How fucked would you be if we go down to 2K

and fluctuate around 2K-3K until June 2019?

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Beyond fucked

i'd be homeless

I would be destroyed mentally. But my brain tends to dramatize things so in reality I'd be ok.

depends on how many other miners give up and difficulty drops. if not, fucked.

Not fucked at all, I bought whole coins at 500-700.
Have fun being poor!

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I'm already destroyed mentally. Feels like I'm living in a nightmare. The kind where you show up to a class you don't remember and its the final exam.

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Cashed out 10x my initial investment, still 5x left in crypto. Going to 2k would suck but also be a good opportunity to accumulate and daytrade in peace.

I'd have to try to avoid eye contacts with all family members at holiday gatherings that I told to get into crypto

shame shame shame

unless it goes sub 600 I'd still be up so meh

with 2k you would really be wondering about contraction of the network
i doubt we'll see 4k

If BTC drops below 6k, wouldn't that make the miners quit since electricity costs outweigh mining profits? The whales would never let that happen.


I welcome it because I mine coins lowers price means lower network hashrate means more crypto yield which is what I want because the market will recover eventually. May take years but I'm prepared to wait.

What price would this happen at then?

Time to rebuy nice
But [they] would not allow that

i'd be rich

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Not really, we've seen a glimpse in the future, the potential just a little movement will do, now is the time to buy fools

never, difficulty adjusts both ways. if you read some article talking about the 'price to produce 1 btc' they are full of it.
Especially with bitcoin cash's fast adjusting algorithm, that absorbs most of the issue with changes in short term profitability. There is an arbitrage between the two where miners switch depending on which one offers the most immediate profit, and this benefits both networks.

This is the worst part. I shouldn't have told them how much I had at the peak and lost.

Eh wouldn't be fucked at all. I mean it's not like people invested money they weren't willing to lose right?

That makes no sense whatsoever. Its mumbojumbo like this that keeps dumbshits in crypto thinking any of this makes sense.

Honestly? I don't care anymore. Already made it years ago, so I could care less if it is going to 0

yeah ok, enjoy your ignorant life

RIP Debt Free STEM education for me if that's the case, at least for now.

Not super fucked, just consigned to wagecucking for a few years *sigh*

Mkay enjoy your bubble bursting and all the mental gymnastics you’ll have to do when you’re broke

i just tried to answer your question

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I'd kill myself.

Not that much. If it stays that stable, at least other coins will be freer to move.

I scammed 7 eth, so I could afford to lose 5k more to break even

Sorry dude. I bought in at 9k sold at 17k knowing it was a bubble. No lambo but doubled my money and since then have been watching you guys lose all your money and come up with more and more bizarre mental gymnastics about how bitcoin is not going to fully implode. Steam not taking it anymore was the canary in the coalmine y’all shoulda known but you got greedy.

Pictured: you guys

It's OK, Nebl will save us.

I'd just DCA until the obvious bullrun next halving

shut up now

thank god i told all my family not to get into it because it was a huge gamble and in a big bubble and literally value-less inherently


> mfw converted neetbux magic beans into actual currency before everyone realised it was a scam

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Where's the brap? You don't just post the front of a gal on biz, it has to be the backside.

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not at all


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Itt: I'd be fine because I bought Bitcoin at $1

LARPs everywhere

Not much, I only put down what I can afford to lose.
That means I'll never have lambo like the degens who 100x all-in but oh well.

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>He didn't go short early-mid january
>Decemberfags and other imbeciles who fell for the HODL meme getting JUST'd left and right

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Would still be in profit.

Their tears are delicious. When did you realize the house of cards was going to come down?

god i wish that was me

>invested money I could afford to lose
>slightly mad but oh well
>my shitcoins could do well long term

"HODL" isn't for you late adopters, when will you guys understabd.

To be fair the hodl game will always work in the long run, but its painful as fuck

Maybe link was a mistake. That newfaggot with a biz sign wtf does he think we fucking like being here? That we are so proud we'd choose to publicly broadcast it to the world? He's ruining our one shot to get the fuck out this hell hole. I vote doxx that faggot and anyone else who tries another stunt like that I want the make, model, color and license plate number. They'll have all tires slashed once a month until LINK is over $1k. FUCK HUM.

so you think getting a large sum of millions to someone overseas on a weekend is 'valueless'? interdasting

That was my original buy-in. I'd be happy to buy a whole Bitcoin.

I just want to see the tears of normie that bought farms.

It would be my golden ticket desu.

neo Veeky Forums mods delete sniff posters
so the whole joke is sort of ruined by censoring it

Do you idiots realize that at that price miners stop mining and the price basically can't go down anymore?

I'd still be rich. Sucks to be a 2017 crypto fag.