Bye Bye Monero

There are some rumors on Korean channels that during the G20 meeting, there will be decided to ban the listing of "private" coins like Monero, Dash, Nav and others on the stock exchanges of countries from the G20.

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>Admitting to spreading rumors

This is why Verge won't get banned :)

Privacy as a CHOICE.

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this could happen

Really?! They are gonna ban a crypto from being traded on a stock exchange? Say it isn't so user!


Thanks OP, bought 1000 XMR.

Yeah lol why would anyone care about stock exchanges? The G20 and the governments are the enemy, if they ban it shows they are scared and losing - long term bullish. Let's get the fucking Wall Street parasites out of crypto and let's get back on board with the program of destroying the jewish money system.

>Privacy as a CHOICE.
being shitcoin is not

>long term bullish
yeah doesn't mean you should loose half or even more in the short-term


> spread the same Korean FUD

That's the price of defeating the jew. Go daytrade yourself into a comma

I told that people some time ago already.
MONERO is a huge problem for law enforcement regarding tracking of illegal activities. For years now.

They can‘t shut down the tech. But they can shut down the exit points where it converts to Fiat, which is the Exchanges. They can force Exchanges to DELIST coins like Monero and that is what they will actually do.

It is inevitable and will happen. There‘s no other solution to track/prevent money laundering and terror financing done with these ‚privacy coins‘ then to exclude them completely from the system.

Sell your XMR while you can, this shit has no future.

Now if someone could invent a privacy coin that could piggyback or transfer other coins within/on top/whatever/alongside it anonymously that would be the btc killer

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If they ban it that is an admission that they cannot regulate it. It would become more valuable.

>Go daytrade yourself into a comma
i already traded into period

exactly. Expect a drop in short term, but long term, it will be #2 or #3.

Remember, most people think of crypto as imaginary kids money. Saying Monero is dangerous will make millions of people take it seriously.

But valuable for what? yea two people can send digits anonymously but for what purpose?

the only real use case for crypto

if you cant change a privacy coin into anything else then what? I suppose there could be a blackmarket for it heavily discounted I suppose like counterfeit cash

Stock exchanges?

I dont know. i like privacy coins but im thinking how fucked would i be if all exchanges were forced to ban them and I had loads what would i do? without an underground that widely accepted them i would be fucked

they would only ban it on fiat exchanges
worst case scenario you will have to use vpn to get on any other exchange
but by that time i think it will be possible to exchange monero with atomic swaps without any exchanges at all

Monero (XMR) will most likely seek protection and make a permanent agreement with a country (most likely one possessing veto power at the UN security council) so that both Monero's interests and that country's interests matches.

Monero (XMR) will then implant itself in that nation and become a mega corporation of that country (defending and representing its interests). That nation will most likely designate a special zone that is commonly known as a "tax haven" where Monero will set up its headquarters and operate.

To any one who doubts me, shadow markets account at least for 22.67% of world GDP.

Even without any rumors, it's just the logical conclusion one can come up with. Crypto allows governments to track your every transaction. Obviously private coins disallow this so they're going to do everything they can to ban it. You have already lost. The Jews have won user.

>what is shapeshift
You can convert your other coins to Monero and back. Governments are probably gonna make this illegal though in the future

god you're a brainlet.. there's no incentive for a website like shapeshift to exist if monero has no value

banning xmr is bad news.. for them

i really dont think they would be stupid enough to try

>what is supply and demand
Oh God you're a brainlet. As long as there is demand, there will always be value. Where do you think Bitcoin even got its value from before exchanges popped up to make it more readily accessible to normies you fucking idiot? As long as shapeshift exists, Monero will always have value. Whether governments now will target shapeshift and sites like it remains to be seen.

I actually started this FUD on the /r/xmrtrader sub with a single post preceding "Korea FUD". If you link to it I can proof that, it is wonderful to see the FUD come back to me like this.

Here, tell me what to edit in lol. Preceeds any Korea FUD.

If you assisted at the GOP hearing from yesterday, it should be quite obvious that privacy focused coins are the first target.

This. It would be a counterbalance to Western financial domination.

