My sister and many other attractive women around the 20 year old mark that i know have gotten 'donations' from old men...

my sister and many other attractive women around the 20 year old mark that i know have gotten 'donations' from old men that behave as if they're friends and just trying to do something nice. e.g. my sister has been given around $50,000 dollars from one man who is a millionaire but doesnt even consider giving me a penny. that guy is long gone now and travelling asia so its not like he expected anything in return. have you noticed things like this in your social group? they seem to get off on just giving money to women they think are hot.

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I'm sorry I have to break this to you OP, but your sister is probably a whore.

She fucked him idiot

nah, she has a bf.

The sad part is, men nowadays are so pussywhipped that it’s entirely possible they just went on “dates” and didn’t even fuck. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it’s actually a common practice in japan (“papa katsu”) and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was spreading to the West.




no user. that's not how life works.

That's not how it works


OP I have given women tens of thousands of dollars. It was never for free. You are being a tad naive.

She fucked the old goat, and the money is so she goes away.

>thinking this matters

oh man, you have a lot to learn. It's hilarious how dumb most people in their 20's really are

i take it that you're unaware of a streaming service called 'twitch'

only thing he gave her was a sperm donation

Sure is a lot of money for a video

Lol OP you’re just a poorfag

Op you are beyond retarded if you think a 20 year old wouldn’t fuck an old man for 50k bc she “has a bf.” It’s like borderline autism to even consider that idea.

he put his cock into all of her holes

So now there are two guys getting bad news.

nowadays women get free shit from men without even fucking them

Ive seen it happen IRL

check out something called findom

if youre an attractive chick all you have to do is make a tinder saying-send me money

there's a pizza place across the street from my apartment in which i've seen just about every form of messed up couples. 2 have been basically what you describe.


I know a prostitute who often doesn't have to even fuck to get the money
Cucks are actually paying her to just cuddle or to invite her to the restaurant or just to talk
And shes not even that attractive

This is true. My ex gets loads of money/stuff from old men. Including a few hundred Euros every few months from some old man in Greece she met on an exchange there. I know for sure she doesn't fuck them and has never fucked them. I don't blame you if don't believe me , I could hardly believe it myself.

But yeah my newly grandad also takes young girls on holidays and he's told me he's too old to fuck.

I can imagine some rich betas on Veeky Forums doing this but your sister is a whore

>being this naive

women have to do nothing but visibly be a woman and they live life on easy mode having gifts and money thrown at them by other naive men and then when they get too ugly the state just subsidises their poor choices

water is wet

20% of the top top women. the life of the other 80% isn't like that at all

I had a guy mate who was given a car by an older guy in his 60s, the dude was retired, and very wealthy and my friend was just starting out and had just had an accident. The dude helped him. Out without expecting anything in return.