Lets admit our fuck ups and move on

Hello, my name is pepe and I fucked up.

>45k ath

Currently holding VEN, LINK, INT and TRAC

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get the f back in btc

Sold 1000 antshares(neo) when it was worth 3 dollars. 2 weeks later it fucking exploded

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Held since 2013, just in case crypto went big. It did. I didn't cash out a single penny. Lost almost all of it.

i was buying thousands of dollars of pepecash 2 years ago

Bought BBN at 4c, sold it for 5c To buy LINK then BBN exploded to 12c

1.3 million

I feel nothing.

Because you made nothing. That money was taken away from as easily it was given to you

That even hurts to read.

>120k ATH
>currently at 15k


Not as bad as having 9300 eth and selling them at 6 dollars. Fuck me

>ath 8k
>now at 4.5k roughly what I started with
>in reality I started with 6k but lost 1.5 in fees bc I am retarded

i thought i had it bad
> 110k - 70k

what the fuck are you holding?

low cap shitcoin that went from $2 to 10 cents, tbf I started with $2k and I've cashed some money out, but still, i'd be lying if I said it didnt haunt me

>43k ath

>8k now


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37k ATH
currently 8,7k

At ETH's ATH which was $1400, that would be worth $13,020,000. 13 fucking millions.

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>56k ath
>13k current

And I bought more on the way down. I'm done buying for the moment, but will hold until zero or lambo

I'm him from yesterday. Thought it would make you autists happy

What shitcoins are you holding that you fucked up so bad?

I went from $33k ATH to $10k.

Which one?

To be fair that was post ico on AGI where it ran to $2 for less than a day before dumping and my coins were locked up - I never had a shot to sell. Taking that off the top my numbers are more realistically ath 30k, now 13k.

had a short open at around 17k but i moved my stoploss because i doubted myself and got taken out. also saw plenty of other opportunities on the way down but was just too chicken shit.

also played xrp from 30c to 80c and then from about 90c to $1.30, but missed out on everything else up to $3 and never shorted it.

had bch at around $300 but doubted it and sold only to see it hit $2k (later i made a lot from a long at $1400 to $3400)

had trig at around 5000 sats and pussied out and then it went 10x

i made good money but i had so many opportunities to make millions

65k ath
16k now.
kill me

Ouch. Sorry to hear that, user.

Started in crypto in late December. Missed most of the good times.

Down 40% from my initial, didn't cash out in december


1k in
10k ath
1.9k now