Want to know why Sergey hates biz now?

Want to know why Sergey hates biz now?

I have been in an email war with him and his business contacts (the rumored ones). I have been sending screencaps from posts here for WEEKS and emailing the chainlink team, SWIFT banks, the Req team, etc..

I tell them all the same.

Support of LINK = Support of Neo Nazism

I have given them HARSH warnings that if they partner with Sergey Nazarov there will be media backlash once MSM is shown all of the shit you guys have posted on here.

I feel bad for Sergey, he seems like a nice guy. That photo of him looking defeated today kind of stings since I have been drilling in his head the fact that you guys will ruin his project.

You guys did this to yourselves.

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You need to get a hobby OP. LARP shitposts on Veeky Forums are not productive.

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Cool larp


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The fact you put so much time into your bait post is pathetic.

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>doesn't show emails
>talks out of his ass about something he tried to scare people about chainlink weeks ago when it was pumping \
>comes back to try and act cool and pretend he's the cause of the dumpage.

OP is a special kind of retarded

Want to know why Sergey hates biz? Oh wait, he doesn't, because if not for biz, no one would have bought his stinky linkies. Do you see people shunning ETH because Veeky Forums memed it last year? Niggers know that Veeky Forums is gonna be Veeky Forums.

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worked with Ethereum too didn't it you little bitch

im not posting shit, i dont want to get doxxed. i know even if i take every step the autism force here is just too strong

OP you sound like the kind of person that could receive an ass kicking every day from now until eternity and it still would not be enough ass kickings
please kys

Genuine Link holders are spamming neo-nazi memes to him and his potential partners.

im not the one posting dumb hateful material that only 16 year olds find funny.

this is the real world and your actions have consequences. deal with it kiddo

>and his business contacts (the rumored ones).
>emailing SWIFT banks, the Req team, etc..

i hope you know this is securities fraud. with the sec beginning to dip their toes in this stuff, i bet they won't think it's as funny as your Veeky Forums friends. doubt req will care, but if swift really does have a stake in this, you're the kind of person who will be made example of.

posting it on Veeky Forums like this would likely be seen additionally as conspiracy to commit securities fraud. not saying anything will happen, but it's going to be 1 hell of a day when this shithole gets cracked on for this stuff.

hope you're behind 95 proxies and 17 condoms when you're doin your funnies.

remember when napster was a thing and that mom got fined like $100,000 for a britney spears song? that stuff is coming to crypto soon enough.

Nice bait, cuck. Who wouldn't want their project to be deeply associated with Nazi pedes if they want world wide adoption. People would kill for that opportunity. Kys buddy

How? If OP posted screenshots of actual threads, what is he doing wrong apart from being an asshole? It would be fraud if he was making stuff up, but it looks like he's only reporting what's going on here.

Thanks for the faggotty thread op, really improving the quality of this board you claim to care so much about

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I want you to know that your post managed to piss me off quite a bit....congratulations.

did you consider the fact that this might end up provoking even more investment? probably not, constantly underestimating

>buying high
>only 57 LINK
Veeky Forums truly is populated by the most retarded people on earth.

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>I tell them all the same.
>Support of LINK = Support of Neo Nazism

he's not just sending screenshots. securities fraud is knowingly providing false information to investors. "i didn't know it wasn't true" or "i'm just the messenger" isn't a defense anymore than "she said she was 18"

there's no due diligence in attempting to defame a stock/security/LINK by being a caterer of false information. although OP is admitting to providing his own information as well.

I'm sending this to the FBI

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If you hadn't redditspaced the pasta might be better. Also, you could've forged a fake email, it's really easy.

Holy shit, I'm poor and have 622, bought at mid.

i don't think people realize the good things that can come of the gooberment getting involved in this.

there's a reason you can't run into a movie theater and yell "FIRE." in texas (probably every state) there's a reason you can't brandish a gun.

even if OP is "joking" it'd be like flashing a little kid and saying "i was only playing."


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This. Everything on this board is a work of fiction

I hope you’re behind 9000 proxies OP. Even as a larp you’re playing games with people who have serious money invested. Any number of people would be willing to share your IP, and then it’s just a matter of paying some thug some spare change to deal with you.

It might be a meme account, it was to give an example since. I'm sure there are others. There's also shit like this that get posted here: warosu.org/biz/image/ErpmMN-sNzQb1-Qc-FehdA.

OP might be a dick, but some people don't help themselves.

>when your larp game is so good you get death threats

Nice larp
Either way the market doesn't give a fuck Pajeet
Do you know that back in 2000s people shorted software companies based on a pajeefication factor? Made quite a bundle too

>larp game

good luck with that one.

google "Alan Ralsky". did 9 years in prison. yelling "FIRE" in a movie theater is not role playing.

i suspect that when the gooberment steps in on this it'll be a lot of Veeky Forums posters who are first up. you'll be innocent until proven guilty, tho.

anyways, good luck.

I'm done after this, since I'm just being contrarian, but if OP is in trouble, then everyone who promised unrealistic returns to others to get them to invest would be too.

Trying to go against weaponized autism, ETH/NEO/Trump would like to have a word with you.

>then everyone who promised unrealistic returns to others to get them to invest would be too.

that may be true, too. but i doubt examples will be made of people speculating price. we'll see.