How does it feel

... to have killed one of the most promising projects with your fucking autistic bullying and memes?

Genuinely curious

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If Veeky Forums kills ChainLink I will end up spending the rest of my life in prison for murdering as many autistic Veeky Forums incels I can get my fucking hands on. If LINK doesn't make me rich, there's no reason to live. Nothing will stop me from putting you little faggots in your graves.

Hahahaha true justice
Biz finds the golden goose and kills it with its autism

With that said, I'm hoping for a tremendous dump. I have some funds on standby for when it hits $.30.

> implying biz has any impact on crypto

It has been shown time and time again that Veeky Forums is irrelevant from the market's perspective...

Literally poor shit stains trying to bully people who are trying to help them.

Bite the hand that feeds. Shit for brains.

Asking sociopaths about remorse.

Yesterday I realized this is a very long hold. We've probably got a 50% chance of making it
It's going to get a lot uglier before it gets pretty.
Most of the retarded assholes posting on twitter are kids. Kids with no money to invest so they try sabotaging.
This will disrupt the growth in the short term. Which is why it's best to avoid this place.
I'm going to make it. This place is a reminder that you don't owe anyone anything.

That's general of official Slack, absolutely disgusting.

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Holy shit those two are pathetic

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>Veeky Forums threatens to kill link holders
>this is what finally kills link

At this point I want LINK to fucking tank down to $.01 and take all these faggots down with it and fall into obscurity for a year or two. I'll gladly wait it out and buy back in lower

You retards have made this the most painful hold of my crypto career. I've been in this shit since it was $.13 because knew it was something special but the memes just keep getting stupider and the posts get more inane. It's unreal. I'm so ashamed to be involved in this.

we foster and farm the energy of kek. to think the legacy of evil on our planet is going to happen sans cosmic forces is small minded and incorrect. With the forces of chaos comes many variations of energy. Sergey (satoshi), Veeky Forums, /pol/, weaponized destructive truth seeking autism, (((evil))), usery, inefficiency, and the platform to connect them all, were all necessary to create the invention beyond. If we want to ascend to the stars as our god(shared mind) path allows for then we must harness ALL of the energies like a sail in the wind of weather. ANy imbalance in the simulation is registered in a ripple of dissonance which branches the tree of time, leading to an alternate of failure. Like the plant freezes photons in a superposition to develop its free path to the photosynthetic core, we have been superpostioned at this point and time/space guided by god(SM) to the refined point emerging. It is here that we link the worlds of here, there, and everywhere. Falter not, the future is ours+++

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I've never seen people with such an absolute lack of self awareness and respect. Jesus fucking christ I hope everyone inside those caps fucking necked themselves already. The memes are great here on biz where they belong. What rational thinking adult is going to spam them on official channels though? Do you not understand how fucking retarded and shameful that is?

Here's a prime fucking example of this cringe shit. Get the fuck out of here Jesus christ

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>ree Sirgay will kill himself because some people are autistic and mention his lucky shirt ree
You’re pathetic even for a link holder

>Strap in boys, it ends tonight!

hi user, you seem angry. wanna talk about it?

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Actually permanently removing all those links from circulation would be good for the price.

I think that staying radio silence for the next month or two now would shake off enough idiots.

Right? It's official channel, one that they were willing to communicate with us on and what does biz do instead of sitting the fuck down and shut up? They go and fucking meme there in general instead of going to random channel that Rory prepared for them. Idiots...

init. Just crypto kids who join here thinking Veeky Forums is cool.

in all fairness, the general channel in the slack was only like that at the time of the conference. Usually its a good place.

Fucking kill yourself Gary

I am angry >:(

It's most of the time (the same thing happened few times in the past), but it's still a retarded thing to do even if that's for a short period of time. They have plenty other spaces to meme all they want and they choose to go there during the time that they know no one will moderate the channel due to the team being at the event.

>redditors pretending to be autists

what's making you angry, user?
>inb4 your memes and 4chins, c'mon, grow up.

What's REALLY making you angry?

>implying I hold shitcoins
Thinking of it now I should probably get into the slack and be as autistic as possible. Nothing seems to trigger you stinkies more.

I post some LINK memes but not the ones including sergey , more like the lambo stuff.

How do I get onto that forum?

you know what happens to people who are consumed by their work? they lose their health. their energy is drained. the only thing that matters is doing what it takes to finish the project. If you weren’t all meets and attended college, you would see this in a lot of engineering and med students. sergeys weight gain is a testament on how seriously he’s working with link. if you don’t accumulate now you’re beyond saving

t. normie phoneposter

>when your parents force you to hang out with your autistic brother

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*slow clap*

We will see a $1 link yet. :)

While it's disgusting it's pretty tame compared of what it could have looked like.
Now that faggot in the picture from yesterday. That guy should get fucked

Stfu you smug little fuck up

it's ok user, I'm here if you wanna talk.

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link seems to radiate more IOTA vibes as time progresses.




Didn't catch the 3rd until I took a second look. nice.

stinky linkie!