My wife still doesn't believe in me

My wife still doesn't believe in me.

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I am saying to so many people you'll see this is going to be a con artist game. This is going to be a scammer game: We are coming and we are coming in waves.

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>being dumber that your own wife
top fucking kek

ohi carel

i was away from Veeky Forums for the last week, did oracuck finally kill himself?

i told him, honey!


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It cracks me up. This board bashes females for being risk averse and stupid but guess who had a bigger chance to survive and propagate their genes. A pregnant female who ran the moment she heard a rustle in nearby bush or a stupid cunt who was curious and went to check it out? If anything evolution gave them a better defense mechanisms against shady scams than risk taking males have.

the problem here is that's even if btc was an infinite bull mission women still wouldn't hop on it because "m-m-muh risk"

You can't have a cake and eat it. If you take no risks you won't be JUSTed but you won't moon either. It all depends on which one you're more comfortable with.

exactly, and that's the reason why there are tons of male whales while women lose money on shitcoins

And tons of broke crypto noobs living under the bridge. Men are more extreme after all.

You certainly can't eat a cake you don't have, you fucking pajeet.

no risk no reward

Jesus it's like you're so dense you can't even comprehend an anology user. So here, let me help you with an explanation. The iq distribution of men and women shows that men are distributed much more wider on the extremities while women are more moderate and most of them and closer to the mean.
So again so your tiny brain can comprehend. Women are risk averse which means they miss both great opportunities to win and great opportunities to get rekt while men are more extreme and will prefer 'high risk high reward' approach more often. This of course leads to more men being poor, broke losers and great entrepreneurs while more women prefer the comfortable life of safe mediocrity. This is also demonstrated in the research that studied gambling habits of both sexes but I'm too lazy to find it and it would be a waste of time for such an inferior animal like you anyway.

i think everybody here agrees with you point

> believing humans lived in caves for millions of years and then one day decided to get up and start building spaceships.

Oy vey i thought your supposed to be 18 to post on this board? I bet your the typenof athoest that has to bring it up no matter the subject.

3/10 Next time be more subtle.

post vids

Which one of you did it?

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