Sergey Talk AMA

Just saw Sergey Talk at SXSW, then proceeded to get drunk in his honor. It was epic to hear him talk.


If you don't believe me, IDGAF, will be posting pics & vid soon.

PS Some guy is going to pay me in ETH for my vid. Stay poor nonbelieverfags

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biggest take away?

a big mac.

give me a quick rundown

Sergey is going straight for the derivatives market & SWIFT.

His team's quote "IDK why we have a cult following...but we're going to show our work, not hype it up."

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kys fag

two big macs.

Post a new OP when your balls drop, use a pic of SXSW and give the rundown in OP and then I might believe you.

There's no purpose for this thread. Saged.

that's a fat protocol.

anyone have numbers on derivatives market?

Sergey dominates the whole panel with his knowledge like a chad...yet still showing signs of malignant autism.

He's got a bunch of fanboys & plenty of people are wearing plaid flanels --especially Sergey. It's not jsut a meme boys.

OK I gotta go to sleep anyway. Will post more tomorrow. KYS in the meantime faggit.


Give a FUCKING RUNDOWN of what was said...

It's like you don't have a fucking brain.

What the FUCK do you think we want to know?!




thanks OP. 1.4Quadrillion fuck me. we're gonna be rich.

Him & his team are literally baffled by the existence of his cult following on Veeky Forums. He said that "it inspires him when he wakes up in the morning" since so many people follow them. They will get ~35K requests for video within minutes of the conference. hahaha

They also said that y'all whip out random videos & articles of what Sergey did like 3 years ago. No one has even seen the shit that Veeky Forums pulls up and the entire LINK team are stunned by your diligence.

Quick rundown: LINK $1000 EOY

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>due diligence

OK thanks.

Please post video etc... when you sober up tomorrow.

>poo diligence
there were way too many pajeets there.

Having one or two 'jeets is chill, but can we please get more Chads to form a passe around Sergey??

when you thinking of posting the vid?

How will chain link affect the legal system. Be specific. I believe that was a topic at his talk.

this is the faggiest larp link has ever seen, and link has some faggy fucking larps. sage

Idk. SXSW going from now til Monday. I am trying to be Chad and will be drunk trying to bang girls on Rainey St.

Insurance industry first, then property deeds, then derivates, etc. (things that are profitable), then it will automate parts of lawyer's jobs, but there will always be lawyers to debate and appeal Smart Contracts.

>Lawyers will need to learn Python

HODL my dick

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Thanks, brother. Hope you’re not a larp, these couple of days have been rough.

watch the vid and refer back to this thread.

And yeah it's sickening to look at blockfolio

did he really gain weight again

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Insurance. Wtf how?

what vid?

Post a picture of the conference. Oh wait, you won't. You weren't even there and nobody with a brain is buying it.

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Not been around for the research threads?
Health insurance and maybe car insurance claims have had loose connections to link for a while.



Is that French?

Smart contracts automatically handling insurance cases, powered by data fed into the blockchain via link. This means less insurance fraud (from both customers and insurance company), and a dramatic reduction in the time spent on insurance investigations, which saves massive amounts of money.

think of smart cars being able to detect damage from an accident, and record stuff like time, what was damaged, where, by what, etc. link would serve as a decentralized oracle for that

>Health insurance
Some user hinted at a partnership with Kaiser Permanente, would make sense

Pretty sure that he said 'Keyser Söze' not 'Kaiser Permanente' - and that would make more sense when observing the token price