Bitcoin value Prediction thread

Bitcoin value Prediction thread

I asked my friend today, bitcoin is at a 3month low, time to buy? He said, i dunno, bitcoin might be dead. I asked him what he meant by this and he didn't respond. Said friend invested about $3000usd into crypto / bitcoin (although he holds very little BTC specifically) about 12months ago and his portfolio is now worth about $70k USD.

Anyway, I want to hear everyones opinion on what is going to happen with bitcoin value this year and why. Emphasis on why, i want to know your reasoning behind it. Are we going to see another bull run towards the end of the year?

I just bought some more BTC today as the market is low, am i doing the right thing?

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Yeah, BTC is probably dead.
2018 is a year of alt/USD pairings.

BTC is not dead, not yet. There are just way too many smart people that are still invested in BTC for it to be "dead". I'll sell when they sell. And I don't think they're selling yet.

BTC is definitely going to 100K. It will be the biggest bubble in history.

>BTC is definitely going to 100K. It will be the biggest bubble in history.

Reason why?


I wanna hear more predictions

This current low is supposedly caused by the announcement that google is banning ads on cryptocurrency

And i heard there is a new china ban tomorow but i cant find any more information about this

Anyone knows more?

>BTC is definitely going to 100K. It will be the biggest bubble in history.

Why when normies get freaked out at every negative story in the press?

Even Ellen was shilling bitcoin a few weeks ago and it barely even went up. Its fucked till we can con the normies back into it and they think its too volatile.

i have a friend who is literally normie tier and his emotions follows the market cycle meme chart.

he said that he would panic sell all his shitcoins if btc dumps below 2k, so i'm expecting a bottom somewhere there

Bitcoin went up because there were no good alternatives just crappy shit coins. But now altcoins matured and are offering advanced technology, so bitcoin will now start dying and fall in value, with only small recovery periods due to volatile market, but will ultimately plummet.
Unless your intention is to use bitcoin to buy things then don't go it, it is no longer possible to moon with bitcoin as it peaked.
The next moon mission lies in investing into correct altcoin or token (the correct choice being chain link of coruse)

I find it very plausible that we’re still going far lower, but I’m not confident enough in that to actually sell. Timing the market is a losing proposition for anyone but the big players in the long run. Keep in mind that it’s still 8k... I watched the run up from 2k to 4K thinking holy shit this is impossible, and it just kept going after that, right on up to 20k. A correction was inevitable. This definitely hurts, but only dummies didn’t see it coming. The question is really just how bad it’ll be and ultimately I don’t think it’ll be too bad in the end. Certainly a lot of bad things have aligned recently and that makes it a bit worse but the bottom line is that we are absolutely still in ‘normal’ territory and will be for quite some time, even if BTC does go back to 4-6k.

Still not the biggest bubble by far nerd

>Bitcoin value Prediction thread

Yet another gullible faggot believing in the Magic Miracles of the Whitepaper Devs Mooning Hurrdurr.

The only factors determining BTC (and any altcoin) value are bid & ask. Just forget anything other, because if noone is bidding or asking, then the value just doesn't change.

The only reason you talk about future value is either your fear of getting just'ed out, or your hope of buying the dip to HODL. This is not speculation, this is the same thing as buying a lottery ticket. Real speculators will gain from any trend, even on 1% oscillations.

In other words, you think Magic Speculation by others can make *you* rich as long as you can "predict". Sorry to redpill you, but this is the fundamental constant of Crypto Gullibility. You're no different to those who bought at 17k, 18k, 19k "because clearly it will be 20k by tomorrow and 100k before 2018".

Bitcoin has become a speculative asset thanks to speculators successfully shilling "hurr durr become rich overnite".

Fun fact: by keeping unchanged the block size, BTC didn't become your usual over-deflated dead shitcoin. It was harder to speculate when a transaction required days, yet it took a very few whales cashing something out to wreck BTC value by 50% and more.

Another fun fact: everything happened soon after BTC Futures (aka external influence) came in.

