How true is this claim?

How true is this claim?

>next 'big thing' will come user. now we're experienced battle hardened motherfuckers ready to make the gains.

>dotcom bubble climaxed around 2000. bitcoin bubble climaxed around 2018. assuming global technology catalyses it's own progress we can expect the next disruptive-tech-climax around 2035. it will however start picking up momentum around 2030, and the very early adopters will be 'in' on it around 2025.

How to stay on top of trends to the point where you can spot the next big thing early enough?

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use your fucking brain, no one is going to tell you their secret

what have you learned from the crypto bubble? The biggest take away is that markets are not rational and are largely formed from speculation from people who don't really understand the underlying asset and never will. People buy green and sell red even though thats not a rational thing to do.

Use this information to make money.

Keep in mind if you're sure BTC is in a downtrend and you're proficient enough at TA you can make some good money

This is basically what I’m thinking as well. However were not only in a crypto bubble but also a bond bubble, a stock and tech bubble, etc right now. Only crypto has burst. And even though price was extreme, the amount of total money invested and made was not. So this could just be training wheels for the next big bubble, crypto reborn.




what the fuck do you buy when everything is a bubble?

>How to stay on top of trends to the point where you can spot the next big thing early enough?
You can't

Oh, It's another person arguing about 18 century economics


some people thought crypto was done for after the june "bubble", or that it would take at least 2 years till the new wave would come
what's so different about the december "bubble"?

I think besides crypto, nanotechnology and biotechnology might be profitable

All that stuff needs so much capital you have to be rich already to profit from it

Once nanotech and biotech have ICOs then average joe will buy in.

which makes you ask... why don't they? why isn't tokenisation of companies becoming a thing?

nice argument faggot, thanks just lost 100x buying power in the last 99 years

It will, for a lot of companies. It's a super handy way to articulate value within, and the movement of value around, closed ecosystems and networks.

This will be a good scam project idea.

Because there's no need for it. Stocks are far superior to tokens, because they are integrated in the banking system that everyone uses already (who doesn't have a bank account?). The bank takes care of everything, no need to hassle around with private / public keys, custom tokens and all the other shit that nobody wants to do himself.

In addition, stocks offer far superior investor protection through regulation while tokens (as seen in many ICO's) are used mainly for scams.

I disagree (see ). The main advantage of tokens (or digital, blockchain-based currency in general) is that since it's trustless, everyone can use it themselves instead of relying on a bank, which is what you do nowadays if you want to buy stocks. But most people are lazy. Even now, most people don't actually hold their crypto private keys themselves but rely on services like coinbase, bitstamp or other de-facto crypto banks to take care of their assets.

it's a Black Swan event, but its very nature you can't predict it
well, it's worse: you don't even know you can't anticipate it

Because during 2018 ICOs will be anus raped by every government on the planet. Enjoy your pyramid schemes while you can user

him or herself*

All this means is that you will no longer have a strong work ethic to cut it in the real world as you'll forever be chasing x10000%/day gains


>hohoho we figured this economics thing out centuries ago!
>That's why everything is stable and works perfectly now

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While crypto bubble is very far from being over,

probably generally you need to look around the global transhumanist scene and/or elite academia for picking up new technological trends (as in you need to read/comprehend/filter new research papers).

For example real working anti-aging gene therapies will become a thing in the 2020's (but will not see mass adoption so fast).

Also auf good indicator for "bubble potential" of a new technology is its inherent ability of increasing cybernetic interconnectedness of human populations, so probably the real next big thing after crypto is going to be brain2brain communication/neural lace technology.