Well done mutts, this time you've really done it

>votes kike representatives into congress
>kike cartel of kike media and kike congress FUD the market into the ground
>obediant mutts panic sell upon waking up like clockwork, charts dont lie

I unironically can't wait untill your shithole of a country plummets into third world status, don't be deluded by how powerful your military is. once (((they))) are done hollowing out the USA your borrowed time will expire and we can finally welcome our asian overlords.

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Greetings schlomo.

sage all commie bait threads

>"europoors" wake up, prices shoot up
really makes you think

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I hate what boomers left us. It’s so sad how naive they are.

Mutts sicken me

Jesus christ mutts this must be a hard pill to swallow, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem with all the pills you retards are on.


Pink Wojak ID checks out.
Control your autism.

Got a question for you guys, didn't want to shit up the board with an entire thread to ask so I thought I'd post it in a retarded one that already exists:

Am I safe storing a copy of my wallet address/key on a backup cd somewhere in my car? I've got them hidden away in a huge mess of text randomly in the middle of a text file. On top of that, I've stored the text files in an encrypted zip folder with a 28 character password. Lastly, the cd is hidden away in a random envelope with 'graduation pictures' written on the front as well as on the disk. Do you guys think I should be alright putting this backup in my car somewhere? I want to store a copy somewhere other than in my house in case of a fire or some shit.

Yes, she's half black as well

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And this is her before her rich dad paid to get all her work done.

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What? That's her in fucking middle school, you retard. Who doesn't look like that at 10 years old? There are plenty of ugly rich black people. So your argument is useless

Plus she looks like she still has the exact same features but heavier. Same nose, same lips, same hair, same skin tone.

Asians will genocide everyone else (and each other) with chemical and bio weapons when the US military is destroyed.
How did people forget how the world operates after only 70 years of globalist shepherding.

That's actually my hope for the future. Asians are the only ones willing to genocide all the shitskins once white people are gone

Leave, kike

That's some hardcore denial. Here have a pic of her in her teens then you angry nigger. To keep it Veeky Forums related does anyone know how much a good plastic surgeon makes?

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t. Mohammed

I'm white you fuck. All the racist is just annoying around here.

>I'm white you fuck
Just like Rashida, right Tyrone?
>All the racist is just annoying around here.
How new are you? Do you go on Grinder and complain about all the fags on there?

Just make a paper wallet and keep it in your wallet.

>don't be deluded by how powerful your military is

Its really not. Most of them are coming home with PTSD.

Veeky Forums is for white people. You have the entire internet to get butthurt about us. Don't fucking invade here and start complaining .

>I'm (((white))) you fuck

racism is a rothschild bogeyman pushed because they want to mix all unique races of our species into one big race of slaves who dont question their masters

Dont pretend like literally every other country other than Syria, Iran and North Korea aren't kiked.

not an argument