What does Veeky Forums drive?

What does Veeky Forums drive?

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I didn't know we had Albanians on biz

i live in a giant city, where public transport is the way to go

Europoor detected (

Aint a lambo but was bought with BTC. Talking to a guy who's gonna put butt coins logo on the hood

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you bought a 2-seater road construction truck?

mom's car

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I hope you're larping. My piss has a nicer color than this poverty truck and putting Bitcoin logo on the car is cringe as fuck

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literally this.

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How does it feel like being outrun by a soyboy in a Tesla?
I'm gonna trash every car in this thread, keep em coming


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Just don't put any of the faux German license plates on it and we're good

Rolls Royce Wraith black edition after 2018 bull run

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you didnt go for the electric edition? big mistake buddy. i have the 2017 facelifted egolf, it's a god damn dream to drive

Thanks for the neck injury user

HMU when that Tesla can put down a better Nürburgring lap time. Drag races are gay and pointless.

TFW poorest car owner of biz.
Opel Astra G 2007

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LOL here one sec I'll take a pic of the last thing I had

that's hot

Lol at putting that plastic cover over the hood on that old ass car
I've seen people in poor ass Quebec do that

Xsara Picasso

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Made of the finest kangaroo leather you mong.
Literally there to protect car from stone chips lel

>Normies STILL getting in debt to drive an Audi or Mercedes or some other meme to impress other normies

Never ending keks

Mfw paid 300LTC for a 9 month old HellCat.

Tesla p100d 1/4 mile record is 10.78
I run 10.65 1/4 mile

Didn’t buy the car to win races though. Bought it because it’s the best all around car under 100k and was my dream car basically my entire life

Are you from one of these poverty eastern european countries that desperately want to be part of the jew EU? The license plate with wannabe EU blue part is a dead giveaway

A beat up old chevy truck.

Lol and how many launch control starts can you do in a row before you have to replace the tranny?

What do you think of Mustang GT?
I would like to buy one when crypto gains work out. Shit here in Europe costs 60k € I'm not joking.

>ITT 4 wheeler plebs

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Cringe as fuck to drive a Mustang in Europe. I only see 60 year old midlife crisis faggots drive them who are to scared to ride a Harley (equally cringe).

Lol longhaul trucker driver is the ultimate wagecuck job. At least the burger flippers get to go home at night. Have fun paying 50 bucks for hand job from a lot lizard

Very valid point to bring up and Tesla’s clearly are better in this aspect.
I don’t launch it much because I don’t want to fuck my trans, probably done 20 total launches but plenty of people have done over 100 on stock trans and are still fine if they have a 2012+ GTR.
I don’t plan on finding out how many launches will break my trans but if I do break it then I have a good reason to go for a 1000 whp build

I'm riding your mom

I'm riding your mom.

No insurance.

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My flight is delayed, more car pics pls sir


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wrong pic
i have sweaty fingers and missclicked

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corsa c here!

I'm from crimea.

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Crimea? Austria here. Im sorry for the sanctions bud, hows it going?

Fine, I'm C++ coder, so I'm ok. Also working on german company from here.

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stay mad normies

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>tfw you won't fit in the original Ford GT because 6'4
Just kill me, bros.

toyota camry, i'd like to get a prius or a tesla eventually

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my baby

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You could buy OP's car for like 10k tho

Damn I really like those old merc's would prefer oem wheels though.


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Being manlet has it's advantages too.

You don't own a fast car obviously. Tesla sucks unless they're from a stand still. I've smoked two that were stupid enough to race. They're as fast as an isf/cla45 from 60 to 130, to give you an idea.

Good choice

nice. Is there also a non-gipsy version?

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Same here, except mine is a 4 door. 2008

Mazda is for gays.

>muh emissions

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