What are the right questions?

What are the right questions?

In 2012, it was "does bitcoin have a future?"
In 2016, it was "will smartcontracts revolutionize crypto?"
Last winter, it was "how to get fast and free transactions?"

Now, I'm thinking, "what will replace ethereum?"
What do you think user?

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>What will bring smart contracts to mass adoption?
>Now THAT user, is the right question.

uber, but with handjobs


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How will businesses implement blockchain?

>replace ethereum
what's replaced bitcoin?
clue: nothing

i think all those questions havent been answered yet

Unironically Lamden. They took dates off their roadmap because they kept blowing past them ahead of schedule.

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Another check for Lamden due to their (already tested) atomic swap structure.

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I would say javascript smart contracts, so xrp perhaps

that's beautiful.

I was hoping some user with better shopping skills could make the American flags link flags and the Mexican flags pink wojaks

How about:

Smart contracts that can use real world data

Settle down stinkies. Yes link is great I own it.
Lets think deeper for a change.

I am not shilling here just trying to get the ball rolling
"how to catch POWH smart contract mistakes?" ->QSP
"how to mask smartcontract participants?"-> ENG

How can we make smart contracts that require lots of computational power? --> RLC

When it comes to smart contracts, RLC, LINK, and ENG is the holy trinity. All 3 have necessary use cases.

I do like RLC, I haven't bought yet per claims of "AWS on the blockchain." Seems useless to decentralize compute to me. Yet I still want to buy some.

Another good one is
"How to dump my bags without crashing the market?" -> QASH

Now if it was framed as "Hadoop on the blockchain" i might reconsider

Seems like the answer is going to be multifaceted, as the goal would be to expand what smart contracts are capable of (more than just launching ICOs)

There won't be one coin that is going to do this, but rather multiple coins that each add new capabilities to smart contracts:

Link: IRL data
RLC: More complex contracts
QSP: More secure contracts

Was thinking something similar. There's a meme image with the Holy Trinity being LINK, QSP, and REQ. I don't think REQ belongs there as it doesn't improve the capabilities of smart contracts but QSP might still be useful.

The thing is we can't be certain computational power (RLC), IRL data (LINK), and anonymity (ENG) are going to be the key features for smart contracts to explode. It might be some other feature we haven't thought of.

Although I'm pretty sure IRL data (LINK) is going to be big

"Does this shit actually work?"

QSP is another gem, very needed usecase.

req belongs because seamless USD conversion is a vital ingredient for smartcontract adoption

Yeah REQ is a good project, not to mention they are looking to work with LINK and are already partnered with RLC.

Probably EOS for dapps, if dapps ever become more than a novelty (I’m undecided), and Tezos for actual smart contracts you can stake your life on.

Other relevant questions:

Who will institutional money wanna fug with?
Where will BTC and ETH whales look to diversify?

"Can we really pump and dump this again or should we just dump all our bags now?"

>"what will replace ethereum"
user "the next mETH" has been a meme for a long while now. There's a bunch of useless smart contract platforms.


NULS will likely take lead position for the One Belt One Road Initiative.

The real question now is "when will DAGS and Blockchains be polished enough for actual real world buisness usage?"