I'm here until grandpa stops shitting himself, answering your questions about pharmaceuticals, medicine, nutrition...

I'm here until grandpa stops shitting himself, answering your questions about pharmaceuticals, medicine, nutrition, and blockchain.

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are there cures for certain types of cancers, at certain stages, for certain types of people that big pharma actually withholds?

what's the most absorbent brand of adult briefs, in your opinion?


Any blockchain projects related to those fields that you're interested in? Aside from AMB.

when will grandpa stop shitting

What coin is this?

Can you link evidence that amphetamine at prescribed dosages causes neurotoxicity?

when i feel cold i pee a lot. why?


The idea that 'big pharma' is supressing cures for cancer is bullshit. Believe me, if there was an outright cure it would become the most profitable drug in history overnight.

All the same, buy Walmart generic. Walmart generics are all really solid in general.

Specific to those fields, no. AMB is the only one I've found that I think is viable. ICX might do some cool stuff connecting hospitals and insurance companies.

What do you think of AMB's CHAD CEO? Do you want to suck his cock?

8700>7200>7800>6000 probably by the end of the weekend. If we breach 5800 it's straight sailing down to 4000. This is obviously and verifiably a manipulated dump.

Google dexedrine neurotoxicity. Probably safe in reasonable doses.

Muscle constriction around the bladder. Same reason you tense up and shiver when you get cold.

>reddit, fucking BLUELIGHT, and addforums
so no research or citations then

No, but I'd tag team some premium swiss vahg with him any day.


Why do vegans have 13% higher testosterone levels? Has /pol/ lied to me about soyboys?!

I'm not going to write a dissertation for you.. Go to pubmed and type 'drugname neurotoxic neurotoxicity'. Try the brand name and chemical name. If you have questions related to the study save them for my next thread, I'll rememebr you.

Thanks for answering my previous question.

In which ways do you think blockchain could help or apply in these fields? Aside from QC and supply chain of course.

Bullshit. Vegetarianism is cool but veganism is retarded and unhealthy.

I always knew you were larping. How’s freshman year going, finals soon?

They don't probably because of hormesis
>pharmaceutical amphetamines appear to improve brain development and nerve growth.

OP tell me some novel amphetamine synth routes

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I'm not asking you to write a dissertation, you wrote off the medication as outright neurotoxic in a previous thread so i brought it up again

I will check pubmed but my recollection is nothing but rat tests which only manifested neurotoxicity at extremely high dosages

i am so fed up with the state of medicine, ethics have held us back too long. we should be experimenting on prisoners.

> Aside from QC and supply chain of course
Literally stay poor if you're not all in AMBROSUS

Interoperability. There's no connection between your gp, your endocrinologist, the hospital, etc. They all function on independent systems that don't talk to one another. EMR interoperability will be huge, but tokenized crypto probably won't solve that.

Are you fucking stupid? Ambrosus solves all those problems

How's armodafinil

Any diet that you can't survive on whole food alone is fundamentally flawed. There's no b12 in a vegan diet... No your gut floors don't produce it, no it's not produced in soy fermentation, no it's not viable in algae. If you were to get enough protein from beans/gains your zinc/copper ration would be reversed and you'd end up with zinc deficiency. Also the phytate content would cuase secondary mineral deficiency.

It's a fundamentally flawed diet based on ideology not science.

Veganism isn't unhealthy as long as they get all the proper nutrients and fats that can be ingested in pill form. Same thing applies to vegetarianism.

t. biochemist

Daily reminder to rosemary, thyme and sage all larp threads.

Synth is for the autists, I don't do that. Also amphetamine is outside my area of expertise.

Interesting, thanks.

Outed himself as a larp. Kekking.

I wrote it off as risky for someone using it for illegitimate reasons, re: studying or staying up trading. I said it was fine when used as intended.

so is veganism without any supplements unhealthy?

that would mean yes right

Unironically this.

Meat eaters should be supplementing too.


Again, any diet that you can't survive on long term with whole foods alone is fundamentally flawed. If you have to supplement your diet to stay alive your diet is bullshit.

great if you've never had stims before
not great if you've had stims before

I would put it on the same level as pseudoephedrine which is a terrible 3/10 stimulant

armodafinil's main job is to keep you awake and not much else

Already know about AMB that's why I didn't ask.

hey bro! any supplements that are good to take while withdrawing from nicotine (i've been using a juul for a year and it's time to cut it out)

also, what are your thoughts on endocrine/health effects of using nicotine with a vape?

also, your thoughts on fasting?

What would you recommend for focusing on stuff or building discipline then?


Exercise to light up your dopamine pathways. Watching cancer stories on YouTube is the most effective anti smoking aid.

Nicotene is a shit drug and carcinogenic. Avoid it.

