ITT: we predict the next bull run behavior

>It's going to keep bleeding for the next week
>Satoshi's vision conference
>Bull run oficially starts
>Slow uptrend
>BTC slowly go down, rarely goes up and then crashes
>BTC becomes no longer profitable
>Miners start the true flippening
>Flash bull run from 350 billion to 800 billion in just the first week of April
Be realistic anons

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Thanks 100k

This tech is not going anywhere. Yes, the bubble has popped but we're going to keep using it.
This down trend can't keep goin indefinetly and eventually we will see another bull run.
Question is, when and how it's gonna be?

bch $126k june 8th

dream on pajeet.

there wont be a fucking bullrun like in 2017. just accept that u lost money.

>Tokyo whale dumps 30k more BCH and BTC crashing crypto mcap to $100B

what I know is as soon as I see pajeets here shilling their bags I'm cashing out

Next ATH will be on July 30-Aug 2.

The correction in %, and the days passed the next ath is exponential distribution. The correction was 70% (6000/20000 usd). if the calculation is correction in days from the dip to the next ath will b 175-178 days.

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Thanks for contributing

2 years

BTC 1 million, true global mouth foaming dotcom bubble style mania, every retard on the planet gets high off the array of shitcoin vaporware tickers and are too high off the smell of their own shit to realize its all going to come crashing down

just like this year, but worse. It will truly be the fidget spinner of 2020, not even fucking kidding. I'm considering buying xrp low during this crash just because I know retards are going to meme it in 3 years just as hard

There won't be a bull run as such, just a slow creep upwards as venezuela and the norks start laundering money through crypto.

>There will be a next bullrun

Yeah like the great internet bullrun of 2003 after the dot-com crash of 2001 right?

Don't be stupid, crypto will never have a similar bullrun again. It's just steady growth from now on out. 10-30% a year from the bottom (which we haven't reached yet, as clearly you are still in denial)

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look where amazon is now and where they were when the internet bubble burst.
>hurr durr but it took 10 years to get back to ath
you can trade stocks ffor only 30 hours a week (and sometimes less), while crypto can be traded for 168h a week. if you dont expect a new ath in june- august, you are delusional.

I don't though, this market is nothing but speculation and we really have no floor to fall back on

Tech is not going anywhere but nobody really uses this or needs this. Ofcourse there are some niche usecases like darkweb but they don't back these orvely inflated prices of btc and another shitcoins. Also there will be private blockchain companies like IBM that will make 99% of these projects pointless and they don't even need any useless tokens for those.

You are right but people only call amazon because ALL other companies during the dot-com bubble never attained their ATH ever again. 90% went bankrupt within years. and Yahoo,Ebay never attained their ATH.

Remember It was literally the biggest IPO in history valued at hundreds of billions of dollars yet most people didn't even hear of them. Similar to Netscape. Which was the "bitcoin" of the dot-com bubble that started it all.

The bubble is over and will never return. But after the bottom is reached there will be steady growth again.

the floor is the minimum mining profitability (maybe a bit higher than that), as all the miners and exchanges dont want to llose their jobs.

ITT we laugh at all the retards who kept believing in Google and Amazon.

If you look at bitcoins price and compare it to stock prices, you migth think its inflated. However it is not, its price is so high because the supply is limited.

wanted to say: because the supply is low (its limited aswell)

Google wasn't a part of the dot-com bubble. They began public trading in 2003. 2 years after the dot-com bubble collapsed.

Amazon is the ONLY company that reached their ATH after the dot-com bubble collapsed.

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Microsoft was not part of the dot-com bubble though. That's like saying that Nvidia is part of the dot-com bubble because their stocks skyrocketed due to GPU sales to cryptominers.

Microsoft stock skyrocketed during the dot-com bubble due to people expecting more people to use windows.

Won't go on a bull run until the next halvening

So it'll all be ok in 12 years? Wew, I can sleep easy now

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The bull run didn't take 4 years, but 2 months, do it will all be ok in 6 months from now

>Microsoft wasn't part of the technological evolution
Netflix is at ATH, are you sure the bubble was just a bubble like tulips?
>Even the tulip bubble happened for a reason
Soon or later we are going to have another bull run. Technologic money has only one way. It's called evolution.

