Latium thread

Latium thread

>7m marketcap
>McAfee backing it with his whale friends (as he did verge, latium is verge 2.0)
>exchange listing and beta app coming end of this month
>media attention in CNBC

>marketing starting after a beta app
(in few weeks)
>normie tokenholders wont sell until $100 price as they think its new bitcoin

why you are not all in already, user?
I just bought bags.

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your really should accumulate this hidden gem.

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price is now 445 sat.

screencap this .

we will be at 2000 sat at end of march.

>dat coin design
\[T]/ PRAISE IT !!

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That's McAfee's poverty McMansion, I recognize it from some hit piece documentary. While drunk, he almost admitted in front of the camera killing the dude in Belize. He's hooker negro girlfriend was smart enough to put her hand over his mouth. Yes this guy is one of the top influencers in the crypto market.

actually that's their old coin.

they just did LATX tokensale end of 2017 - q1 of 2018

and now token is LATX

old token was LAT :D

you can buy LATX only from yobit


>McAfee backing it
dudes so fucking mashed he probably thinks those people he's holding are his sacks of bathsalts

Pics like that make me cringe and run like hell away.

ok pajeet this is the third post I see of your shitcoin, you need to fuck off right now faggot

nah i'm not same person and shilling hasnt even started yet

marketing starts right after a beta.

safe to assume mcaffee shit in all of their mouths in exchange for this selfie

Throwing money at this like throwing money in the garbage. I wouldnt touch this bullbshit if they handed out for free.

why you think so? :D

this is similar than all your shit tokens.
isn't paying dividens etc.

maybe yes but if yes, so what?
he is advisor and will pump this to moon like he did with Verge

big man tyrone also backing this

>falling for another mcafee pump

>implying OP isnt in for a quick pump profit
>implying everyone hodls forever like you probably do

>I believe the coin is the first that truly has real world applicability
>the first

So basically he thinks all the previous were BS and he shilled them for pumps. Cool

good point

you are clever obv.

come to latium telegram and chill.
buy bags and wait till a beta and new exchange.

then let CEO pump it to moon with ico funds

actually Latium was his first coin ever what he advisored or shilled.

he started with Latium at summer of 2017 ---
and it's most likely his favorite coin, and will pump it more than Verge

>Latium is a tasking platform working to connect employers and employees
definitely doesnt sound like a purpose with real world blockchain applicability. why would they need their data to be that secure? doesn't make sense. FUN is the first coin to do that IMHO.

>John McAfee
Wow! A serial shitcoin peddlar likes it? Just bought 100k.

Latium seems to have a good idea behind it.

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gonna go all in. lmao nothing works

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Good choice. So am i

McAfee and groid gf are cons. I'm outty

Why?? He is alpha as fuck

Beta confirmed this month.
Exchange too

see you in moon :DDD its all over media soon

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>McAfee is a dope who does this exact shit for pay
>the hyperbole his post ("hurrdurr first real-world crypto application") is through the roof
>those soyboys with their shit-eating grins look cheesy as fuck
>the "best bros" double side hug is cringetastic
Take your pic.

Might was well post a pic of the word "hype" and say "I am hyping Latium".

>buying ANYTHING with McAffrrrrrreeeeeees name on it

*the hyperbole OF his post


its gonna skyrocket soon lmao

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