Hello Biz

Hello Biz,

I am a 27 year old living in NYC. My family bought properties all over the US, and I stand to inherit over 15MM dollars worth of real estate (most being luxury condos in LA/SF/NYC, a few homes w/land in Austin). My sister will inherit about 5MM worth, I get more because I've basically been managing all the assets and coordinating with property managers as my parents age (also they love me more I think, because I'm a guy and they are old school).

Right now I get just over 12k/month before taxs/hoa fees from properties that have already been transferred to me, and I own about 3.2MM in real estate. Clean, no mortgages or anything like that.

This year I turned 60k into over 2.2MM dollars. Being greedy and full of hubris, I honestly thought I would turn that into 10MM, but now I only have 600k.

I feel sick. Honestly nauseous. I can't sleep or eat or think about anything else besides how badly I fucked up.

The 12k a month I get is fine, and it will eventually be more, but even with the combined rent of all 15MM in properties I will only pull in about 340k a year after taxes, HOA, management fees, etc etc. And that's without any major repairs which could sometimes hit 20k.

I really thought I would never have to work again. I was planning on cashing out at 5MM and then retiring, but now I don't even have a million anymore.

You can't even raise a family in NYC without making a 800k/YEAR or more. I'm fucking poor again.

My question is, why do I feel like shit? Very few of my friends make over 200k/year, and the ones who do have no lives and work like 90 hours a week. I don't know what's wrong with me, I feel this terrible anxiety because I lost all that money, but things are FINE. They are more than fine and I realize how blessed I am, but still. It hurts so much.

When the fuck am I going to make it to 5 million?

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kill yourself

It hurts because you lost. You fucked up and have nobody to blame. Judging by your story you never had to face actual hardships in life and as you noticed, you still don't. Just embrace this feeling and work on bettering your mindset so that you might never feel it again (you WILL feel it again though, it's just part of life). Be prepared next time and don't let it crush you.

ok, let's just keep posting pink wojacks and posting pics of $900 blockfolios.

OP is larping but it makes an interesting point.

Even be disgustingly well off like OP, "losing" feels bad. Just as bad as losing $1000 for a poorfag, if that was a lot of money to him.

There's no escaping it, we're all fucked, no matter what wealth level we're at.

So you're going to get 3 condos?

Boo fucking hoo. I make make $30,000 and basically have no assets besides my crypto and my 18 year old car. Grow the fuck up and be happy with what you've got. I'll be lucky to ever see in my lifetime the amount of money as you have now.

How is 340k/year passively not enough?

You feel like shit because humans will never be satisfied with what they have, doesn´t matter how much you own it will never be enough, and each time you reach a new milestone your greedy ass will be looking to the next one already. So every loss hurts.

Real question is, can you introduce me to your sister?

It's certainly enough if I want to live how I currently do the rest of my life, but it's barely scraping by in NYC if you have a wife and 3 kids.

I sincerely hope you get knifed by a pack of niggers and slowly bleed to death while sobbing and pissing and shitting yourself from fear, OP.

What an unkind thing to say to another human being.

I went from 45k to 10k. I'm 18. Never thought the idea of kms would actually get to me.

You feel like shit because you are, fucking greedy rich kid go fuck your sister moron

you speak the truth user

OP deserves it user

sell all properties, move to a cheaper city, buy few properties, manage them. Thank me later.

Wow user that's a really sad story I feel a lot of pity for you. Should set up a kickstarter so people can donate to you.

You're a liar I'm born and raised in NYC it takes 250k a year to be upper middle class and raise a family

My old boss owned about half the real estate on a very popular shopping street. Like, tens of millions of dollars worth of assets easily.
He went on an extremely rare holiday (he is a total workaholic) to Dubai and Monaco. He came back honestly aghast, talking about all the "17 year old Saudis in rare supercars". He legitimately felt super bummed that he was poor compared to these young kids, when he worked so hard.
Tens of millions of dollars, and he came back from that feeling poor as fuck.
You have to solve the question of wealth in your mind. You can't just solve it with your assets.


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stoploss - 5500
Take profit - 12500

Risk to reworrrrrrrd. Do it.

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You op you crybaby ungrateful cunt

gtfo larper, bet your folio isn't even 4 figures

Cry me a fucking river, richfag. Theres people that make 1/4 of that and do ok in nyc.

Know that time and having patience will take your 600k to 60 M in no time. Make an average 20% every year while reinvesting all the money. Survive on your 350k a year . Thats more than enough if your not blatant with money

High school can cost upwards of 40k a year in Manhattan. A family of three to bring through college will cost you over 10 million easily.