Why cant women carry on the last name of their family when they have a child...

Why cant women carry on the last name of their family when they have a child? they can keep theie last name but the child is never seen as a true heir why is this

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Because only sons carry on their last name, daughters are being "given" to a male, they're marrying into another family if you want


they're property.

Women want to marry men who would be able to frame their life. If such a man is unavailable, custom tries to frame the pair into what is the naturally occurring and satisfying arrangement, fake it till you make it style. The resulting turbulence in the family unit as the forming process is applied to the individual is straining to the child, which won't be ideal to hold the torch for the family as a whole.

Also, business and finance.

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Because genes. The Y chromosome is your lineage marker. Look it up.

Mitochondrial DNA comes from the mother always.

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Migration from Scandinavia and the Frisian coast into Britain, perhaps.

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