I just inherited $425,000 from my grandfathers passing. I've been here for a few weeks trying to decide what to buy...

I just inherited $425,000 from my grandfathers passing. I've been here for a few weeks trying to decide what to buy. So far I've learned that all cryptocurrencies are all pegged to bitcoin. When btc goes down all alts do. It's beginning to look like a nice time to start loading up on bitcoin and some other cryptos here.

I'm thinking of diversing 80% into btc and 20% into some other low cap coins with promising futures. I'm thinking 10% omisego and 10% eth.

My question to you guys is. How low do we think bitcoin can go here? The last low was 6000. Could we possibly break that point? I really want to buy the bottom of this btc crash. Thanks for any sound advice.

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if you know about the tech you know what you will do

if you know that btc is not profitable for miners under 6k you will also know

This recent low is due to cuckerberg banning crypto ads. Theres a concerted effort to keep crypto from booming again. These rich faggots cant even drop btc to 5k, theyre failing miserably.

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Dont buy crypto now, this shit will continue to go down for months to come

>:grandfather works all his life to give inheritance to future generations
>future generation blows it on crypto

just spend it on blow and hookers

> get abunch of money

> immediately gamble it away

>Putting half a mil in fucking crypto
user dont do this


buying at the all time high would be a better idea then putting in money now, yes.

I don't if you are trolling or what but.

Just buy a fucking house and chill out.

This so much. Or just put it in some market ETF with a reasonable dividend and get a job.

Yes unironically. We are about to bleed for 2 years

put it in Bitcoin and hold for a year.
Nothing ventured nothing gained.
Also buying Coexistcoin on the Waves DEX will off set your taxes because its a verified registered charity and, you can ask them for a receipt if you buy it through thier webpage.

Buy yourself a nice little condo for 200k. By a sweet car for 25k.

Take 150k and put it into these cryptos:
>50k BTC
>30k LTC
>30k Veritaseum
>20k Populous
>20k Omisego

Some honorable mentions you might want to consider would be: Pillar, Theta, AdEx, SALT, Nano and NEO.

Take the remaining 50k and life off of that for a few years and study and figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. If you do all this you could be a multi millionaire before 2025 easily.


KYS u literally have no idea

100K crypto

50K Bitcoin
20K Qash
20K Vechain
10K Nebulas

If crypto doesn't collapse you will be a millionaire. And even if it does you have very solid coins with bitcoin and vechain.

buy a flat or something and rent it out

all in link
you know im right

I wouldn't risk that much. Personally if I was you, I'd study the fundamentals of day trading and candlesticks. Take $10,000 of that money and put it into bitmex. After that, only trade rumors and good/bad news and all at 25x leverage. Sometimes it will be ripple and sometimes it will be bitcoin. If it's bad news then short the coin and if its good news then long.

>future generation 10000xs it on crypto


Is there a good enough property/rental market in your area? If I had that kind of money I wouldn't put more than 100k into crypto. It's far from dead, in fact it's kind of just been born into the world at large. Buy nothing except top coins such as BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC. Anything else is very risky and not necessary for you.

The rest I would get into rentals for 10-20%pa and live off it.