It's happening

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what his means

I just had a coffee with "X" [not sure who X is]. A few things to watch out for around March 15.



bump for nip translator I know you gooks are up


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This guy just had coffee with Huobi. A few things to watch out for... 3/15 people's bank of china will make a move, might publish something that will destroy the mining business in china, therefore affect coins especially bitcoin. Huobi's ceo and coo cant leave china right now, 400 ppl from the beijing headquarters is moving to singapore.

not sure if this is fake, but its 3/15 in china already ...

Someone give us the gook

china will begin arresting anyone found with cryptocurrency and are now instructing crypto investors to destroy their wallets rather than attempt to launder the money

thanks my dude

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my dad works for the bitcoin company and he said the next pump cycle will start on april 1st, get ready folks

I love those dubs of truth - Praise Kek & Heil Hitler
That'd be great if the chinks got rid of all there crypto - it'd reduce the circulating supply by a bit of they were to destroy their wallets

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Around March 15 the People's Bank of China will issue a statement, maybe something big, so recommend not to have any big currency positions, especially Bitcoin. If there is a shutdown of the miners, Bitcoin will be impacted because most Bitcoin miners are in China.

Dude I live next to the Bitcoin factory and there are police cars and a helicopter circling the area, wtf

This is true about the Singapore part.

Met Huobi yesterday at Money 20/20 conference here in Singapore.

Quick lock your coins!

why are they moved?

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>"Selling is driven by fear of another China ban, supposedly coming in next 24 hours," Kelly said.

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Ahahahahahaha. You mad bitboy?

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I doubt the fact that Google banned ads has anything to do with it, but the talk about the China ban and the three mystery Korean exchanges that were seized my explain in part what's been happening today. This sucks.

Ned Pepe

Not really. I'm 25x short since 9.3k.

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I can confirm that china will begin the rollout of banning bitcoin mining in china. It wont be a hard stop but they will have 1-3 months to leave

A china mining ban would kill crypto.

Miners will move but short term it will be rough

I asked Chinese and the admin, they say that evey time price drops they get this FUD.

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What the fuck are Chinese miners going to do when mining is officially banned? Leave the hardware lying around to collect dust? Fuck no. They’re going to use the hashpower towards AI computing/mass surveillance, something China has been planning to do for a very long time. Fucking buy DBC right now, this isn’t a goddamn joke.

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your right buts its not fucking dbc

its fucking matrix there is already a protoype miner

if your in dbc HAHAHA faggot

I am inside the Bitcoin factory right now hiding in the janitor's closet. There are men in military uniforms yelling and shooting outside. I'm so scared I don't know what to do!

Imagine having to use "simplified" ching chong as your language.

3/15 is here and nothing happened. Buy now or buy higher later when all of China has already bought back in.

>fucking buy dbc right now
>this isnt a joke
Pick one

Dont worry user i will call my dad he works there are security chief, hang on

Are the next 24hours critical for cryptography?


>miners being shut down


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