As long as BTC won't experience bugs, and as long as people are willing to buy/sell even with transaction lasting for entire days, it's not dead.

>I'll sell when they sell.

Basically you will panic-sell just while everyone is panic-selling. You will be undistinguishable from anyone posting pink wojaks "hurr durr bought at 12k, expected 20k, yet had to panic-sell at 8k".

Sounds like you never heard about transaction lasting days and people losing hundreds every hour because of it.

>not keeping all his btc on an exchange
fucking pleb

Keeping any coin on an exchange. Top kek.

enjoy 2-days transactions while i can dump my bags at any second if something big happens

Japanese company already working at rendering the lightning network useful.

if they succeed - bitcoin will finally have its real usecases.

Not if you pay the jew fee friendo.

> supposedly caused by the announcement that google is banning ads on cryptocurrency

Yet another faggot willing to win the Gullibility Prize Award.

Do you actually believe an ads ban will interfere negatively, or are you just trying to win the all-time-high record of the Gullibility Award Grand Prize?

It didn't take any ad to get to the boom-boom 19k bubble. Everyone just knew by word of mouth that something named Bitcoin was smashing the Moon harder than an asteroid. People who didn't even know what BTC was were constantly asking me where to buy one (they had at least 17-18-19k to "invest"). Everyone - including my grandma, even if I never talked about cryptos at home - was proclaiming it was time to buy in.

When BTC was breaking the 18k barrier I got even phonecalled by some gentle female voice marketing BTC in a pathetic Indianglish (as soon as I heard the "Bitcoin" word, I just hung up).

No matter who and what will possibly "ban" Bitcoin, you can't stop cryptos (having literally thousands of different cryptos around only has this side-effect: you can't stop everyone, so you can't stop BTC).

In the long run you've got to be scared to the Internet getting reduced to a federation of national networks - that's the only thing stopping cryptos in countries featuring less than half a billion people.

Yes, all the hurrdurrmania about net neutrality is all about big names (Google, FB, Netflix, whatever) making big bucks over the bandwidth that ISPs sweat to put up.

Net neutrality - aka big names monetizing off ISPs bandwidth - will eventually die, and this will clearly mean internet will have both "borders" and "highways" - aka State control over what traffic is allowed to go outside, just like China - and this in turn will seriously take its toll on cryptos.

Think about it. Do you expect bandwidth grow forever? Do you expect audio/video stuff doubling resolution every few years? Do you expect ISPs rebuilding their own infrastructure every 2-3 years?

i can still see big names pushing 8k resolution. then we'll have the vr/ar fad and other stuff, so there will always the need for bandwidth growth, for the foreseeable future at least

i hear japan is to blame, jason stapleton did a good episode about this on his podcast. i reckon it'll eventually pick up again, might be a while until it hits anything too high, not too hopeful about it hitting 20k again though. as long as people keep buying when its low and mining and trading.

Lurk more faggot. Read up what Blockchain really does. You have no fucking clue. Its embarrassing. This is not plebbit where fag mods safe you from the truth. Research faggot.

Why are you so mad man? Who hurt you?

Im just a normal guy who invested some money into crypto in the hope of having a long term good investment that appreciates in value. I'm currently putting $100 into crypto every week and going to continue that until the end of the year, when i hope it all increases in value.

>Do you actually believe an ads ban will interfere negatively,

Yes, less exposure to people of bitcoin and altcoins.

You havent given any prediction on whether the value of bitcoin will go up or down in the next year, 5years, 10years, etc, which is the point of this thread and the only thing i was interested in hearing.

I don't really care about this projected pessimism, obviously you're mad about something else and taking out your fustration here by coming into the thread and insulting people.

I know what blockchain does.

Fuck you.

>But now altcoins matured

Yet another gullible faggot racing for the Gullibility Grand Award.

If you think cryptos are little more than speculative assets, then there's no difference between BTC and any crypto, except your personal opinion.

The only consistent difference can only be some add-on making it more than a speculative asset. Smart contracts are smart in the only sense they make the related crypto useful for more than speculations and drugs.

