I figured out a crypto "life hack"

I can make guaranteed money this way by being able to place a buy order at a specific BTC price with up to several hours to confirm the buy or not so if btc goes higher than the price im locked in at, i'm able to finalize the order and sell my BTC for higher than I bought it.

On the other hand if the BTC market price goes lower than my buy order i'm able to cancel the order and put in a new order at a lower price.

Has anyone else figured this out ?? I'm not sure if I wanna share it because if too many people did it this way it would get shut down or fixed. But i'm curious if anyone else has figured it out..

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Yea, let's make $100 and pay $30 in taxes...

Sure thing faggot

it's anonymous

What? Wtf are you talking about?

>he doesn't know
sorry wish i could tell you, i will eventually when i retire from crypto so in like 3-4 months

Making $100 a day? Good luck

I actually do know what you mean. I used the shit out of this all last year though. Not so much anymore.

it's using localbtc. Pretty useless imo.

In what website you do that?

localbtc would actually work well for this.. can't believe i hadnt considered that before.

he's going to abuse some poor exchange runners, you can do this 'arbitrage' at many sites like xmr.to. God help those people if they don't have the wherewithal to ban morons like OP

Show proof and tell me and Im gonna send you 15 ETH, thats all I have or 1 BTC

So.. An exploit in some lame BitGrail-tier exchange?

Would you idiots read the fucking thread?

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>read the fucking thread
Nothing but vague bullshit in here

evidently you dont know about localbitcoins.com or similar services and how they work, that could be forgiven i suppose..

It depends on your country. If it's a country with archaic payment methods like America, then yes.

Its local bitcoins you noobs you have 2 hours to make the payment
send me free bitcoins now

More money than you, Achmed. Seems to be working well enough.

Does this shit really work? I mean - why the fuck would localbitcoins allow you to just not pay and 'see where the price is going'? Aren't you going to get banned?

doing this repeatedly with the same sellers would probably get you reported at the very least, yes. potentially banned too i guess. but you could just create a new user whenever that happens

wouldnt the seller have the same oppurtunity to cancell ?

Are Veeky Forumstards literally autistic? OP was joking the same way people joke in those "oh no my coins froze at [value] on my ledger!" threads