We predict the new bottom.


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literally 0

monero will be the new pedo coin of choice

longterm im thinkg 4.5 not 4k since btc dominance increased a lot. shorterm 6k? 7k? who knows

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if digits something around 5900

I already put in my order for what I think is the bottom.

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no digits then 6k

I can play this game. $6,321

Absolute bottom $4,575

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ETH double bottomed at high 560's earlier. BTC has to dip to 6k even to complete the same pattern. Both hit their first post-peak low on February 5th.

If I had more faith in the short term strength of crypto I would go balls deep on this low. However, crypto isn't a company, there are no financials as such, no reason holding it back from busting straight past this double bottom. For now just going to let my ETH ride and see how it goes.


5.5k, unironically

ETH will be hit the hardest of the big coins, heading towards the lower 400's according to my calculations

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6.9k, pump to 9k until the summer, bleed to 4k in january

I wonder if the trader on twitter who posted the thing about 80% retrace in the event of violation of parabolic advance will be correct. If so, that means a BTC bottom floor of 4k (calculated from 20k top).

ETH 80% retrace from $1424 all time high is $284.


In the end, Bitcoin's value will become 0 (zero)