What the fuck?

Only Amazon in your list was part of the dot-com bubble. Microsoft was part of the computing bubble of the 80s and was almost the only survivor killing off the "BTC and ETH" that was IBM and Apple unexpectedly.

All the other companies are not in a bubble at all and never were. You have no idea what you are talking about.

No we are not getting another bullrun. Instead we'll have gradual stable growth based upon objective milestones and real world usage. Not speculative massive price increases due to potential of the market.

Crypto will not die out that's true. But "another insane bullrun" will not happen anymore. The internet also didn't experience any bullmarket after the dot-com crash. All growth was based upon real milestones and real world usage.

We will get another bullmarket, sure. But just in the traditional sense in that the price will slowly rise over time. Not in the sense that Veeky Forums uses "bullmarket" where there is explosive growth and insane 10x returns within a year.

Those companies weren't involved in the dot-com bubble but they were the final product of that bubble.
We had a Bitcoin bubble but now there's plenty of actual useful coins because of that bubble.
There will be another bull run, you think it's going to be slow, but the technological evolution is exponential. If we don't see another bull run before summer, next December it's going to be absolute madness without a doubt.
>I still think the bull run it's starting really soon because this down trend can't keep going forever and when the up trend starts it's not going to stop until the next parabolic growth

As long as the MtGOX sword of Damocles hangs over crypto there won't be a bull run, at best a tentative upwards movement.

September by the earliest

Kys faggot

There is no reason for a bullrun to happen anymore. Bullruns happen if the masses invest into something purely for their potential. NOT their real world usage.

When the real world usage slowly gets adopted the bullruns actually fade away, not grow bigger. This has been true in all bubbles in the entirety of humanity. When the technology isn't in actual use yet people speculate and inflate the potential. Then when it is actually used people temper expectations, the bubble collapses and there will be slow stable growth instead.

Actual arguments please.

There's a problem with what you say. It's not just a "" it's actual money. And the current monetary system is deflationary which means value decreases with time (which makes Bitcoin value increase).
Adoption doesn't increase the price of Bitcoin but it's value. The bull run usually only care about the price and that's what happened already.
But this is money, actual money. We only need another global crisis or wait for the adoption to happen.
I really like your arguments, but I don't understand why you don't see another bull run happening. It's so obvious for me, maybe I'm just deluded.

It's not about if they need the tech or not or it will reflect the price, do you forget you're investing in the future of this?

lmao at least try holy shit

>eos mainnet
>hpb [aka it's an eos of china] mainnet
>(if they have what to launch) tron mainnet
>casper and new "cryptokitties"
>nebulas shows something something
>elastos [aka it's a blockstack of china]?
>supply chains as a proof of the adoption
>monero mass hype?
>banks using stellar and ripple
I think this year will be GREAT.
Doesn't even matter how this news are big. They don't sound big for you since you expect them.
But the tv, the sites, the shills will meme the shit out of it.
We stagnate 'cause we have nothing to show. The developers have nothing. Right now.

I think deflationary currencies are bad but that's a whole other discussion entirely.

Why I think another bullrun will not happen is because crypto has already peaked in hype. Every celebrity/news/facebook grandmother posted about it and it's already calming down severely.

Now crypto will probably stay low for a while and will keep bleeding until it has some real world usage. When that real world usage happen people actually will have the tools to appropriately give them a value estimation. Then there won't be rabid speculation anymore since people actually know what their values should be. Like normal companies and their shares right now.

Also even if crypto actually replaces all money there won't be just one currency instead it'll just be thousands of tokens and they all represent a company/asset so there won't be value increase every time since the value of one coin/token will be based upon what the actual asset/company underlying that coin performs.

Kinda like how ultility coins like Request Network/Omise Go already are.

But again this will not start a bullrun. Instead just slow steady growth like any other financial market.

You're emphasizing speculation over the future usage of altcoin tech and neglecting that Bitcoin's tech has been built and battle tested over 9 years and can be fairly considered as digital gold by smart investors. The smart whales are swing trading and selling the peaks, but do you really believe they're not buying back in as soon as it regresses to the mean?
This is a global uncensored, deflationary currency reserve. If you can't see that and imagine why that's valuable, go back to wageslaving already.