Fasting, when done properly, is one of the best things you can do for your body and your best bet to actually meaningfully extend your life and prevent disease. Huge huge benefits. Google: fasting sirtuins

>outs himself as larp
>people still asking for nutrition advice

Never change Veeky Forums. Kek.

thoughts on diacotemous earth?

Meditation. Concentration is learned skill you can cultivate. Don't buy the need a drug for everything meme.

Agree 100%

sorry I'm not ALWAYS on this board :)

Do not eat that shit. Good for killing fleas.

>focusing on stuff or building discipline

Oh believe me, I wish I could answer you. I've been on Adderall for a year. Half the time I'm having a wank and the other half is spent maybe doing something productive.

Try not to get your hands dirty, stick to coffee and stuff you can legally procure. There are newer, safer stimulants being researched but they're still brand new. This is a really interesting one I've tried. It's tangentially similar to amphetamine I guess.


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Guess there's no easy mode then. I don't mind, but it would have been a nice cheat. Thanks for letting me know at least.

thank you bro! I did a 72 hour fast in January, I was still smoking though and my heart was palpitating like an NFL player on roids.

This time around it'll be different, cheers

I'm not a larp. I think I've made that clear by now. I'm doing these threads to help people out.

oh yeah, your thoughts on Kratom long term use?

I used it for 2 months everyday about 30 grams, stopped January 1st. IMO shit wrecks your body and a lot of people don't know that about Kratom.

op is a faggot and i cant believe biz falls for this larp, dumbest of the bunch

I'll try what you linked but I won't be surprised if it doesn't help, and just Grit and bear it.

you know what, he gives solid advice if you go and look up his responses. stay cucked

Do a modified fast, google: ProLon. If you can afford it, it's worth it. If you can't you can find the research and mimic the ratios.

Stop smoking and drink more water next time. Your body is going to dump epi/ne to keep your blood glucose up so a little jitters is normal. If you're tachycardic and hydrating doesn't help you need to break your fast.

Kratom is shit. Ruins your teeth and makes you constipated. Like I said in he last thread anything binding mu-opidoid receptors is addictive and dangerous. Dont listen to the basement dwellers here telling you it's fine.

Thanks bizbro

How to quit xanax? I'm on it for like 3-4 years 1mg/night. From like 14-15 years had very retarded sleep schedule, then had very hard and devastating period till 20's, now I'm 25, set up in life quite well and just want to quit this since I do feel sort of hangover and mental fog even after small doses. Anyway taking it since my sleep is fucked and I just can't shutdown myself without a pill. I'm not taking it for anxiety or some other reasons, only sleep issue. Dose is consistent, 1 - 1.25mg, sometimes after very hard days can go with 0.75mg

PPAP is like a really light version of amphetamine. Best way I can describe it. It doesn't dump neurotransmitters indiscriminately, only amplifies the amount that is naturally released. This could make it relevant for state-dependent learning. Buy 2x 1g jars for a 24% discount and then pay with crypto + crypto discount code to save more money.

taper yourself off

ask your doctor to help you with this

if your doctor is too dumb to wean you off drugs he gave look for tapering schedules online

Why aren't you all in on $ARWR? It is the RNAi blockchain king of DNA

See a psychiatrist, set up a good taper schedule, and get some real sleep drug like eszopiclone. A slow taper downward is probably your best bet, but the psychological addiction will be tough and you may get a little rebound anxiety/insomnia. Go into it with a good plan to manage your mental health and insomnia, don't just quit full blast alone. You can do it. Don't give up.


Gene silencing is interesting, but they're only in phaseI. IMO better returns in crypto this year.

Heard of tapering, shit is my current doctor is nothing more than a drug dealer, and right now I don't have any time to find another, since you need to build the trust and so on.

Tried zopi, used to work for a week and then I had nothing more than iron taste in my mouth, blurry vision, hallucinations and racing mind + very weird motor activity.

Okay maybe I should switch from night shifts and combine tapering with excersises like yoga / cycling + gradually tapering from stimulants as puerh tea and coffee + take vitamin D and melatonin? I don't expect miracle to happen overnight, I'm just thinking about how to switch to more calm pace of life and trying to figure out what exact steps I need to take in order to make it in like 6-9 months.
Thanks in advance

Later gayboys

What drugs do you use pharmnon?

You already know exactly what you need to do apparently, you just need to find the strength and discipline to do it.

Whence this lifeless dejection, Arjuna, in this hour, the hour of trial? Strong men know not despair, Arjuna, for this wins neither heaven nor earth.

Fall not into degrading weakness, for this becomes not a man who is a man. Throw off this ignoble discouragement, and arise like a fire that burns all before it.

Bupropion, vitamin D, omega3 fa's.

is there a drug i can use to gain weight, i cant be arsed with eating 6 small meals a day and lift heavy but gain nothing and loose nothing. i also loose nothing and gain nothing when fasting for 30 days (ramadhan) with 1 meal a day.