In a sea of red death, a growing green fomo beacon stands strong

meanwhile biz is dragging it's knuckles on some other saliva covered ICO

get in now and get in again later and keep getting in forever

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>insert generic lying fud here

Is this a scam?

Seriously, what is this?

Realtime graphs:

no, it will continue rising as is, forever.
get in now or become poor


Opinion discarded, pajeet.

> mfw P3D is rising faster than ETH is crashing.

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facebook tier burns in this thread

Fucking Craig Grant is shilling this omfg

haha. nope

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The old PoWH coins got to 800-something ETH before someone hacked it and/or exit scammed. No one identified the vulnerability before then, despite 1000s of neckbeards having weeks to look at the contract. But this time we're SURE the contract is safe, r-r-right? Because the website says so.

Contract source is around 800 lines long and its mostly comments. Pretty easy to read. More simple it is, less chance of fucking up.

Go ahead, check the code and see for yourself

can you people please post threads when it crashes?

Since people pay a 10% fee when they sell, and the more people sell, the more of the total supply I own, I'm guaranteed profits even if everyone dumps.
So yes, We'll post a thread with our sweet sweet dividends sneks.

>Go ahead, check the code and see for yourself

fucking lol, obviously I am not at all well versed enough with solidity to know how secure the contract is just by reading it through. I'd still be blindly trusting the author, just like everyone else.

Did no one look at the last PoWC contract, or was the exploit actually just not that obvious and 1000s of people missed it?

Honestly, if you're worried about the contract, just buy 5 tokens and get yourself a masternode, shill some rich fuck into buying 10 eth worth and you've made 0.3 eth for fuckin nothing

When the contract is still standing in x months time then fomo in harder

One of the steemit posts on powh blew up yesterday, thats probably where some of this volume came from.

Please see this graph it show Dividends vs ETH Balance.

I think a few people called out the bug in the original POWH before release but the old devs released it anyway.

I understand your concern, but you're not right. People did look at the last PoWHs and noticed there were exploits. THAT's when they were hacked, because the exploits were publized. The same guy who found the exploits in the last PoWHs audited the new one, and other people did two.

Two hackathons were held to hack the project. Not a single person succeeded. Make of that what you will. They even paid solidity auditors to verify the project's stability.

How the fuck does it still keep going this is amazing. If it goes on another couple weeks, month tops it will be on some Fortune opinion piece

Yes, nobody gets out because to even try to break even you need to wait for the coin to go x4.
So retards who bought in febraury are still stuck in it.

The buy/sell fees are 10%, faggot.

Haha faggot I have already tripled my money since feb you get money from people selling price doesnt have to move one penny

>green in a week and only gaining now
i was shilling this before discord started its shilling, but you Veeky Forums faggots just hate money don't you?

Seen a lot of steemit posts pop up, I guess they earn Steem for the post as well as any dividends from their federal link, and the price of contract goes up, this will probably be shilled a lot more on steemit.

> federal link
we feds now

Http:// it fucken works, I'm in the green after 1 week

Oh look, another Ponzi-scheme

A ponzi unironically doing better then almost every other crypto out there.

Yeah saw the other posts too, everyone shilling referral links

The bug that fucked over shadow was found during the brief beta test, it literally only made it to live because one of the pajeet devs pushed the wrong unfixed version of the code to live.

But that ended up not mattering anyway because of the bigger 0xFFFFFFFFF exploit that JUSTed powh and all the clones and a few other poorly coded ERC20 tokens.

The pajeet devs are gone though, so the new version is as secure as any other legit token. Any exploit that could break this would also probably break projects 10000x bigger.