Enjoy the decline

Who sold at 9.5K like I advised in my last post? For those who didn't, if you sell now you could buy an extra 0.2 BTC when we hit 6K.
It's not a matter of if, but when.
Most of you are too stubborn to heed my advice, and that's fine.
You'll see a green candle and think that this is the end of the crash.
In reality, it is only the beginning.
My advice, as always, is to exit and re-enter when the hype from last year has completely warn down.
You can easily double your holdings if you do so, plus you have the added benefit of not stressing every second of the day.
I will tell you when the best time to enter again is.
Until then, watch as you flounder in a market you have no control over.
Whales will continue to scoop up 'cheap' coins until they can change the price at the snap of their fingers.
For those who are willing to hold, enjoy the stress of checking your portfolio every five minutes.
You might eventually make it, provided you don't sell until it's time, but you're putting yourself in the worst position during a bear market.
I don't have much more to say, besides sit back and enjoy the decline.

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thanks just bought 100k

>whales are manipulating me
>but not me
>i'm a nice whale

fuck off

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>warn down

how can we trust you? you said LINK will hit $30 eoy and then your recent post said $3 with the market movement.

you told us to tether 3 weeks ago at 10.4k, but why didn't you tell us to tether when that week it hit 11.8k? why tell us now?

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Bitch I'm all in on c20 you faggot whales don't scare me

link $3.

link $30.

i caught you lying. so how can we really trust you man...

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>listening to this fake whale
>selling a week before G20
you're a pretty dense guy, OP.

First off, Chainlink is my buzz word.
It draws people to my posts like flies.
In my original post, I said that it would never be $1000 to make the front page of Veeky Forums for a few hours and elicit a couple hundred of replies.
Now, I still believe that Chainlink will never be $1000 or even $100.
If we enter a bull market, akin to that which we experienced last year, then it has a fairly decent chance of following the market and retaining it's position within the top 100.
Meaning it's price will definitely be in the double digits.
I'm not a fortune teller, but Veeky Forums is an untapped source of power that collectively could push it to $30.
It's not impossible, just unlikely.
On the other hand, if the market continues like it has this year, then $3 is around the highest price it could potentially be.

Why do people think if they make 40 wrong guesses that having one be ALMOST right would make anyone trust you. When these posts come out is when you buy the dip and hold.

>Veeky Forums is an untapped source of power that collectively could push it to $30.
You’re pathetic

Do you recommend shorting on bitmex or just tether up?

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how about this.

btc stalls at 16.5k, then bombs
btc stalls at 13k, then bombs,
btc stalls at 10.5k, then bombs
btc just stalled the last couple weeks at 11k, now bombed

anyone holding is a giant faggot. in a week the price will stall somewhere, and then guess whats gonna happen?

the party ended a couple months ago fellas.

Justice for Rainbow Face! Roger must pay!

this thread is made every time the market crashes

Roger's ego project has actually killed someone now. JUSTICE FOR RAINBOW FACE

but you said you guys were market makers...isnt that the same as fortune tellers

I know when the best time to enter the market is. When XMR hits $80-100.

I thought you were market makers. can't you make a bull or bear market at will?

This guy gets it.
It's not as simple as it seems.
We have to play along with the news.
We can't make a bull market when a major exchange gets hacked or a country regulates it just a little bit more.
Which is why I said that once the hype has worn off, we will pump like never before.
For the time being, it's simply not worth it to risk trading.
Holding is one of the stupidest things you can do.
Sell and buy back in when I say to.

can you post wallet proof ur a whale?

only way to distinguish from larpers

so an example would be like "look at this wallet with 1k eth, ill make a .1111 eth move"

nah, but i bet you like to think you are.

mini whales start at 10,000 btc minimum, btw.

>Which is why I said that once the hype has worn off, we will pump like never before.

if the hype runs out...wouldn't it be harder to pump since their is no more momentum?

btw, are you still planning to make a discord group?

What are your thoughts on value increasing with utility?
BTC, as is, refuses to scale. And LN still has numerous problems (some of which are unsolvable so far as actual decentralization are concerned).

Hey. Just wanted to say thanks, and that I, for one, will be looking forward to your advice in the future.

>I'm not a fortune teller, but Veeky Forums is an untapped source of power that collectively could push it to $30.

Good point, but the reason why it can't because a fraction of the Veeky Forums people got scammed so no one can ever take this place seriously.

Not only that this place is used for contrarian market indicators to do the opposite. Veeky Forums coins

Sure yea once in a while we get a few good posts, but losing 80% of the time means you win 2/10 times.

>Sure ye
In conclusion the only good thing to do hold for as long as possible and tell new people not to buy into dumb shit for hours on end here.

Most Linkers and other people have less then 200$ into crypto currency, I know of most players in here on discord that have even less then 50$ into crypto currency.