Tax avoidance.
It's the beginning of an era where governments have no idea how much money you have.
I'm not saying that governments should go away as a whole, but they have to adapt to technology and find new ways to gather funds for common good.


Also OP, that's the beauty of privacy coins. The more they try to ban them, the more valuable they become. For once you can't fucking win because privacy coins are a hedge against regulation of Bitcoin.

>The more they try to ban them, the more valuable they become.
Care to clue a brainlet in on this thought of yours?

so ? fuck them. Monero will never die!

Cocaine, faggot

fuck off. the worst analogy.

I'm going to liquidate you :^)

well its pretty simple actually
user coins exist because of regulation
the more regulation there is
the more justification there is for the user coin
and people inclined to invest in it will continue to invest
and more people will see the benefit and invest themselves
its a situation of
the more you push
the more it pushes back

Millionaire by 2020 if true.

I bought monero a few times last year then started thinking this exact thing and sold them soon after

You realize by "banning" it, governments are endorsing the tech at the same time. Price would skyrocket.

I'm only talking about Monero. Every other privacy coin may actually die since they're not private by default.

>t. Never learned about the properties of money

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>what are atomic swaps
>what is two-way peg interoperability
>what is a DEX
>what is buying XMR with cash

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>Sell your XMR while you can, this shit has no future.

Its going to moon now...

>Banning something like Monero

Obv. people dont get the reason behind "Privacy" and "Decentralization"

OP probably bought Ripple aswell because he thinks this is a real blockchain coin

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We don't need their banks.

We don't need their exchanges.

We don't need their permission.

How can someone shut down an exchange that someone makes but doesnt disclose as a business. Im probably wrong here but if they dont know where the original server is, how can they stop people from transferring their coins into it and swapping with others for Monero?

In-person trades of goods/services for monero.

They have to shutdown the internet.

be honest. should i transfer money to the evil bitmex right now so i can short this?

Thanks OP I’ll be poor with you just bought 10k

This might explain why a bunch of privacy coins I been mining have had huge hash rates dropped in past few hours

Is there any particular reason ALL crypto is not a privacy coin by default?

I haven't seen a response that raises the tax issue, so here it is. Governments are the enemy because they tax us. If you don't pay tax, you get put in a prison. Taxation is taking money from you that you worked for. It is a type of slavery. The big scam that all of the G20 countries run is a cuck like fractional reserve banking system linked to central banks that effectively enslave their entire populations. Unironically, we pay the armies and police to use force against us if we don't pay them. For the most part, those on the right, especially libertarian types, loathe taxation for this very reason (slavery). Governments are too big and welfare is a complete fucking scam. Governments use welfare to keep large sections of the population dependent and obedient.
Privacy cryptos can stop taxation flat. If you insist that you get paid for your goods or services in Monero, the government cannot see it, therefore you cannot be taxed on it. The G20 has done the math and they realise that it's just a matter of time before everyone works this out. A simple equation would be to ask for you services to be paid for in Monero with a discount equal to half of what you would charge with tax included. The laws of economics and efficiency would suggest that over time, in order to avoid the theft of taxation, everyone would use privacy coins.
There will be a brief dip, but the coins wont disappear. Their adoption is inevitable. The authorities will always use the drugs/terrorism analogy, because they dont want to mention the tax issue. They dont give a fuck about crime or terrorism. It doesn't even make 5% of their budget. Taxation is 100% of everything they do.
Enjoy the future


>new monero-chan fanart


Seeing how much they have clamped down on piracy on the internet over the years I don't have any doubt they can effectively if not totally crush privacy coins.

as much as i hate day to day your idea puts a smile on my face......f em all.......jews sorry gotta go !!!!

true mining for my zer coin dropped

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That would be great news for a privacy coin.

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have they? Seems to be going just as strong as far as I know. Also, its a lot harder to clamp down crypto than it is for say, gigantic movie files ect.

Free advertisement for xmr. Imagine the money waterfall from all drug/weapon dealers and oligarchs from Russia and China that were scared to use it before.

