a 8000%+ profit coin, is a part of the Enjin team.

you tube.com/watch?v=6CkKvAY9g8o

He says in this vid $10 would be a 29x return on investment. APPC is 0.35cents right now.