Can we all agree that communism is the best economic system there is ? The Soviet Union was perfect until it got jewed

Can we all agree that communism is the best economic system there is ? The Soviet Union was perfect until it got jewed.

We need antifa

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a thread died for this shitty baitpost

low quality bait

If by best you mean leading to widespread poverty and mass state induced murder, yes

Why should a Jew selling shit get more money than the guy who spent countless of ours extracting it ?

Muh buisness

For the the last fucking time communism is not an economic system, it is a political ideology. Most communist states used a COMMAND economic system but places like Singapore use a capitalistic economic system but are still communist

>Until it got jewed
>implying it wasn't literally started by Jews

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>The Soviet Union was perfect until it got jewed.
The heads of the bolsheviks were jews, it was not until Stalin that it got un-jewed and it was the best era for the communists. Then it got jewed again.


>70% of tokens used on the patform get BURNED
>burger founders
>U.S. certified
>you can buy into using fiat ($)
>aquired the biggest edtech provider in Eastern Europe
>DYOR pajeet

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No nigger the Soviet Union wasn't poor, maybe during the war for obvious reasons, or when Stalin made a famine against Ukrainians, both reasons are nor related to communism you dumbass

Your time is coming, commie scum.

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What I wouldn't give to have the USSR back so I could defect and help defeat the capitalists

The Soviet Union was our last resort against Jews, they even got to Veeky Forums and convince people that caputalism is better.


How does the Jews cock feel up your ass ?

i love this logic, somehow jews are both banks and communists, fucking dumbass

plus everyone in that pic probably froze to death

reminder to sage pathetic bait threads

its called the kosher sandwich....they control discourse on both political sides

Muh bait thread

No one proves me wrong.


Literally google it, Lenin was a Jew aswell BTW

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Communism is just an authoritarian dictatorship, using deflation I can redistribute resources much more efficiently with capitalism than socialism ever could. It will just make us all poorer that's why we don't do it not because we can't.


>centralized control of money
>centralized control of money

Don't give me the brain-dead drivel of "not real communism," because that's the only way you're ever going to have equal distribution of wealth. It requires centralizing it by force before it can be distributed. And that's page fucking one of the Jew's playbook. They just happen to forget the distributing part afterward.

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how much did you lose?

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Not unless we make a decentralized communist government

10/10 bait good sir

oh, you're serious

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I mean it's too late now, back then it was too easy to make a revolution, now there is jets protecting the Jews.

>an antifa commie from reddit is disappointed in Veeky Forums because a board of hyper capitalists laugh at communism

buy guns, overthrow your boss at mcdonalds put your landlord in a re-education camp and seize chad's lambo. it's the only way to still make it if you haven't made it already

Enjoy your Jewish cock, fuck reddit it's not communist it's fucking spoiled liberal cucks

Big difference, communism is pride, patriotism, conservatism, and all the hard physical work you do is paid off.

Honestly I want to join the next riot antifa makes and kill all the fascists, any advice where to start ?

Communism is literally the worst economic system, where you can't keep the fruit of your labor and your productivity is punished by others taking them away from you, while parasitism is rewarded by being able to take anything from others. Communism is absolute insanity and pure evil, which led to the predictable results of 100 million starving to death and killed under the XX century communist regimes alone. I don't expect to convince you though - it takes a special kind of genetically defective moron to not see truths so evident and to defend an evil so abhorrent.

Pray tell how you skip the authoritarian "accumulate the wealth" step of wealth redistribution.

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I'd just hold up, by the looks of the board about 80% or so of these "laughing hyper capitalists" are already on the brink of suicide

You're not going to be able to sell communism
on Veeky Forums
on Veeky Forums

but it's cute that you think you can
well your best bet is to keep talking about it here and on reddit, be explicit with your desires and plans so that the the people in the know can see you're the real deal, then you will be able to network and make your dreams reality

kek and all the rewards from the hard mental work is stolen from le bourgeoisie

Come on. This is the laziest bait I've seen recently. And of course communism doesn't make sense anyway thanks to human nature.

>where you can't keep the fruit of your labor and your productivity is punished by others taking them away from you, while parasitism is rewarded by being able to take anything from others

you literally just described capitalism where wealthy parasites who do no work steal the surplus value of your labor

You've got it backwards. The soviet union was born jewed, the October revolution was all Jewish. Stalon fixed it enough to make war work sort of but he didnt un-Jew it. Communism = Judaism, they are literally synonymous.

t. was so offended by a comment in /r9k/ that they raced straight over to fight for communism

protip: the majority of idiots that got burnt were brainlet newfags comparable to yourself

>"Pray tell"

I don't respond to neckbeard weebs, off to the basement

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It's so easy to Jew people holy fuck.

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At least it's giving people a distraction from their rapidly depleting blockfolios

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>its not working
>quick, tell them it was merely a ruse, they will look like fools


No, my employer isn's stealing shit from me. We made a contract, of which I am a voluntary party because his capital and facitilies are useful to me. It's the communist that wants to steal from my employer and force me into his own kolkhoz. You are brain-dead, you blame the producer and praise the parasite. How can evil like you exist?

Wtf is a ruse please kill yourself

/pol/ is calling

ok enjoy getting voluntarily wagecucked forever by your pimp

>big banks
>not in cohorts with govt

this is an over 18 website, user

Yes, I enjoy voluntarily cooperating with people with mutual benefit very much. It's what civilized prosperous society is all about. Enjoy starving to death or being murdered by a fellow hungry communist savage, who simply takes stuff from others by force, rather than produce and exchange value for value.

wow I can't imagine living in a society where people are hungry and murders happen and people steal things. that sounds terrible wtf I'm capitalist now

Obvious bait thread ffs.

You don't have to imagine it, study the history of Soviet Russia, Maoist China, North Korea, any of them.

or I can literally just go outside and witness this all around me, right now