OP doesn't know how to read charts and shorted and us fudding in an attempt to not be liquidated. XMR went 16 hours over a 4hr demark 9 rating. I made a thread saying it was about to moon yesterday at .025 and look what it's doing. OP is a dumb faggot.

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Anyone can mine monero. Government btfo

It's great news. It's going to force the issue. It will also make it cool. Cool = Mass adoption. I wasn't going to buy Dash, but I think I will now. There silly fuckers don't even realise that the whole world is going to change in the next 10 years. Really change. The fun bit is when they legalise absolutely everything in an attempt to tax it before the armies go completely private.

How are they going to ban it from all the decentralized exchanges launching this year? Good luck with the monero ban. Buy the FUD dip.


XMR and privacy coins are the part of cyrpto that threaten everything they hold dear. Namely, tax receipts and buying votes via the welfare state. I don't expect them to take this lying down, but they can't stop progress.

Bullish on XMR for this reason alone.

It's gone from being able to get anything and everything easily in whatever quality and collection you want to having to jump on releases immediately or have to chase them down, it's not gone at all but they have squashed so many file locker, torrent, and NZB places a lot of people switched to streaming and even that gets disrupted all the time I would think these private coins would be subject to the same stress if you have to pay a $5000 fine for using a privacy coin I would say that would effectively kill it for the vast majority of humanity

Sure, but piracy requires a lot of bandwidth while crypto is almost nothing. Piracy requires effort and resources to get setup. Semi centralized locations for file storage ect.

Also piracy is a constant thing. If I torrent movies, I torrent maybe 2 a week.

I only need to transact with XMR to go fiat>XMR, or XMR>fiat. This is done so irregularly I dont think it matters.

Just a thot

Why are there so many replies to a thread that literally starts with
>There are some rumors

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swap Monero for BTC/ETH/ARK etc. in a decentralized manner?

Coin is worthless, full of shills, and doesn't make privacy a priority. Boy I sure am going to buy this with my unknown amount of Monero.

>What is
>What is


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> Comfy

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Nonsense. You could make bch fairly anonymous using CoinSuffhle and no one ever wanted to make it illegal.

Monero (XMR) is the only crypto which is private and anonymous BY DEFAULT.

It is the only crypto with an actual practical use.

The crypto market us filled with vapourwares/shitcoins/scamcoins and coins that are pipe dreams with empty promises.

No wonder it is widely being accepted in dark markets.

Monero (XMR) is the only crypto which is private and anonymous BY DEFAULT.

It is the only crypto with an actual practical use.

The entire crypto market is filled with vapourwares/shitcoins/scamcoins and coins that are pipe dreams with empty promises.

It is no wonder that Monero (XMR) is being widely accepted in dark markets.



Price will legit go intergalactic parabolic if governments "Ban it". I've been hoping for this day to come for awhile now. Hopefully they endorse Monero soon then later.

All the people saying exchanges will be forced to ban it don't realize that they are p2p exchanges popping up to take advantage of that situation. Furthermore exchanges held in countries with no jurisdiction to follow laws cooked up by the UN, NATO and other countries looking to ban or regulate crypto will simply not comply.

Bring. It. On.

>korean rumours
kek. Can someone post the last korean rumours? NEO was supposed to be China's official crypto. Operation Dragonslayer.

>what are atomic swaps?

you shouldnt be thinking of monero long term anyway. it's privacy is just mixing, and when that gets replaced for something better, its going to be made redundant. its great for using, not great for investing.


This is actually genius.

unironically what is two-way peg interoperability?

woopdiedoo trade it on a dex then

>try to buy XMR with cash
>get shot and raped by niggers

Is it even that private ? Why aren't the hackers liquidating the stolen Eth from ICO and so into XMR then ? Why does it stay on a wallet forever ?

Jews have defeated you when your shitcoin tanks.

>There are some rumors

>Sell your XMR while you can, this shit has no future.

So many Pajeet code-words for 'buy it' in this thread. Let's think clearly for just a second:

1. The G20 has no idea of what Monero is. They see all coins as potential venues for money laundering. Bitcoin is most likely the one that they will target.
2. Once they announce that they plan to have a unified and international system for monitoring exchanges, what happens? People buy Monero.