Mfw I know a crypto that will go 100% from its current price within 7 days. Trips gets to know which one...

>mfw I know a crypto that will go 100% from its current price within 7 days. Trips gets to know which one. And this isn't your usual bullshit roll thread. It genuinely will go that high. I've already bought 15 btc worth of it because I am that confident.

Roll trips to find out

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Banyan, don't play ops stupid game and I've already accumulated as well friend

Shut up, queer

>Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the faggiest of them all?



Fucking thank you, looks like there are still some non-pajeets on Veeky Forums.

Thanks adding I know a crypto to my filters.

Went back all in bexause fisher transform says so.

If trips post proof of 15 btc investment

It's actually LINK so everyone should buy in right now while its still low.

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op pls

but seriously what is it

Is it FAG coin?

Im sure it'll go 100x in you OP

Hurr Durr this is equivalent to a child saying "haha I know something you don't!" Stop being a homo

I'll give you a hint I'll give you guys a very big fucking clue.

S _ _ _ _ _ _ '_ _ _ S_ _ _

And no I am not trolling this is a huge fucking clue. Some of you may even get it after this clue.

Bcash lol

Supposed to be a spare in between those two words.

S _ _ _ _ _ _ ' _ _ _ S _ _ _

Yeah you got it.

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S T I N K E Y ' L I N S K E Y

>> Bcash


Its ark isnt it?

When does it start

so you’re saying the price won’t change

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>100% from its current price within 7 days
>1x from its current price within 7 days



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just post it op.

you don't know shit, OP

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It's RCN.

Sorry to spoil.

Demo day on 19th, dirt cheap atm.

How are you so sure OP? Why would you risk so much

NEO because it's gonna pump for an ico.


name it, then we know the shill behind the thread.

Nice try guys, but it's OMG.

gay thread

Most cryptos have lost 90% of their value over the last month and a half anyway , so you’re just recovering to December prices anyway

Deeponion is right about to be pump and dumped, it only needs one btc to do a 35%

[email protected]

If i roll dubs op email me the coin thank you buddy.


Ah the true king XLM

There's a guy that bought 1.5 Bitcoin cash at $8,500. During one of it's crazy spikes during the civil war

Maybe he can finally make his money back, what a shitty $10,000 bag he's holding

We’re all dead

It's obviously XTCC

easy trips

Is the answer Bitcoin?

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>a whole 100%
Crypto really is dead


check em

also OP is a faglord faggy mcfaggot

kik coin hahahhaa

its REP

that's cool because I know one that will 100x over the next 18 months and I've given hints here before but no one takes it seriously


It's Waltonchain, snore... no-one cares