Yet what you label "maturity" is indeed named "critical mass" - aka, people trusting it no matter what. Currently less than half a dozen (including BTC) have more than a critical mass.

This is why it's so funny to browse Veeky Forums to laugh at underaged shills babling about some new Distrupting Blockchain Mooning Soon.

Sorry to redpill you, $RANDOMFAGGOT, but every gullible moron willing to shell out real money to make you cash out some pennies, already shelled out and pinkwojaked hard.

Oh, yet another Gullibility Champion who doesn't know that if he can dump his bags at any second, whales already did it any second before.

Also, cashing out means there has to be someone willing to buy your bags...You have to hope your panicking happens in the exact moment someone more stupid than you heroically decides to buy in.

There's no actual reason for big names to push for some value.

First, because if anyone of them decides to cash out something big, as soon as he's starting to clear the book of the exchanges the value will dip. Pushing for some value - aka calibrating own buy & sell strategy towards that - basically means they go against their own interest.

Second, because real money comes from speculation: sell high, buy low, no matter the high and low values. A real whale will gain both from $8 and $8K. Speculators are happy with the oscillations in the value, not with the intrinsic value.

This is why I use the gullible term to define those who "HODL no matter what".

Smart money is moving out of bitcoin. Whales are dumping BTC because it isn't going to go back to 20k. EVER. Whales realize that in order for the crypto market to grow, there needs to be mass adoption. Mass adoption can't happen when the largest coin is SHIT, and it serves no purpose other than "muh store of value". I think companies will begin accepting other crypto currencies that are faster as form of payment.

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>Yes, less exposure to people of bitcoin and altcoins.

I just can't agree with that. The stock/forex/cfd markets are huge without appealing to regular people. Yes you have your shit like iqoption pissing out ads on android and probably drawing in millions. But proper brokers don't need to advertise so obnoxiously, because they appeal to real investors/speculators, not try and scam regular people. Crypto markets should exist on the same level.

>not too hopeful about it hitting 20k again though

Being deflationary, and with yet another reward halving coming in in 2020 and another by late 2022-early 2023, you can expect in the very long run BTC will eventually smash that $20k. But it will not happen superquickfast like the November 2013 and December 2017 bubbles.

Yet we cannot assume that in the very long run internet will always mean your computer free to connect directly or indirectly to any computer in the world. And even if you take it for granted, is your BTC stash big enough to HODL?

Real wealth is not about owning money or assets. It's about enjoying them. You're theoretically rich and practically poor if most of your assets have to be freezed while waiting for their value to double. You're not that rich if your current lifestyle mostly depends on your recent luck.

That's true also in the long term. Older generations (pre-millennials) were taught that real estate were actual wealth. Then niggers started infesting the area where your two biggest houses were. Or the house you recently sold happened to be in a developing area that would have get a train station and a highway in a few years. Or a fucking tornado-earthquake-nuclear accident halved its market value. Thus, at least here, we have lots of people theoretically rich, practically angry and poor because they now own half of what they used to own when they got married (and way less if they then divorced).

Thus, a real speculator is the one able to extracts funds for his medical expenses by buying and selling cryptos, no matter what his blockfolio main screen shows. Wealth is not about owning or having something to monetize any moment, but about constantly making your life better.

>currently putting $100 into crypto every week

Clearly this means your strategy is mostly HODL'ing.

That does not come as a surprise, since you think that crypto ads actually influence crypto values. Basically you believe there's an infinite number of gullible people out there waiting for some ad and buying in to make you rich.

In my previous posts here I somewhat shilled for speculation. I totally hate speculators - they just go scalping out for any penny out there, ultimately determining markets and in turn goods, jobs, trends, eventually defining my life. Yet the only way to cash out from cryptos is speculating.

Hodling is the slowest and less safe way to speculate. It took probably a single whale cashing out a few hundreds BTCs to make it crash from almost 20k to 8k. Either you're hodling since it was below 5k-6k, or you're at best holding bags for six months, at worst down 20-40-60% loss. With the exception of a few lucky ones (mostly whales), I don't think there are many people who cashed out above 15k earning at least some +50% (reminder: it was a puny 4k early September 2017).

>projected pessimism

People buying in at 13k and above are still pinkwojaking for projected optimism.

It's the order books of the exchanges to determine how much you can cash out.

It's not like a 10,000 BTC whale can cash out 10% of it without making its remaining 90% crash to pennies. (Yet it would be funny if Satoshi was NSA, as conspiracy theorists argue, and decided to wreck BTC using his untouched assets dating back to 2009).

Also, a theoretical crypto actually designed as a "form of payment" should take serious countermeasures against speculation. The only acceptable "form of payment" is the one with very small oscillations (or -at most- increasing value). In other words, merchants willing to accept dollars actually want the US dollar, not the comically recordbreaking Zimbabwean dollar.

I think you talk alot of shit out of your ass and are about as clueless as anyone else around here.

Probably havent made very much from crypto either, which is why you are so pessimistic in every post.

Then prove it with verifiable facts and better reasons.

It took half a dozen long posts to give a few reasons to not to believe in Magic Hurrdurr Predictions about Mooning Miracles of Cryptos.

You seem to forget that cryptos value is actually built upon people investing real money hoping to cash out lots of real money. Being mere sequence of bits, cryptos are thus easily defined as a Ponzi scheme. It only takes a single big whale move do wreck all of your Hurrdurr Getting Rich Overnite delusions. And even if Bitcoin has more critical mass than all other cryptos combined, it doesn't mean it will last forever.

Finally, don't expect banksters to watch their empire dissolving because of cryptos.

depends on the adoption
basically if we hit the point where all of the normies who wanted in got in it will now be impossible to cash out because you can only cash out when someone wants in

instead of typing that total sperg out you should have answer the question, even tough we all know you would have said even bigger bs.

Graph shows where BTC crossed the 200 day moving average to the downside.

Before this february the last cross was in august 2015.

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>Many smart people
>Means it wont fail

Yea, all these other big companies with billions of $ and thousands of smart people that went under did so by pure chance.

The smart people are short via derivatives right now.

any bitcoin sold ever is dumb money.

Do you really think alts would get souch ridiculous mcaps if people had to actually put REAL money in to buy them?

honestly i dont think bitcoin can compete with bitcoin cash.

segwit is still at 30% adoption after 7 months and lightning network doesn't work on larger scale (no routing solution for large networks).

meanwhile bitcoin cash works fantastic and has a ton of momentum with adoption and development. just the fact that you cant reverse transactions (like you can with bitcoin) is a huge plus.

imagine if you could turn back time and get in early on bitcoin. well its early with bitcoin cash.

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Bitcoin is dead. There is no buying power left. You just wait until the real BTC bag holders lose faith and start selling. It will drop like any other altcoin. Bitconneeeeeeeeeeeect


You think normies can dump the price? Kek you people are retarded. You have whales that mined 1000s of BTC decade ago...what can few normies with 0.18BTCs do?

If bitcoin doesn't pull up soon, I think we may hit 4k by august.

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Its literally glorified excel spreadsheet you fucking autist.

I am that friend. You are my bro asking same question. I have same answer.

Nobody knows. I personally think we are going much lower before we go higher.

You really can't time the market. 12 months ago was nearly an ATH. All you can do is average in.

Basically all the money you out in you had better treat it as a total loss. You aren't going to touch it for the next 12 months at the latest if you are smart (tax purposes).

Now that I think of it, I guess Wall Street noticed at the end of last year that bitcoin was in a bubble inside a bubble and that's why they quickly introduced derivatives so they can short it hard.

>Ellen was shilling bitcoin

A lagging indicator. Ellens shtick is she's not hip, not with it. And that doesn't convince people to invest in risky assets.

There won't be any normie rescue. Not until the price comes down top something resembling a good deal, which at this price, is not.